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March 25, 2009, 18:38:05
New Wii update available... play games off SD cards... SDHC card support.

'Iwata says that Miyamoto "kidnaps" employees. "The victim is handed a controller and told to start enjoying himself." This is not a focus group. No need for the player to talk at all about his reactions to the game. "Of course, the development team wants to tell the player how to walk through levels, but Mr. Miyamoto will never allow this." If the kidnap victim is happy, the team has succeeded. If he's not, the team has failed.'


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 on: 10/22/12, 08:12:29    
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Can the DSi handle SDHC cards larger than 2GB?

btw here are some good deals on SDHC...

8GB = $15.99

16GB = $26.99

32GB is too expensive and just not worth it at the moment.

EDIT: Isn't it funny how technology is getting smaller, faster, and cheaper? It's like they are moving back to carts. A 32GB is more memory on such a tiny device than a single-layer blu-ray disc. Makes me wonder when future consoles will abandon disc media.

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 on: 03/27/09, 20:53:53
As much as the guy had really, really dumb views on the Wii... whoever that guy that said MadWorld has to sell 2-3 million copies to be a success was (forget his name) is convinced that Microsoft would do best to completely bypass Blueray (and retailers for that matter) by just packing in a really, really big storage unit with the next Xbox and having the games go directly to the unit. And maybe he has a point.

I wonder if we are at that point yet though? Especially for a more casual market like the Wii, I don't see it making sense to cut your market down to the people who are willing to figure out how to download games to a machine as opposed to walking into a store and picking up a game case.

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 on: 03/27/09, 21:50:38
I think Disk Media is on its way out. That's why the new PSP won't use a disk drive at all. Just probably a decent sized flash drive. Hopefully at least 64GB. It's nice to be able to carry some music and movies besides games. I only have a 2GB Memory Stick for my PSP and FFVII:CC takes up 1.6GB, so not much else fits.

Well except N+ which everyone should check out

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 on: 03/30/09, 00:37:00
I don't think disk media is ever going to disappear though. Think about it this way... what is the biggest sales period (in the US, at least) for games? Christmas. And how does Christmas work? You buy someone a present to stick under a tree. I guess they might get clever and start selling "games" that are just empty packages with download codes or something, but I don't think that would completely work for a mainstream console. You have to make sure you include everyone who doesn't understand or doesn't bother with the Internet... which may be a shrinking number, but it's still a significant number. IF the industry was only focused on (generally tech savvy) teenage males it'd work out, but now that the DS and Wii have come along Microsoft and Sony will want a piece of that bigger market as well.

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 on: 03/30/09, 18:36:12
N+ is pretty fun in Co-Op on the 360. Frustrating, but fun.

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 on: 03/30/09, 18:52:43
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