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In Retrospect, the musical action platformer I have been working on for 9 years, is FINALLY live on Steam and Itch!
September 07, 2022, 18:14
Yep, I actually finished and released it!

If you like music, platforming, and games like Super Mario, BIT.TRIP RUNNER, etc. then In Retrospect is for you! I'm not going to lie, the soundtrack is pretty sick: In Retrospect OST (Select Songs)

On sale now for $3.59 (US)!

Steam version (PC) | Itch version (PC)

Some more info:
-An action platformer about reflecting on your past that syncs the gameplay and music, with the player’s choices affecting the story and certain game elements as well.
-Contains a story mode as well as 40+ challenge stages, complete with full leaderboards.
-Inspired by indie games such as Crypt of the Necrodancer, Just Shapes & Beats, Wandersong, the BIT.TRIP series and Thomas Was Alone.
-A fairly short game (roughly 1-2 hours for the story mode + additional time for challenge stages) that does not require a significant time commitment.

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09/07/22, 18:14   Edited:  09/10/22, 18:57
Why not sign up for a (free) account?

Fair enough!

Any thoughts on your second game? I think you mentioned having at least an idea, yeah?

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 on: 05/11/23, 00:00
I need this on my EyeMac! Although I understand the issue with porting to different systems, it can be a lot more complicated than it first appears.

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 on: 05/11/23, 00:05
@J.K. Riki I'm working on it! It's top secret until I have something to show.

But it might involve dinosaurs. And METAL.

@TriforceBun Creating a Mac build isn't too tough, but there are some weird hoops to jump to be able to PLAY a Mac build that isn't an official Apple licensed developer app, and becoming an official Apple licensed developer costs money, among other things. This is ultimately why I didn't support Mac.

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 on: 05/11/23, 01:06   Edited:  05/11/23, 01:07

Metal the metal or metal the music?

Dinosaurs are always good, regardless! A+!

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 on: 05/17/23, 05:21
Metal music. Although I guess I'm stretching the definition because it's my kind of happier chiptune take on metal which real metalheads would probably be like THAT'S NOT METAL. But whatever. I may at least put real guitars in it eventually. And I say dinosaurS but it will probably just be the one dinosaur at first. Though I like the idea of different dinosaurs with different strengths and weaknesses I'm trying to keep things simple and needing to do a bunch of different animations for different dinosaurs sounds not simple.

Speaking of sales, my game is... still selling? Like, not in big numbers but I expected it to be more like launch where I got a few days of double digit sales and then immediately dropped to basically nothing. And this time around I did get a few days of double digit sales before it dropped hard but then instead of going down to basically nothing I've been consistently getting like 5-8 sales a day or so. Unfortunately Steam only lets you put games on sale for 2 weeks at a time so this little boost will be ending soon regardless, but it's been a nice ride. I doubt it can repeat this exactly but I'm hoping when I put it on sale again I can see something similar-ish where it gets a steady stream throughout the course of the sale, even if it is diminishing returns.

And a lot of the sales are from Turkey and Argentina, for whatever reason. They're now my #3 and #4 territories for units sold overall, which was not the case at launch at all. Probably going to overtake Canada at this rate!

United States 152
Canada 26
Turkey 25
Argentina 23
United Kingdom 20
Japan 10
Germany 8
Australia 8
Russian Federation 6
Austria 5

/EDIT I just realized these numbers count stuff I sent out to streamers not just sales but yeah, same idea.

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 on: 05/17/23, 19:57   Edited:  05/17/23, 21:01
I know next to nothing about coding and whatnot, but i would gladly help with the new game (as a ploy to make you do the thing but also to help.)

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 on: 05/18/23, 02:13   Edited:  05/18/23, 02:13
Are these sales numbers Steam only or are they supposed to include Itch as well?

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 on: 05/18/23, 11:18
@r_hjort Steam only but my Itch sales are like... 6 total, all at launch. With that said Itch doesn't take a fat cut like Steam does and Itch lets people pay above the going rate if they want and a few people did so I probably still made like 10% of my total profit there, lol.

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 on: 05/18/23, 12:07   Edited:  05/18/23, 12:08
I suppose I may as well ask. WTF is Itch?

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 on: 05/26/23, 22:53
Digital storefront. Indie friendly place, not big on DRM or launchers or other stuff like that.

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 on: 05/26/23, 23:03
I bought it on itch, lol

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 on: 05/30/23, 21:02
Same. We should find the other four people. Start a band.

EDIT: Goddamn, speaking of bands, speaking of music: The soundtrack to this game is so fucking good. I've said it before, but I'll keep saying it.

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 on: 05/30/23, 21:35   Edited:  05/30/23, 21:45
I really do need to get the soundtrack in order and release it on its own (probably free). It's just tough because it'd take a lot more work than you might think to get it ready and I have so many other things I'm doing!

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 on: 05/31/23, 02:41
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