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July 14, 2008, 22:26
And to start things off...


Final Fantasy XIII is no longer a PS3 exclusive. Man, I'm beginning to wonder if I bought a PS3 prematurely... they better show off some neat stuff tomorrow!

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07/14/08, 22:26
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1:1 motion controls come to the Wii with MotionPlus add-on:

Would work great with Punch-Out!! me-thinks!

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 on: 07/14/08, 22:37
1:1 Motion controls as Chozoman posted

Hmm, this might be a nice place to post this... HTML help which is also now in the menu up above.

Links are done like...

<a href='http://www.nintendo.com'>Nintendo.Com</a>


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 on: 07/14/08, 23:09
Animal Crossing City Folk with mic (voice chat!)

Seems like the game has towns and then a sort of center city after all, though I'm not sure how much real interaction is involved there.

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 on: 07/15/08, 19:39
Wow, GTA on DS. China Town Wars.

Hmm... no links up yet though.

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 on: 07/15/08, 19:47
Wii Sports Resort... they showed some frisbee throwing and some jet skiing. Hmm. Comes with Wii Motion Plus packed in.

And sword fighting... not sure how much sword fighting is generally done at resorts but I'll take it!

"How often do you get to do this with your boss?" Man that MILF is getting me hot and bothered.

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 on: 07/15/08, 19:51
Wii Music shown with some dude drumming... wiimote and nuncuck for sticks and balance board for the bass pedal. Dude is pretty freaking sweet at it too, ha ha.

And then Miyamoto using Wiimote to play flute... kid keeps playing drums... other instruments playing in background. Damn Miyamoto is pretty sweet at this too (unless it's just really, really easy.)

I don't think this uses Wii Motion Plus.

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 on: 07/15/08, 19:56
Hmm, and that is about it. IGN is going to be insane for the next few days. No Zelda, no Kid Icarus, no F-Zero... and no Pikmin 3 even.

Last year they did show off Smash Brothers AFTER the conference for some reason... I guess that is about all we can hope for right now.

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 on: 07/15/08, 20:10
GTA on the DS? I didn't see that one coming.

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 on: 07/15/08, 21:55
There was actually a GTA on GBA, as weird as it sounds.

Not sure why Rockstar keeps ignoring Nintendo's main consoles though, especially now that Wii is hot and they ARE putting Wii games out (Manhunt 2, Bully, etc.)

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 on: 07/15/08, 22:12
Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI on Wii

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 on: 07/15/08, 22:20
MadWorld trailer

Looks dope as hell.

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 on: 07/15/08, 22:44
new Wario Land Shake It trailer

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 on: 07/15/08, 22:53
Rhythm Tengoku coming to US (as Rhythm Heaven)


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 on: 07/16/08, 00:09
Any video of the conference?

It seems the big guns weren't quite ready to show off. Hopefully next year.

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 on: 07/16/08, 01:29
Oh man, IGN has officially melted down. It's like a bad traffic accident.. you don't want to look but...

Bozon did confirm that Nintendo is basically using E3 as their casual game show though, and that, per Miyamoto, there's a lot in development (including strong hints of Pikmin 3 - not that anyone with half a brain didn't expect it :p).

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 on: 07/16/08, 05:46
This is why I'm glad I don't have my IGN account anymore. It's also nice to be really busy with work I enjoy doing. Ignorance truly is bliss and not scouring the net for game news, like I used to, makes me a happier person. I am one of the "casuals" now I'd have to say. Someone who gets really surprised and happy when they see FF12 or Ninja Gaiden just show up on the DS on shelves one day. I completely forgot about the release dates for a lot of games and this happens all the time to me now.

It's just better to be surprised and not track this stuff like a hawk like I used to. Too much negativity seeps in if things don't go exactly your way. IGN is such a nasty breeding ground for this.

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 on: 07/16/08, 07:36
Yeah I really think a part of it is people are so used to E3 being THE yearly conference to get tons of new game info and announcements, and that just isn't the case anymore. In the midst of all the Nintendo bashing people seem to have forgotten that Microsoft's big game of the show (Final Fantasy XIII) is already coming out to PS3 and Sony's big game (God of War 3) is essentially a no show with a little FMV trailer. In essence not much has actually changed since a few days ago but suddenly Nintendo is teh doomed and Sony is back on top (which is funny because after the Microsoft conference Sony was teh doomed... my how quickly things can change.)

I've never been quite sure why since I love the little sucker, but despite being swamped in Wii media and release dates and everything I don't really follow the DS that closely, so when I do finally go take a look at it there are like 3 or 4 new "big" games I didn't even know about. I have a 10 most wanted list I just made for the DS and I honestly have no idea when any of the games are coming.

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 on: 07/16/08, 07:46
Ok, I definitely think Matt and Bozon are leading these questions to get Miyamoto to say what they want, but I guess these qualify as announcements. I love how instead of dealing with what was shown at E3 they are pretty much just continually asking about what they WISH had been shown instead...

New Zelda sort of but not quite really confirmed

Actually Miyamoto does pretty much say the Zelda team is working on Zelda... and even goes so far as to say some people from the DS Zelda team are "working on the Wii version" which would make it seem like it is officially in development. No surprise there, I pretty much assumed they started on it the minute Twilight Princess was finished. On the other hand it might just be in pre-production of sorts, his comments near the bottom make it sound like they haven't finalized any ideas yet. Nonetheless, at least we know they are working on figuring out what to do with Zelda, so all the OMG NINTENDO IS ONLY MAKING TEH CASUALZ GAMEZ NOW people should shut it.

And maybe new Pikmin, Mario Galaxy, and Mario DS games are possibly sort of maybe in the works but probably not Galaxy

Miyamoto's intentional vagueness for teh win! But hey, all of that seems more likely than Earthbound...

Miyamoto confirms that a new Earthbound ISN'T being made

Oh well.

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 on: 07/16/08, 08:00
I'm sick of it honestly, and it's times like these that I really regret my IGN subscription - namely because the reason I kept it was for the boards, and they are just so dramatic over there.

I have said it before and will say it again: I really, really despise this generation of fans. Even the Sega/Nintendo days didn't have all this pissing, moaning, and dick-measuring contests. It was a disappointing show I'm sure (I haven't seen it yet), but damn... selling the Wii? Nintendo is doomed yet again? Even threads talking about how cocky they've gotten?

Sony is going to be number 1 again?

I just have no patience for that crap anymore. I'm going to say that I'm taking a break from all the gming boards save this one, but I'd be lying. It's just a shame - I really went in expecting nothing (everything I'm loking forward to is already announced outside of F-Zero). I leave mildly entertained.

- end rant.

Yu have no idea how badly I wanted to post a very vulgar version of that over there, but I really am following my conscience and avoiding that sort of fly-****.


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 on: 07/16/08, 08:05
It really is frustrating to see the pandemonium of posters.

The single most important announcement out of the three companies is WiiMotion Plus, which is a slick add-on that will be packed with the impressive WiiSports Resort. WiiMusic, though, damn. These games are usually simple in concept, but very well polished and smartly executed, but WiiMusic is strange. I'm not one to doubt Shigeru Miyamoto, but if he really worked on it, I need to hear from him the motivation behind the development. Only then will I understand why WiiMusic is the way it is.

Animal Crossing being largely unchanged is expected, but I'm honestly not all that disappointed. I'm still going to devour it, but I wonder why Nintendo wouldn't seize the opportunity to make something a tad different. Perhaps they rushed it for a release.

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 on: 07/16/08, 08:50
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