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Renegade Kids, Bombs, Monkey, eShops...
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March 06, 2012, 18:11
Puzzling indeed.

More as it develops?

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Posted: 03/06/12, 18:11
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Reminds me of Wario's Woods.

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 on: 03/06/12, 18:13
Bomb Monkey... Really bad name. The "Bomb" in the title looks like it's been ripped from a Bomberman logo. At least, I do love the sprite work.

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 on: 03/06/12, 18:14
I wonder how Mutant Mudds did for them. Personally I loved it, not sure why it got so much backlash. It was what it sold itself as, a new game with SNES-era gameplay. I guess the great thing about these guys is they're so tiny that they have to have low overhead, if nothing else. Probably don't need to sell a ton to make a profit.

I wonder if they will even bother doing disk cartridge stuff this time around.

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 on: 03/06/12, 18:20

I stated my issues with it. What it did, it did well...but it didn't do much else beyond that, which is a bit disappointing given the amount of internet hype it generated pre-launch. Still, with some tweaks, a sequel would be very good. The first showed a lot of promise.

As for this one...I'm stumped. Bomb Monkey...wait, wasn't there a "Helper Monkey" trophy in The Simpsons Arcade on PS3/360? Port of The Simpsons Arcade for eShop confirmed?

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 on: 03/06/12, 18:27  - Edit:  03/06/12, 18:54

I'm not sure what you mean by "so much backlash", the game got a great rating on the eShop with more than 1000 votes, and the reviews were generally full of praise.

Personally, I thought it was adequate with some good level design, but Max could have used a more interesting move set.

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 on: 03/06/12, 18:30
@ludist210 Ahhhh, don't take it as a criticism of your review, I think it was totally fair! You're right that it's a bit of a limited game. I guess I'm just surprised that this turned so many people off. To me the core was pretty good and the hidden rooms add that extra challenge.

@Guillaume I meant here, it seemed to have a bit of a backlash here, although it could just be a few people. I dunno. Hard to say for sure as it only has two ratings in our database. Go add your rating, people!!!

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 on: 03/06/12, 18:39

None taken, just defending my point of view. The core of the game was good, and the presentation was excellent. It just fell flat because, in a way, if you played one level, you played them all.

EDIT: Yeah, I find it hard to believe only four people on this board own the game.

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 on: 03/06/12, 18:57  - Edit:  03/06/12, 18:58
What usually happens with games I'm not totally into is I'll wait until I finish them before rating them. But then I don't ever finish them.

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 on: 03/06/12, 19:03
@ludist210 I feel like as far as the type of stuff you will see yeah, not much new is added as you progress in Mutant Mudds. But the design of the stages gets more and more intense. It's kind of a few trick pony so I suppose whether or not someone likes those few tricks will have a lot to do with whether they like the various combinations of them.

...but back to Monkey Bomb. I wonder what this will be. I hope it's not just another variation on the pieces falling from the sky formula.

@Guillaume I think it is fair to rate a game without "finishing" it as long as you play a substantial enough amount of the game to feel that you have seen enough of what there is to see and had you continued playing until the end, your rating would probably not change much. Rating scores aren't as strict as review scores in my eyes.

Of course, this gets a tad bit more complicated since on Negative World reviews are also ratings, but you can still rate a game you don't finish it and not review it...

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 on: 03/06/12, 19:04  - Edit:  03/06/12, 19:07
Renegade Kid, eh?

I'm in.

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 on: 03/06/12, 19:13

That's fair. I try to do that with most games, but there's some where you can make that call long before it's over. I did that with Pushmo (I technically didn't completely finish the game, but I finished the first 200 or so stages).


It looks like a hybrid of Bomberman and Tetris. Is that what Wario's Woods is?

Posted by 
 on: 03/06/12, 19:15
Puzzle game? I'm interested. It'll be hard to top Pushmo, though

Can we all spam Capybara Games' twitter to get an eShop port of Critter Crunch?

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 on: 03/06/12, 19:20
Ooo, neat. I like their new whimsicality. It'll probably be more profitable for them than the whole "M-Rated" route.

Speaking of Mutant Mudds sales, I've noticed that it always seems pretty low in the 3DSWare Charts. Like 18 or 19. That can't be good.

Posted by 
 on: 03/06/12, 22:24
Maybe it's like Panic Bomber? I have the more red/black version on the Virtual Boy.

Posted by 
 on: 03/06/12, 22:31  - Edit:  03/06/12, 22:32
@Anand What/where are these charts you speak of?

Posted by 
 on: 03/06/12, 22:35  - Edit:  03/06/12, 22:36
ludist210 said:
EDIT: Yeah, I find it hard to believe only four people on this board own the game.

I added it to my Game Database... thing. It's the only 3DS-specific eShop game I've downloaded. All my other downloads are either Virtual Console, Ambassador games, or demos. Though do the 3D Classics games count as "3DS-specific" I wonder? The 3D versions are unique to the hardware, but they're all just remakes of NES games...

Posted by 
 on: 03/06/12, 22:47
@GameDadGrant We had this debate awhile back when trying to classify games, and we came to the uneasy conclusion that we're going to combine them for the sake of keeping the database as simple to use as possible. We also decided on "3DSWare" as a label for those games even though Nintendo doesn't have a specific label for downloadable 3DS titles. We figured it wouldn't make much sense to have WiiWare separate from Wii and DSiWare separate from DS but then combine 3DS retail and downloadable titles.

Mind you, I think things are going to get more complicated very soon when the same exact titles start releasing in both formats... if not this generation, then soon enough.

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 on: 03/06/12, 22:57  - Edit:  03/06/12, 22:57
Dunno how acurate this is, but here.

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 on: 03/06/12, 23:53
Man Mutant Mudds is not even in the top 20 there. Dang. I hope Renegade Kid figures out a workable model for success on Nintendo platforms because they have been one of the big "indie" supporters so far.

On the flipside, if these charts are accurate Pushmo is a beast! It's always in the top 3 or 5 or so!

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 on: 03/07/12, 00:00  - Edit:  03/07/12, 00:02
Dementium 3, for the love of all that's good, Dementium 3.

Posted by 
 on: 03/07/12, 00:50
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