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All 94 Mega Man classic series robot masters ranked!
November 13, 2023, 22:55
I've wanted to rank all of the Mega Man classic series robot masters for a long, long time now. I have loose top 10 rankings in my head but to do all of them? That would be a monumental task. I didn't think I'd ever find the time and energy to do it. But I finally decided to just pull myself together and get it done.

With that said here are my ground rules:

#1. I'm defining the "classic" series as Mega Man 1-11, Mega Man & Bass, and Mega Man Powered Up (a remake of Mega Man 1 that added 2 new robot masters).
#2. I'm ranking solely on the robot masters themselves. That is to say, how much I like their theme, weapons, design, etc.
#3. With that said, I will not be taking into account their stages, stage music, etc.

Sounds good? Alright, let's do it!

#94. Cold Man (Mega Man & Bass)

There are a lot of cold based Mega Man robot masters so you really have to bring it to stand out. Cold Man does not bring it. The absolute worst.

#93. Slash Man (Mega Man 7)

Wolverine is kind of cool in the X-Men I guess but I don't think we needed to bring him into Mega Man.

#92. Burner Man (Mega Man & Bass)

Burner Man has basically the same problem Cold Man had. There are a lot of heat-based robots in this universe. A generic looking one just doesn't cut it. At least his name is less generic.

#91. Shade Man (Mega Man 7)

This guy might actually be my least favorite as far as looks are concerned. I hate his stupid face so much. He has a neat spooky theme though so that bumped him up a few spots.

#90. Tomahawk Man (Mega Man 6)

A robot that throws tomahawks just plain makes no sense. I can't even imagine why this guy was created.

#89. Oil Man (Mega Man Powered Up)

The lesser of the 2 robot masters added in the Mega Man 1 remake. Oil isn't even much of a power, what is he supposed to do, make you slip and fall?

#88. Blast Man (Mega Man 11)

Explosions are fun but this guy looks like he got kicked out of a 90s nu-metal band.

#87. Fuse Man (Mega Man 11)

A fairly generic electricity-themed robot with some goofy looking fuses coming out of his head. Aren't fuses supposed to stop electrical current? He makes no sense!

#86. Star Man (Mega Man 5)

The concept could have been cool but they did exactly nothing interesting with it.

#85. Grenade Man (Mega Man 8)

They literally just made his body into a huge grenade. Lazy design there Capcom.

#84. Blade Man (Mega Man 10)

Sorry, I just can't get over how silly his head looks.

#83. Clown Man (Mega Man 8)

Did we really need a clown robot master? The answer is no. No we did not.

#82. Pump Man (Mega Man 10)

Look at this guy. Just… look… at… him. He has a water pump on his head. I'd be embarrassed if this were me.

#81. Ring Man (Mega Man 4)

A generic theme, generic design robot master. Nothing terrible about Ring Man but nothing particularly good either.

#80. Wave Man (Mega Man 5)

Look, I'm just not into tridents, you know?

#79. Bomb Man (Mega Man 1)

Another fairly generic robot master. At least he has the excuse of existing before the rest of the generic robot masters showed up.

#78. Frost Man (Mega Man 8)

Yet another of the many cold-themed robots. Other than being a big boy, this one has nothing special. Snooze.

#77. Stone Man (Mega Man 5)

This guy is pretty boring but at least he isn't a cold or heat-themed robot so that bumps him up a bit I guess.

#76. Freeze Man (Mega Man 7)

Oh look, another weaksauce cold-themed robot. What a shock. Looks alright though.

#75. Hard Man (Mega Man 3)

I actually expected Hard Man to rank much worse but at least he has some personality built into his design. That's about all that he has though.

#74. Time Man (Mega Man Powered Up)

The greater of the 2 robot masters added in the Mega Man 1 remake, mostly due to a cool concept. But still not that great.

#73. Pharaoh Man (Mega Man 4)

Not really a big fan of the theme but at least he looks pretty cool. Sort of. Cool-ish.

#72. Aqua Man (Mega Man 8)

This is a pretty oddly-designed robot master but it makes him stand out from the pack a bit. I like his valves.

#71. Magic Man (Mega Man & Bass)

I kind of wanted to put this guy lower because… magic? What a silly theme for a robot master. But at least it is a unique theme.

#70. Pirate Man (Mega Man & Bass)

Basically the same as above except pirates are (slightly) cooler than magicians.

#69. Acid Man (Mega Man 11)

This guy looks kind of dumb but he has a pretty unique power for the series.

#68. Elec Man (Mega Man 1)

I respect the original robot masters in theory but this guy looks like a b-list superhero.

#67. Solar Man (Mega Man 10)

A kind of boring looking robot master but I like that they at least tried to make a somewhat unique heat-based guy.

