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Charles Martinet to no longer voice Mario
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August 21, 2023, 18:27

I will miss him! Charles Martinet provided memorable voices for a number of iconic characters, and he's just a great guy in general.

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Posted: 08/21/23, 18:27  - Edit:  08/21/23, 18:29
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Damn! I hope this all went down amicably. I'll miss his Mario and Luigi, but I'll especially miss his Wario and Waluigi!!

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 on: 08/21/23, 19:10
End of an era. If this isn't the direct result of Martinet himself actually wanting to step down, Nintendo can shove a mushroom up their warp pipes.

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 on: 08/21/23, 19:32
Oh, and also, Nintendo had BETTER not get rid of the young goblin that voices Toad.

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 on: 08/21/23, 20:20
What a legend!

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 on: 08/21/23, 23:17
@Anand Here here!

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 on: 08/22/23, 01:55

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 on: 08/22/23, 02:28

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 on: 08/24/23, 19:05
A heck of a good run! Glad he is going to be able to enjoy his retirement and still be an ambassador for Mario. :)

Since the voices in Mario Wonder are apparently the new team, I'd say they picked some good replacements. I didn't even realize it wasn't Charles in the Wonder trailer!

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 on: 08/28/23, 16:18

Overall I'm not saddened by this because he had an amazing career as Mario (and still perhaps as the many other characters he's done). There was always going to be this day and I am glad they're not trying to AI him into forever.

I just hope, like you, that this went down in a very good manner. I want him to be happy with the forward changes and I want Nintendo to be fully respecting him on every level, salary or otherwise.

I'm excited to see what the world holds for future voice artists. Maybe we'll get to know the new person/team soon enough. I hope they have a great personality like Charles does.

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 on: 08/31/23, 18:56
Truly the end of an era.

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 on: 09/01/23, 10:29
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