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Negative World Podcast 028 - Two and a Half Canadians
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March 02, 2012, 08:14

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Back by popular demand… or an editor's will, it's another episode of the Negative World Podcast!! This episode, listen in as Ploot, Guillaume, and DrFinkelstein discuss Dillon's Rolling Western, Rhythm Heaven Fever, and Wario Land Shake It in the Now Playing segment. Stick around to hear the answers in another rousing round of "What Do You Fink?"

Finally the guys discuss the importance of release-date timing, their favorite Squaresoft titles from yesteryear, and if or why gaming merchandise has any importance to a gamer.

As usual, the theme music comes from Negative World's owner and dictator, Zero. The music throughout the podcast is taken from Rhythm Heaven Fever, so be forewarned of the delightfully weird interludes.

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Posted: 03/02/12, 08:14  - Edit:  03/02/12, 08:45
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Yeah, Square's a little shaky when it comes to console releases of its flagship franchise. But everything else they do seems pretty solid. Especially on the handhelds. The DS even got an all-new original IP; The World Ends With You, which I found to be fantastic. The "main" Final Fantasy games may be lacking nowadays, but all the spin-offs are great.


Listening to this podcast made me very interested in the Back to the Future games. I'm not a PSN Plus member, so I suppose I'd have to shell out the cash for 'em. Maybe I'll hunt down the Wii retail versions, or maybe just grab 'em on XBLA. (I assume the games are on XBLA?)

Posted by 
 on: 03/05/12, 23:45
I... Don't think BTTF: The Game is on 360. Weird, huh?

My information may be old, but I just did a quick Google sweep and it still seems to be the case.

The games are pretty fun and worth a run-through.

Posted by 
 on: 03/05/12, 23:56  - Edit:  03/05/12, 23:57
Finished listening last night. I dug it. You dudes had good chemistry, and I think Gui benefited form being able to put his feet up -- not saying "don't host anymore" (not even in the least), but you sounded much more relaxed. Maybe its my imagination. Good job, dudes.

Thanks for the shout out on the Path of Radiance Club. I'm glad you guys are enjoying it so much..but that was recorded a while ago before we got to this Week, haha!! Its a rough one, I know.. Do you think we'll all be caught up and ready to go on time? I'm still back, awaiting Chapter 8..

Nikki is playing Back to the Future right now, too. I had to tell her who Harry Callahan, Sonny Crocket, and that other guy were. I thought it was really funny though. Crap. I can't remember what else I was going to say. Sorry..

We like Rhythm Heaven Fever, too. BUHBAH BAA BAA!!

Posted by 
 on: 03/06/12, 23:07
Guillaume said:
Don't dilly-dally! People who keep delaying their appearance on the podcast might regret it one day...

Is this a not so subtle hint that the podcast is soon ending?

Posted by 
 on: 03/06/12, 23:13  - Edit:  03/06/12, 23:13
No he's just being paranoid. The podcast will go on... FOREVER. In one form or another.

Posted by 
 on: 03/06/12, 23:24
Good ep! I agree with Gui that the Nintendo World Store didn't really HAVE that much interesting merch. I think both of us were looking at the same Metroid shirt, and both of us rejected it because it said "Roll With It, Baby!" or something similarly stupid on the back.

But I heartily DISagree with his puzzle panel advice! Unless you can StreetPass often, finish one panel before moving on! Otherwise, you'll waste so many coins. The way it works is, if you have one panel open, you have a 1 in 24 chance of getting the piece you want (assuming there are 24 pieces). If you have two open, it's 1 in 48, EVEN IF you only have 1 piece left in one of them.

I could probably never burn out on 2D Mario, either. Or 2D Metroid.

And I think Square's most interesting period was PS1. They published a hell of a lot of quirky, experimental stuff (Einhander, Bushido Blade, that crappy racing game...). Previously, I thought they developed it, but I don't think that was the case, in most instances.

Posted by 
 on: 03/08/12, 21:58  - Edit:  03/08/12, 22:01

All I said was "at least get started on each panel", because you can't do that when buying pieces with coins.

Then at least you have the option of buying pieces or not.

Posted by 
 on: 03/08/12, 22:23
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