#66. Torch Man (Mega Man 11)

One of the many heat-themed robot masters, basically just looks a little better than the ones he beat out.

#65. Impact Man (Mega Man 11)

This guy looks like a truck and that is kind of neat? I suppose. I dunno.

#64. Tundra Man (Mega Man 11)

Oh wow, and another cold-themed robot. At least this one has cool ice skates.

#63. Flame Man (Mega Man 6)

Oh wow, and another heat-themed robot. At least this one has a cool turban.

#62. Ground Man (Mega Man & Bass)


Got enough drills there buddy? He's ok-ish. He can transform so that boosts him a few spots.

#61. Bright Man (Mega Man 4)

I'm not really sure how turning a light on is a weapon but I guess it is kind of novel.

#60. Junk Man (Mega Man 7)

A pretty neat design for a robot literally made out of trash.

#59. Sword Man (Mega Man 8)

A pretty basic idea but a giant sword for an arm is kind of cool. Though it should have been even bigger.

#58. Splash Woman (Mega Man 9)

Being the first (and only) female robot master is nice and all but I'm still not into tridents. Kind of funny that she wears lipstick though.

#57. Quick Man (Mega Man 2)

I feel bad putting a Mega Man 2 robot master so low on the list but this guy's style never really sat well with me.

#56. Jewel Man (Mega Man 9)

Nothing special here but I love his colors. Jewel Man doesn't conform to your gender stereotypes.

#55. Spring Man (Mega Man 7)

Not a huge fan of his look but I like his theme.

#54. Commando Man (Mega Man 10)

Not a huge fan of his theme but I like his look.

#53. Blizzard Man (Mega Man 6)

Oh wow another cold-themed robot, how creative. That was sarcasm by the way. But I do like that this one has a hat and skis.

#52. Needle Man (Mega Man 3)

Needle Man is the definition of a mid tier Mega Man robot master.

#51. Top Man (Mega Man 3)

He has the power of tops. What else is there to say?

#50. Metal Man (Mega Man 2)

It's probably blasphemy to put him so low on my list but other than his overpowered weapon he doesn't have much to speak of. Sorry!

#49. Crystal Man (Mega Man 5)

If I were ranking solely on looks I'd put him in a better spot because he looks wicked but his theme is kind of meh.

#48. Tornado Man (Mega Man 9)

I'm kind of biased towards the air-themed robot masters but this guy has a substandard look. A cool theme can only help you so much.

#47. Turbo Man (Mega Man 7)


This guy basically only made it this high because I like transformer robot masters and he has ska checkers on his head.

#46. Block Man (Mega Man 11)

Block Man isn't that cool but he kind of reminds me of a turtle. I like turtles!

#45. Dynamo Man (Mega Man & Bass)

Sure he's just another electricity-themed robot master but I like his big bubble head.

#44. Tengu Man (Mega Man 8/& Bass)

Tengu masks are pretty cool. Not sure what his power is really though.

#43. Chill Man (Mega Man 10)

Sure he's just another cold-themed robot master but I like his big icy head.

#42. Astro Man (Mega Man 8/& Bass)

I'm also a little biased towards space-themed robot masters, although this one is kind of so so in design.

#41. Magma Man (Mega Man 9)

Another heat-themed robot master that gets past its overused theme by looking pretty darn cool.

#40. Plug Man (Mega Man 9)

Is this like… the opposite of an electricity-themed robot? Either way he has a neat look to him.

#39. Drill Man (Mega Man 4)

One of the more basic of the Mega Man 4 robot masters but he's got an appeal that you can't deny.

#38. Magnet Man (Mega Man 3)

Great theme, kind of mid design. But he does make me laugh because he reminds me of the time my cousin and I were designing our own Mega Man robot masters and he just took Magnet Man, colored him gray and called him U Man.

#37. Concrete Man (Mega Man 9)

He looks kind of sweet and has a unique theme. Probably pretty strong too.

#36. Burst Man (Mega Man 7)

A pretty cool look and a pretty distinct power with his bubble bombs.

#35. Yamato Man (Mega Man 6)

This is a very original theme and design for a robot master. Yamato Man knows how to stand out!

#34. Wind Man (Mega Man 6)

An air-themed robot master that looks way better than Tornado Man does.

#33. Guts Man (Mega Man 1)

Kind of a classic to me, reminds me of the old cartoon. I was never quite clear why he was called Guts Man though, what does that even mean?!

#32. Gravity Man (Mega Man 5)

Gravity Man definitely has a unique power, and doesn't look half bad either.

#31. Heat Man (Mega Man 2)

I always liked that this guy looks like a lighter, that's kind of adorable to me. But he's still not quite the best of the heat-themed robot masters.

