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Negative World now has a youtube channel (latest: Commander Vid in Freakyforms)
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November 14, 2011, 09:25
Indeed, you can find it here.

More content is coming, of course... but you have to provide it! So if you need to upload your own videos for a review, or if you have pretty much anything Nintendo-related or NW-related to post, you're welcome to do so! Just get in touch with one of the mods.

In the meantime, um, enjoy streaming the first episode of the NW podcast all over again! The rest will come shortly. At the very least, it might make it easier now to make friends listen to it, it should get some more exposure.

Well, enjoy half of the first ep of the podcast, anyway. If anyone can help out with that...

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Posted: 11/14/11, 09:25  - Edit:  12/26/11, 08:08
Why not sign up for a (free) account?
I just posted a bulletin on my page about the channel. Hopefully a few will check it out, I know I have a few subscribers that are Nintendo fans.

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 on: 11/14/11, 09:36

As for a sweet-ass Nintendo background, we WOULD accept the community's help!

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 on: 11/14/11, 09:42
You might want to put up your older E3 stuff too. Just so there are at least some actual videos on the channel.

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 on: 11/14/11, 11:10
Good idea. It'll be interesting to see what becomes of it. Is the world ready for a video podcast at the next meetup?

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 on: 11/15/11, 20:34
Shared on Facebook and Twitter.

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 on: 11/16/11, 05:00


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 on: 11/16/11, 20:29
I want to know how we can green/blue screen ourselves on top of gaming footage for our video reviews. I really enjoy that part of The Bit Block videos. We can do better!!!

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 on: 11/16/11, 21:38
The channel is off to a pretty slow start, but thanks to Secret_Tunnel we have... content!

edit - And I can't find how to activate comments. I'm such a noob.

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 on: 12/01/11, 03:40  - Edit:  12/01/11, 03:42

Aren't comments being activated the default? Weird.

Anyways, if you go to 'my videos'... wait, it's called 'video manager' now, uh, yeah, and go to 'edit info' for that video, there should be some settings where you can change that.

Why it doesn't have comments as the default when you upload a video, I can't tell you. I'm just as confused as you are about that, it hasn't happened to me.

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 on: 12/01/11, 03:57

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 on: 12/01/11, 04:09
Hey this is cool. I guess we could use it for all things Nintendo, like re-uploading the latest trailers, making some music vids, etc. Will this be open to all editors/mods?

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 on: 12/01/11, 04:46  - Edit:  12/01/11, 04:46
Yeah, just send a mod a PM if you want something posted. Or perhaps use the editor thread, that might be better.

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 on: 12/01/11, 04:49

I can't stop listening to it! Also, you should link to the site in the description and add more tags. Maybe we can get some more BIT.TRIP fans on here...

Posted by 
 on: 12/01/11, 06:05
Added a link to the leaderboards in the description. What tags could I add?

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 on: 12/01/11, 06:32
"negative world bit.trip 2 tenacity impetus triumph theme"

Adding anything with a shred of relevance is usually what works best. I assume.

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 on: 12/01/11, 06:55  - Edit:  12/01/11, 06:55
You'll have to get some sweet Pac-Man Championship Replays on there!

If anyone has a capture card or something like that, maybe we can eventually put races from leagues on there or something.

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 on: 12/01/11, 08:08
Sweet, subbed, and will tweet shortly.

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 on: 12/02/11, 20:35
Is it OK if I upload a video of me playing the Harp in the credits of Skyward Sword? That's a cool feature that no one's posted to Youtube.

EDIT: I'll upload it because I have to go. You guys can delete the video if you don't like it.

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 on: 12/23/11, 21:37  - Edit:  12/23/11, 22:25
If you want the old Cubetoons songs/cartoons (Wake Me Up At E3 and the like) let me know and I'll send them your way to upload. Up to you.

Posted by 
 on: 12/23/11, 21:48

Hurray! Pretty much anything that's appropriate goes. We're starved for content!


Haha, that would be cool. Can't do it now, but after the Holidays, sure! Or someone else can do it.

Posted by 
 on: 12/23/11, 22:35
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