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Nintendo - "Every game for Wii U/3DS' will be available digitally"
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June 12, 2012, 20:10:04
Curious as to what this would mean for a game like NintendoLand if it were packed in with the Wii U as a disk.

GM: Can you download a game right away when you see it on your Miiverse? Will you still have physical games too then?

Cindy: Yes. What we said is that every game for the Wii U, and this is true for the Nintendo 3DS too, will be available in both packaged as well as digital. Itís really about choice. What I remember as a parent, I prefer the download because I wonít lose the disk. But some people thrive on [having the physical game], to each his own.

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Posted: 06/12/12, 20:10:04    
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Let me clarify that I think this is awesome. It's not unlike what MS does with On-Demand games. Sure there might not be sales, but why would they have sales? These are mostly for impulse buys and convenience. I'd be way more likely to get a game I was on the fence about if it was right there on my console.

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 on: 06/14/12, 19:01:38
Well I doubt I'd ever use up that much unless I made a concerted effort to purchase every game digitally throughout the whole generation. I wouldn't buy retail games digitally though. Just downloadable games like Wiiware, VC games, etc. Not quite at the point where I'd wanna buy Other M 2 digitally :) I'll stick to retail with consoles for a while I think. So that explains why I'd be good with 100-200 gigs for an entire generation I think.

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 on: 06/14/12, 19:06:17
@carlosrox Ah. Well that's quite different, then. I'd get all mine digitally, and "current" games like Max Payne 3 can be over 30 gigs alone now. So I'm a man who needs loooots of space, and I hate deleting games.

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 on: 06/14/12, 19:36:12
And there's definitely some games (I.e. party games, pick up and play puzzle type games) that I'd want digital. It'd be cool to have games like Wario Ware or Mario Party on the console because when you're hanging out or on vacation with friends/family, you don't want to be constantly switching out discs. And the Gamepad makes me want to load discs even less because it's so convenient in itself.

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 on: 06/14/12, 19:44:11
@New Forms

You've got much more of a connection to Apple culture than to Nintendo.

Posted by 
 on: 06/14/12, 19:56:00

Nah, that's just in your head.

Posted by 
 on: 06/14/12, 20:04:01
You own Apple products. You don't have current Nintendo products. You talk up Apple and MS, you talk down current Nintendo most of the time except when you remember where you are and make an vapid "Woo, Nintendo" comment. You don't even learn about Nintendo through osmosis coming here, you are surprisingly ignorant about what they do. Because you're really just here to talk about everything non-Nintendo. Usually from the perspective of someone trying to "enlighten" Nintendo fans.

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 on: 06/14/12, 20:10:28

You're obsessed and need help.

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 on: 06/14/12, 20:14:40
And when you're put in front of the facts and you can't deny you have no business being here, you dodge like you're doing now. Nothing changes. Looking forward to reading your posts about iOS and 360 games while you assure everyone you're interested in the Wii U until November comes and you find some reason to not want it anymore, and yet keep posting here for some reason.

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 on: 06/14/12, 20:29:00  - Edited by 
 on: 06/14/12, 20:29:21

Maybe he will buy one. That'd be interesting.

Anyway, this is kind of pointless and I'm not really sure what you guys are doing. Why don't we get back on topic?

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 on: 06/14/12, 20:29:54  - Edited by 
 on: 06/14/12, 20:30:29

See above.

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 on: 06/14/12, 20:29:55
@New Forms

Well go ahead, get back on topic and grace my argument with an actual response to make up for your thread-derailing condescending line.

Posted by 
 on: 06/14/12, 20:45:17

Yeah, I dereailed the thread with personal attacks.

As always.

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 on: 06/14/12, 20:55:32
Yes, and didn't apologize, as usual, but I can look over that if you will adequately respond to my earlier argument. Go ahead and fix your mess.

edit - Perhaps you have been so busy looking for an opening to talk about Apple in this thread that you haven't actually paid attention to the facts about Nintendo, and therefore don't really know what to say.