#30. Cut Man (Mega Man 1)

Another iconic robot master that reminds me of the old tv show. I can hear Dr. Wily calling it out now: "Cut Man! Guts Man!"

#29. Cloud Man (Mega Man 7)

He's basically just Lakitu riding around on his little cloud, and that's pretty cool.

#28. Bounce Man (Mega Man 11)

This guy is so ridiculous, in a good way. Just bounces all over the room during his boss fight. I love it!

#27. Sheep Man (Mega Man 10)

Do robot masters dream of electric sheep? That would mean Sheep Man dreams of… himself? Woah.

#26. Plant Man (Mega Man 6)

I like the plant theme a lot, and he looks pretty cool. And yet…

#25. Wood Man (Mega Man 2)

…the original plant-themed robot is still (slightly) better!

#24. Napalm Man (Mega Man 5)

What an odd robot master. Taking the name of a real, deadly weapon of war. A bit unnerving. But I can't deny he's a rad-looking guy.

#23. Ice Man (Mega Man 1)

I think the original cold-themed robot is still the best. He just looks so cute in his parka!

#22. Search Man (Mega Man 8)

I'm not a huge fan of Mega Man 8 robots but something about this 2-headed weirdo really clicks with me.

#21. Knight Man (Mega Man 6)

A neat theme and a great design to go with it. Not much else to say really.

#20. Hornet Man (Mega Man 9)

You can probably tell that I'm also biased towards the animal-themed robot masters and I really love the honeycomb design here.

#19. Fire Man (Mega Man 1)

And here we are, the original heat-themed robot is still the best as well. Simplicity in design with a single-torch head. Classic.

#18. Shadow Man (Mega Man 3)

Shadow Man is basically a ninja robot, which could come off as too edgy, but unlike the other Shadow (the Hedgehog), Capcom made it work.

#17. Spark Man (Mega Man 3)

Spark Man looks more like a classically-designed robot than most of the other robot masters, and I love him for that.

#16. Skull Man (Mega Man 4)

I'm not even sure how skulls are a power but he's pretty damn metal \m/.

#15. Nitro Man (Mega Man 10)


I was surprised how far up this guy made it considering that he's not really in my mental list of best robot masters, but he has such a neat design. Definitely the best of the transformer robot masters!

#14. Toad Man (Mega Man 4)

Amphibians are awesome. 'Nuff said.

#13. Flash Man (Mega Man 2)

A simple yet effective design and he has a great (on paper anyway) power, what more can you ask for?

#12. Centaur Man (Mega Man 6)

I did not expect anything from Mega Man 6 to be up this high but I kind of love this design. Especially back on the NES the 4 legs were a big departure from the typical robot master.

#11. Dive Man (Mega Man 4)

He's a robot submarine. And that's pretty freaking awesome.

#10. Strike Man (Mega Man 10)

I'm not even a big sports guy so I'm surprised I love Strike Man so much but his design is awesome and a sports-themed robot master is pretty unique for the series. Also I love the idea of a robot with a baseball glove.

#9. Gemini Man (Mega Man 3)


This guy can make a clone of himself which is a really dope power, and he looks pretty gnarly to boot.

#8. Dust Man (Mega Man 4)

Is this a controversial pick for such a high spot? I honestly can't really tell you why I love Dust Man so much. I just think he's neat.

#7. Galaxy Man (Mega Man 9)

The ultimate space-themed robot master. This guy is basically a walking UFO. How cool is that?

#6. Charge Man (Mega Man 5)

Yeah he's kind of a boring boss to fight and his "power" is mostly just trying to run into you, but look, you have to understand, I love trains.

#5. Air Man (Mega Man 2)

Easily the best air-themed robot master. Just look at him! Air Man knows he is a champ.

#4. Snake Man (Mega Man 3)

Reptiles are even more awesome. 'Nuff said.

#3. Bubble Man (Mega Man 2)

Gotta love a robot with a snorkel and fins. And his power is… bubbles! Mother f-in bubbles!

#2. Gyro Man (Mega Man 5)

Gyro Man was the first robot master that could fly, whereas I can only fly in my best dreams. He looks super swell and he has helicopter blades and I just love everything about him.

#1. Crash Man (Mega Man 2)

First off, Crash Man is undeniably slick looking. His style puts the rest of the robot masters to shame. And his power is a bomb… ON A FREAKING DRILL. Can't beat that. He has held a special place in my heart ever since I played my very first Mega Man game, and he has never been surpassed. A true icon.

Final Stats

And because I like numbers, here are some stats for you.

