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Nintendo Indie World - 22/11/09!
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November 10, 2022, 20:06
Yes, I reject the American MM/DD/YY system. It doesn't make any sense!

Anyway, did y'all catch the new Indie World? What did you think?

My detailed impressions!

Rogue Legacy 2 - I often deride people who prefer the first Rogue Legacy to games like Binding of Isaac or Spelunky (sometimes aloud but mostly just in my head). But, y'know, it was a fun game. Just grindy and... impure. But I'm pretty excited about this sequel! It looks like a huge improvement. Definitely grabbing it. I might not even wait for a sale!

Venba - Every time people talk about representation and diversity, I always chuckle to myself, knowing that I'll never actually be represented in good faith in Western (or Japanese) media. Which is why this trailer shocked me! Finally, some brown blood in the house! And all it took was some Indian dude wanting to make a game about his own mother! I've gotta say, it actually feels kind of nice. Both as an Indian and a mama's boy. But will the cooking actually be fun?

A Little To The Left - You know the indie scene has matured when you start getting Unpacking-likes... This games actually looks satisfying. But will it stay fresh?

Blanc - Still looks super-cute. A contender.

Have a Nice Death - Hey, an action game! That's right in my wheelhouse!

Curse of the Sea Rats - Ditto.

Once Upon a Jester - Definitely out of my wheelhouse. But it looks kind of awesome? And the aesthetic speaks to me. I'll have to check impressions.

Storyteller - Really interesting. But can they keep it fun throughout?

World of Horror - Roguelike Narrative horror? I guess this game is supposed to be really good. The artstyle is unique, too. Like an old Mac game?

Aka & Botany Manor - Farmingggg... and plants. The plants are kinda novel, I guess.

Sports Story - Still looks fantastic. Cricket! Wrestle Quest looks sweet, too.

GOODBYE WORLD & Dordogne & A Space for the Unbound & Coffee Talk - Pretty Narrative Gamezzz... The setting and presentation of the Indonesian one intrigue me. A fresh perspective!

Oni - Neat. But framey?

Desta - Dodgeball SRPG sounds interesting, but I'm not a fan of the art style.

Pepper Grinder - A hyper-caffeinated Drill Dozer-like? Now we're talkin'!

Wobbledogs - Wobblewut?

Moncage - Hakoniwa no Yume - Boxlife! I guess this is an optical illusion puzzler? An Echochromelike? Neat.

NeverAwake - Bummer Shmup! I tried to think of a good portmanteau for that, but couldn't. Looks fun/depressing.

Inscryption - Supposed to be awesome. Nice to have it on Switch.

HATENA'S TOWER - The Tower of Children - Clunky-lookin' card-based game. Might be fun?

SANABI - I am ALWAYS here for a Bionic Commando-like. Always.


So, yeah. Really good show, overall. As I was watching, I was like, "Enough cozy narrative games, already!"

But, as usual, upon reflection, I am interested in nearly all of these games. There were some real standouts. And, even though Nintendo features a lot of narrative games in these presentations, it's not representative of the entire indie library on Switch.

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11/10/22, 20:06   Edited:  11/10/22, 20:11
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Sports Story!!

Posted by 
 on: 11/10/22, 21:21
I find that the coolest games in these are always during the montages at the end. Quite a few in this that looked kinda neat though! But it's hard to talk about them, because I never remember their names...

Posted by 
 on: 11/11/22, 07:19
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