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De Blob 2 Information Thread
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November 11, 2010, 14:13
Looks good but I really don't see much difference over the Wii original in terms of visuals. Maybe I am looking at the originals graphics with rose tinted glasses.

IGN preview (original post by warerare):

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Posted: 11/11/10, 14:13  - Edit:  02/18/11, 01:16
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I wish they'd show a bit more of this "more varied gameplay" he mentions. The 2D levels and upgradeable character are a good start, but neither of those things really offer something different. Just doing the same tasks and missions as the first game could get tedious.

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 on: 11/11/10, 14:44
The game is looking quite nice.

It's almost like the Wii version doesn't exist though. Focusing on the 360/PS3 game is an odd decision by THQ, considering the first game sold quite well on Wii.. It'll be interesting to see if that crowd of gamers will give it a chance.

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 on: 11/11/10, 15:20  - Edit:  11/11/10, 15:21
Yeah, it looks very similar to the original. Eerily similar. The 2D sections are different, but...even the environments look the same.

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 on: 11/11/10, 16:40
I'm waiting for the 3DS version at this point, but it's certainly looking good!

I'll buy the 3DS version likely regardless, but if they included mid-level save points this go around, I might pick up the console version as well. 360 one for the HD if my 360 continues to live (it's begun Red Ringing) or the Wii version because unlike many people I adored de Blob's motion controls. Took getting used to but then it was fantastic.

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 on: 11/11/10, 21:12
The art style cleverly hides the fact that this is basically a Wii level game running on the PS3/360 with just a few extra effects.
Looking at the non-HD version of the video, there's only a few visual signs that the game is running on an HD console.

I can understand them trumpeting the HD version, but this game has no audience on the 360. It'll get it's sales from the 3DS, Wii and PS3 in that order is my guess.

I have to believe that they're using this game as a cheap way to get experience developing on a modern console, rather than any real expectations of big sales.

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 on: 11/11/10, 22:01  - Edit:  11/11/10, 22:20
Looking good. I'd like to see some more variety in the level design.

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 on: 11/11/10, 22:10
True, but there's a reason that it rarely happens, with the occasional exception of downloadable titles. $$$$

Has the PS3 audience been much more supportive of non-gritty visuals, though? Even the second Ratchet & Clank game severely underperformed, right? It seems that most of the bright, artistic stuff is still stuck in the downloadable ghetto. (It's a very pleasant ghetto. I'm just saying...)

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 on: 11/11/10, 23:24  - Edit:  11/11/10, 23:28
That's true. Guess I'm still stuck in the PS2 era of thinking.

It's definitely a good looking game regardless.

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 on: 11/12/10, 01:44  - Edit:  11/12/10, 01:46

While I agree the PS3 audience hasn't proven itself more receptive to colorful games, the.. what, 8th or 9th Ratchet title isn't exactly the best barometer. I'd say most of the people into the colorful mascot platformers must be pretty sick of the franchise now, I know I am.

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 on: 11/12/10, 03:57
True, but how much data do we have to use? I struggled to think of another example, but failed. Fairytale Fights?

(Sly Cooper Collection?)

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 on: 11/12/10, 05:32
That...looks like the first game (technically). It's not all that surprising though.

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 on: 11/12/10, 05:39
I don't get why this is fun... Looks bland to me. I have no drive to color a colorless city. What's so great about this series?

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 on: 11/12/10, 07:07

To be honest, de Blob can drag a bit since there isn't a lot of variety in the objectives. In it's defense though, the platforming and level design is pretty solid, and the theme of expression and music goes a long way. De-boreifying drab worlds and seeing the mood and groove escalate is a great feeling.

De Blob 2 looks like it's correcting the select issues a lot of players had (lack of checkpoints, flick-jumping, little variety), and staying true to what Blue Tongue did right and then making that even more awesome. This will likely be one of my first Wii purchases in 2011.

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 on: 11/12/10, 08:27
Simbabbad said:
Only people hating video games won't like this.

I see wat u did thar.

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 on: 11/12/10, 19:02

Fantastic trailer I must say. The music was sooooo goooood

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 on: 11/12/10, 20:24  - Edit:  11/12/10, 20:25
Hey, Destructoid has their preview in which they actually talk about the changes and improvements over the first game!

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 on: 11/13/10, 04:06
I don't know if you guys have seen this yet, but Giantbomb uploaded a great 'quick look' for de Blob 2.

Boxart looks pretty slick too! I guess the SyFy Kids logo is on there because an animated series is in the works. I could be wrong though.

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 on: 11/13/10, 06:12
Looking good but... SyFy Kids?

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 on: 01/13/11, 23:13
Can't wait for this! de Blob is an amazing game,

Posted by 
 on: 01/16/11, 14:31

Lol, I got a total Pixar vibe from that.

Posted by 
 on: 01/16/11, 20:12
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