Average Position
#1. Mega Man 2 - 23.125
#2. Mega Man 3 - 33
#3. Mega Man 4 - 37.875
#4. Mega Man 9 - 38.375
#5. Mega Man 6 - 41.75
#6. Mega Man 1 - 42 (51.875 with Powered Up)
#7. Mega Man 5 - 44.5
#8. Mega Man 10 - 47.75
#9. Mega Man 8 - 60.625
#10. Mega Man 7 - 60.875
#11. Mega Man 11 - 64.125
#12. Mega Man & Bass - 65

Highest Position
#1. Mega Man 2 - 1
#2. Mega Man 5 - 2
#3. Mega Man 3 - 4
#4. Mega Man 9 - 7
#5. Mega Man 4 - 8
#6. Mega Man 10 - 10
#7. Mega Man 6 - 12
#8. Mega Man 1 - 19
#9. Mega Man 8 - 22
#10. Mega Man 11 - 28
#11. Mega Man 7 - 29
#12. Mega Man & Bass - 42

Well that was a lot. This is easily the longest post I've made on the site!

So what do you think? Who are your favorite and least favorite classic series robot masters? Care to try a top 10? Or maybe rank them all?! Let us know in the comments below!

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11/13/23, 22:55   Edited:  11/13/23, 22:54
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Here we go, this is my top 10.

#10. Snake Man

Slithering weapons 1000000x more effective than Zam Wesell’s. And look at that face, Snake Man is having the time of his life.

#9. Dive Man

Idk man this color scheme looks pretty dope. Works for the Red Cross? Seems like a stand-up guy.

#8. Pharaoh Man

Zero is Canadian so he doesn’t understand how much America goes gaga over Ancient Egypt. Pharaoh man belongs in a museum.

#7. Heat Man

Solid zippo form factor. Didn’t see 420 man on this list but you know they’re best buds.

#6. Wood Man

Could very well be a man inside a tree trunk costume, we’ll never know. The mystery bumps him up a few points.

#5. Air Man

Despite that shoulder to hip ratio making me incredibly self-conscious, Air Man is an inspiration to children everywhere who spent an afternoon yelling into a box fan.

#4. Hard Man

The animation in MM3 was so solid you could FEEL the weight. Hard Man > Hard Master

#3. Napalm Man

Absolutely brutal. So that thing on his head is like a plane turbine I guess? CRIKEY Capcom

#2. Skull Man

Embodiment of Dr. Wily’s aesthetic. Skull shield.

#1. Toad Man

Lovable round shape. Hops. Forgot his power but who cares this guy is flipping cute.

Posted by 
 on: 11/14/23, 03:21
Toad Man's power:

Posted by 
 on: 11/14/23, 03:25   Edited:  11/14/23, 04:36
This is peak content. And your taste is quite good, though Heat Man is definitely too low. The best Robot Masters are the ones that look like they were simple appliances or specialized machinery that came to life.

Posted by 
 on: 11/14/23, 03:44
Incredible! Where did you find all these sprites?

Posted by 
 on: 11/14/23, 07:20
Some Mega Man database had most of them, had to Google the rest. Then resize... all of them one by one.

The Mega Man 11 ones were the worst because I also had to remove the backgrounds and well... I got a bit lazy so you can see they aren't the cleanest, lol.

Posted by 
 on: 11/14/23, 08:15
You're a sick, sick man. But you've got Bubble Man in your top three, so you're my kind of sick.

Posted by 
 on: 11/14/23, 18:14
Absolutely incredible! I don't think I could ever figure out a ranking for something with close to 100 elements.
Dave said:

#1. Toad Man
Lovable round shape. Hops. Forgot his power but who cares this guy is flipping cute.
The best thing about Toad Man is that during his rain dance, it looks like he's flipping the bird with both hands.

nate38 said:
The best Robot Masters are the ones that look like they were simple appliances or specialized machinery that came to life.
Couldn't have said it better meself, I feel the same way.

Posted by 
 on: 11/14/23, 19:42   Edited:  11/14/23, 19:43
Mop it up said:
Absolutely incredible! I don't think I could ever figure out a ranking for something with close to 100 elements.
It's hard! I thought it was done and went through the list and was like no that's wrong, no that's wrong, no that's wrong, moved around like 10 or 15 robot masters and then I had to redo all of the stats to match the changes, and then I had to just STOP FIDDLING and post it because it could potentially never be quite right.

Art is never finished, only abandoned.

Posted by 
 on: 11/14/23, 20:27   Edited:  11/14/23, 20:28
1. Gemini Man
2. Snake Man
Then the rest.

They are the only two I ever remember.

Posted by 
 on: 11/16/23, 23:35
1. Zero
2. I mean, he isn't a evil robot master but he is a master.

There we go, the definitive list of robot masters. All who argue are nerds.

Posted by 
 on: 11/18/23, 02:08
Surprised by your #1.

And hey wait, where is Enker, Quint, Punk, Ballade, Terra and Sunstar?!

Not to mention Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto?!

Posted by 
 on: 11/18/23, 02:29
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