I'll help and sum up: You will be able to buy Wii U and DS games and download them straight to your console. You'll be able to buy codes for those downloads at retailers. And you'll be able to buy those games from your phone, and your console at home will download them while in standby mode.

That basically sums it up. Now go ahead and tell us how that's insufficient and behind the times. Avoid making the specious argument that "I don't go to stores anymore, ergo Nintendo is wasting their time, everyone is like me and won't buy another Nintendo game unless it's on iOS", you already made it.

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 on: 06/14/12, 21:01:49  - Edited by 
 on: 06/14/12, 21:08:19

What's funny is that you're so busy chasing windmills that you don't even realize that my OP had nothing to do with Apple or Nintendo either way but was instead a reflection on the increasing adoption of digital consumption of media in general.

Keep witch hunting though, that seems to be all you're capable of with me.

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 on: 06/14/12, 21:28:40
I want a 2 hour Podcast of Guillaume and New Forms without any other guests, just going back and forth!

Posted by 
 on: 06/14/12, 21:32:33

Yeah, that would be pretty entertaining.

The irony is that if Gui and I anonymously met on the street and talked games I bet we'd get along smashingly.

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 on: 06/14/12, 21:37:58
Xbob42 said:
I want a 2 hour Podcast of Guillaume and New Forms without any other guests, just going back and forth!


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 on: 06/14/12, 22:09:07
...why are you gunning for New Forms so badly? I can't find anything remotely negative in the majority of his posts, especially the ones in this thread. I don't think I'm missing anything either.

I don't see anyone being negative about Nintendo in this thread, I see praise and general commentary on the state of digital distribution...
Where did anyone in this thread say Nintendo was behind the times? And is giving Apple or MS or anyone any sort of praise not allowed around here all of a sudden? You yourself just praised Sony, so what's wrong with New Forms or anyone else praising MS or Apple?

And this is all coming from a pretty blatant Nintendo fanboy. I'm the first to praise Nintendo and also the first to bash them when they do shit I don't like. Why do I get the feeling that voicing my displeasure, even if in a less than calm manner, is no longer allowed her all of a sudden?

You pointed out that people had shit fits regarding the conference, well I was one of them, and I stand by that. If we are to come here and feel safe talking about Nintendo, I think we should also feel safe voicing our displeasure without fear of censorship or disapproval. I love Nintendo, and I think everyone here knows I'm not a closet MS lover or anything and that I am in fact a Nintendo fanboy who's most interested in Nintendo's success, but I don't feel comfortable having to dial back how I feel, even if it's anger and disappointment. As an established fan, I should be able to say whatever I want as long as it's not out of hand, no? And maybe me E3 bitching pushed or crossed the line, but it was my honest reaction at the time, and I came back later a lot calmer. Again, I still have no regrets with what I said. I won't pretend they had a good show if I think it sucked. The whole point of this place is to discuss Nintendo without straight up haters, nonstop negativity, and level headedness, whether it's positive or negative right? So what am I missing? Why the tension? I see no problems here, personally. The only problem I see lately is offensive defensiveness, like it's wrong to say anything good about competitors or wrong about Nintendo. This place is better than this. I know this place is fair and I know the bottom line is Nintendo, but I do see negativity surrounding behavior that seems fine to me (and most others don't seem to be complaining), and it's like this attitude sprung up right around E3 when everything was fine before.

So...yeah. My opinion on the matter.

Ps. What OMW said was much worse than anything New Forms has ever said, so I don't get why you're always arguing with one and not the other.

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 on: 06/14/12, 22:37:26  - Edited by 
 on: 06/14/12, 22:57:40

You don't have the whole story.

And no, you don't have censor yourself, NW is for Nintendo fans. Some people just have no business here.

Posted by 
 on: 06/14/12, 22:57:53
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