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Renegade Kids, Bombs, Monkey, eShops...
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March 06, 2012, 18:11
Puzzling indeed.

More as it develops?

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03/06/12, 18:11
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What the hell at no 3D! Might as well be a DSiWare game.

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 on: 04/13/12, 19:45
rebonack said:
GameDadGrant said:

Q1 2012? Isn't that.... right now?!?
Actually Q1 would be January through March, so they already missed it

I'm not surprised. La-Mulana has been on the release list every quarter for years now.



Hmm, maybe it should be. Why not, right? It's not like Nintendo's really giving up on the old platform or anything, what with TWO (or three?) new Pokémon games coming out in North America this year...

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 on: 04/13/12, 20:04
I recently interviewed Jools for another website, and I can somewhat answer a few of the questions in this thread.

-They're shooting for Summer 2012 for Bomb Monkey. Price expected to be around $5.

-A sequel to Moon is impossible due to publishing and ip issues. I suspect that something similar happened with Dementium- he told me that they would most likely be making a new IP when it comes to their next FPS game.

-No online for Bomb Monkey, but their 3DS conversion of ATV Wild Ride WILL have online play. So avoid buying the inferior DS version for the time being! It is also set to be released on the eShop this year sometime.

Also, Mutant Mudds sold well enough. It was in the top 20 for a while- you've got to remember that it was released over two months ago now. The game received some huge marketing via the eShop storefront, and Jools assured me that the game sold well enough to ensure a sequel. They were very very pleased with how it sold.

Not to plug my interview, but you can get some more details here if you want them.

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 on: 04/14/12, 05:11   Edited:  04/14/12, 05:14
Thanks for that mr_chun. I held off on Mutant Mudds but I'll pick up the sequel if they pour the same amount of hard work into it. Good to see some talented developers taking the eShop seriously.

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 on: 04/14/12, 06:29

Awesome, thanks for the info! So if I understand this correctly: the 3DS version of ATV Wild Ride is set to be a 3DSWare game, right? Interesting.

I've already bought the original DS version. Because apparently I'm a Renegade Kid whore and I buy whatever that studio produces. I'm a little sad about the news that we may never see a new Dementium game. The first one was pretty solid, but I felt the sequel really knocked it out of the park.

I'm sure whatever they come up with next will be good stuff too. Renegade Kid hasn't made a TON of games, but every single one they've released has either been fantastic or at the very least, really solid IMO.

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 on: 04/14/12, 07:29

Correct. He confirmed in my interview that they were taking it to the eShop rather than enduring the process of finding a publisher. Immediately I thought "oh no, they're gonna scrap online play", which was confirmed for the retail 3DS remake a while ago. So I asked him to comment on it, and he said that even with the switch to eShop that it would retain its local multi and would have the addition of online play. Sweet.

I feel the same way. Dementium and Moon were among my favorite DS games- it was impressive what they could get out of the handheld. I haven't played any of their license games, admittedly, but all of their original games are top notch. And I'm disappointed, too, but it might be cool to see what else they could do in the FPS universe.

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 on: 04/14/12, 23:12

Oh I didn't realize they also did some licensed games. What games are those?

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 on: 04/15/12, 14:35
The Dementium games and Moon are all brilliant. I don't necessarily think they need sequels but I'd like to see Renegade Kid return to the creepy FPA genre. (That's right I used "FPA" in a sentence that had nothing to do with Metroid Prime)

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 on: 04/15/12, 18:17

Planet Crashers came out on the 3DS recently. Some conversion of a browser game. He mentions it in my interview, but I don't really know anything about it. And then there's Face Racers. They didn't tout it as an original game, and if you click on it on their site it redirects you to Majesco just as Planet Crashers redirects you to its own site, whereas the rest are on their own page.

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 on: 04/15/12, 22:43
Mutant Mudds had better have some more variety, or no buy from me. Glad to see it sold well though.

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 on: 04/16/12, 16:21
Website is up for Bomb Monkey, I think it might release on the eShop late June or early July.

Looks fun but not something I'm overly interested in.

Posted by 
 on: 06/15/12, 18:32
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