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Wii is Marked Down by Retailers to $169.99 before Official Nintendo Announcement
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April 18, 2011, 22:38
If you do not have a Wii yet now may be the perfect time to correct this.


IGN said:
Several retailers have marked down the price of the Nintendo Wii bundle to $169.99.

The bundle originally sold for $199.99, which includes the Wii Remote Plus controller, Wii Sports Resort, and Wii Sports. Target, GameStop and Best Buy list the new price for both the Black and White bundles.

Nintendo has not officially announced the price cut. IGN has contacted the company for comment. Unconfirmed reports suggest the console will see a price cut to $149.99 next month.

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04/18/11, 22:38   Edited:  04/22/11, 08:49
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Why... would a bunch go to $169 if $149 is going to be the official drop? Weird.

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 on: 04/18/11, 22:40
Some people are speculating that Nintendo will introduce a new bundle next month at $149, and they're lowering the price of the current Wii Sports bundle to clear out stock.

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 on: 04/18/11, 22:43
Nintendo is dropping the price of Wii Sports Resort and Wii Play too.

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 on: 04/19/11, 02:32
Wii 2

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 on: 04/19/11, 03:17

Cause, $149.99 will be the official price and I am sure those companies probably are not selling many Wiis, so they drop it now to $169.99 to try to make as much money as possible before the official price drop.

When all retailers will be selling it for $149.99 there will be no incentive to go to Gamestop,Bestbuy, Amazon, ect.

I would assume those retailers think that if someone was wanting a Wii, that person will go to Best Buy, Gamestop, Amazon, ect, ect. and pay $169.99 instead of paying the $199.99 everywhere else.

Thats what I think anyways. Cause even though most hardcore Nintendo and videogame fans know the price is going to drop to $149, most people do not and if they did, no one would buy a Wii now, they would wait for the $149 pricetag to save even more.

Plus what someone mentioned above about clearing out stock, that is probably another reason, though I think my reason is probably more close to the real reason why, cause more than likely the $149.99 will still include at least one game, Wii Sports, if not both.....wouldn't it be wild if the newly priced Wii didn't include any games and people still had to buy one of the Wii Sports games at $49.99...then, Nintendo would be getting the same amount of money....if that happens, I will even say..."Shame on you Nintendo!"

But I think I saw a post above and someone said Wii Sports Resort Price is dropping?! That would be a first for any Nintendo developed Wii game...cause I am sure they all are still at $49.99.

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 on: 04/19/11, 08:57   Edited:  04/19/11, 09:04
Wii 2 pretty much confirmed.

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 on: 04/19/11, 09:00
Apparently Wii Sports Resort and Wii Party are also being given price drops. THAT to me says a lot. Wii Party just fuckin' came out didn't it?

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 on: 04/19/11, 10:21
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