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Professor Layton 2 confirmed for US / EUR release
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March 26, 2009, 18:23
I was getting kind of worried there for awhile. Now if you haven't gotten around to the first game yet, get on it! Lisa Kudrow would approve.


'For a while there it looked as though western Nintendo DS gamers were only doing to get one game from the excellent Professor Layton series. Developed by Level-5, there are currently four titles in the series available in Japan. According to a report seen over on MTV Multiplayer, there's now cause of celebration, as the second game in the series -- Professor Layton and the Devil's Box -- has now been officially confirmed for release in North America and Europe.

During a session at GDC, Level-5's head Akihiro Hino said that the game will hopefully release here in the west sometime in the next six months. He went on to mention that he wants all of the other games in the franchise to also make it over to the west.'

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03/26/09, 18:23   Edited:  04/08/13, 01:48
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Awesome, awesome, awesome.

I admit, I didn't buy the first one. A friend lent it to me and I beat the whole thing in a week-end. But I'll make sure to support this one.

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 on: 03/26/09, 19:16
Oddly enough, the first one popped up in the top 20 NPD for last month, looks like about 80-85k units?

Well, not too odd because Nintendo seems to have FINALLY decided this game is worth marketing. Hopefully they are learning their lesson and realizing that they can make unknown franchises big by pushing them big... don't always have to rely on Mario / Zelda / Wii *insert something here* games to be their big sellers.

Rhythm Heaven looks like it had a solid debut as well, should be another slow burner.

GTA CTW still up there. Not bad.

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 on: 05/18/09, 23:03
According to a friend on facebook, they finally published some more copies after a "public outcry" for more. Apparently they were marketing it but the game was nowhere to be found in stores, so they manufactured more. My friend finally found one after like 7 months of looking for a copy up here in Canada.

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 on: 05/19/09, 11:39
Huzzah! More puzzely goodness.

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 on: 05/19/09, 14:13
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