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March 25, 2009, 18:38
New Wii update available... play games off SD cards... SDHC card support.

'Iwata says that Miyamoto "kidnaps" employees. "The victim is handed a controller and told to start enjoying himself." This is not a focus group. No need for the player to talk at all about his reactions to the game. "Of course, the development team wants to tell the player how to walk through levels, but Mr. Miyamoto will never allow this." If the kidnap victim is happy, the team has succeeded. If he's not, the team has failed.'


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03/25/09, 18:38   Edited:  10/22/12, 08:12
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WTF. This isn't from YTMND mind you, they're actual images from the conference, LOL.

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 on: 03/25/09, 18:45
Rock N' Roll Climber announced for WiiWare. Using Wii remotes for hands and balance board for feet. Eh. Well, it's WiiWare anyhow, not expecting too much.

'9:48 a.m.: New WiiWare title demonstrated. This is Giles Goddard's title. Rock 'N Roll Climber. It's all about rock climbing. Use the Wii remote and nunchuk to control the rock climber's two hands, the Wii Balance board to position his feed. There is an incredible amount of technique. When you reach the top, you pick up a guitar and your character plays it -- for no apparent reason other than the fact that he's cool.'

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 on: 03/25/09, 18:54
9:52 a.m.: Finally, talking about an answer to save more content on Wii. Presumably the SD card access. Bill Trinen from NOA takes the stage to show off "a menu." An SD card icon is now located on the bottom-left corner on the WIi Channel interface. Click on it and it'll take you to a Wii Channel area that scrolls 20 times over, allowing you to save up to 200 games. Wii System Menu 4 is the name of this update and it supports high capacity SD cards up to 32BS. You can now download content directly to an SD card now. And you can also launch content directly off the SD card. Sweet gods, thank you!

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 on: 03/25/09, 18:54
'9:00 a.m.: Square Enix is publishing My Life As a Darklord for WiiWare. Later this year. And Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, also coming in 2009. Final Fantasy is also coming to the Virtual Console. More details from Square Enix this week.'

They're actually bringing Final Fantasy to WiiWare? Won't that get in the way of their unending circle of $40 DS remakes?! I guess they figure people will still buy the remakes since they add some stuff.

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 on: 03/25/09, 18:58
'10:08 a.m.: Virtual Console Arcade announced. Download games like Spce Harrier, Mappy, Druaga, Star Force, Emeraldia, and more. Much more. Space Invaders in the near future. Arcade Games available for download beginning today!'

I guess that means the arcade originals? But don't they all run off their own hardware? Hmm.

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 on: 03/25/09, 19:08
Oh dang, here we go. FINALLY THE BIG ONES. Or... big one, so far.

'10:09 a.m.: Iwata wants to satisfy longtime Nintendo loyalists. Nintendo DS game. New Zelda game. Link is riding in on a train. Wind Waker style. Awsomeness supreme. Link is able to direct a sidekick character, an armor-clad warrior, with the stylus. Fights huge crab-like boss. It's called The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks.'

Hmm, I wonder if it is a straight up Zelda game though? The train / Tracks thing is a bit strange.

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 on: 03/25/09, 19:10
Alright, that's a wrap. Hmm. No new Wii games announced, whoever said they knew about one was... LYING?

Still though, a new Zelda DS is sweet.

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 on: 03/25/09, 19:12
10:09 Link has the ability to control/create enemies and make them fight enemies. Railroad mechanic is an extension of Phantom Hourglass boat system -- riding a rail and shooting cannons

10:09 The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks is the title.

10:09 Available later this year.

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 on: 03/25/09, 19:16
SDHC was already supported with homebrew lolz

New Zelda for DS is cool I guess...any pics?

TrueDoogie is teh LY-AR

Rock climbing looks gay...

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 on: 03/25/09, 20:04
Well yeah, but now it's supported generally.

I don't think there are pics of the new Zelda yet, though I imagine they have to be coming soon. And vids. I'm one of the (seemingly) few who LOVED Phantom Hourglass, probably my favorite DS game, so I'm pretty hyped.

Rock Climbing does look pretty lame. Nintendo needs more Art Style games.

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 on: 03/25/09, 20:13
"Final Fantasy is also coming to the Virtual Console. More details from Square Enix this week."

That's pretty damn huge. I hope it's not just Mystic Quest.

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 on: 03/25/09, 22:29
That'd be such a cock tease if it were. My guess is that they're at a point right now where there are only so many other Final Fantasy games they can remake without just remaking remakes. So they put them on VC, pick up some extra cash, and of course... make even more remakes in the future. I don't think VC sales will hurt remake sales too much, SE makes these full-fledged graphics fest remakes.

The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks trailer

Looks a lot like Phantom Hourglass with a train instead of a boat. And an armored partner you can boss around. Do want.

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 on: 03/25/09, 22:43
And here is another Punch-Out!! video And another

I admit I was kind of hesitant at first, but it looks like it really came along. I don't know if they changed the style or not either but the first vids way back "sort of" looked like what I would expect from a Punch-Out!! game, and now seeing it in action it definitely looks in-line with the past games.

It's also confirmed to use classic controls or motion controls. And balance board dodging is like... 99% likely.

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 on: 03/25/09, 22:51
My Life as a Dark Lord screens. Looks like tower defense with multi levels. More Here

(WTF is going on with her outfit?!!?)

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 on: 03/25/09, 22:56
Thanks for the updates Zero.

I don't have IGN access anymore so very helpful.

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 on: 03/25/09, 23:20
Kickass. But how did they pick those arcade games? I want Donkey Kong!

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 on: 03/26/09, 00:35
'I don't own a DS'

Well there is part of your problem!

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 on: 03/26/09, 05:06
Madnesssssssss.... i need to get a new SD card. DSi and Zelda sound like great fun woop!!

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 on: 03/26/09, 09:33
The SD card fix is tremendous, to say the least.

Spirit Tracks looks hella weird... and different... I want to play this. Of course, I still need to play Phantom Hourglass...

LOL @ random employee kidnapping.

Pretty damn awesome week all around.

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 on: 03/27/09, 07:26
New Zelda?! Hell yeah! Not sure whats going on with the train thing, but the standard dungeon gameplay seems to be in place, so that makes me happy. Now we just need a Wii Zelda. Wonder what's happening on that front.

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 on: 03/27/09, 13:57
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