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OT? Microsoft Buying Activision-Blizzard for 70 billion dollars
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January 18, 2022, 21:18

Pretty surprising. Some of the IPs acquired in this buyout are Warcraft/Starcraft, Overwatch, Diablo, Tony Hawk, Spyro, and Crash Bandicoot. Curious how Nintendo will be affected since they seem to have a pretty amicable relationship with MS at the moment (Cuphead and Ori).

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Posted: 01/18/22, 21:18
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This thread exposed so many lurkers! I missed you all!

My take on this is more exasperation over what we were discussing in this thread a year ago. Maybe this is some chess move to try and bleed Sony dry by taking away Call of Duty, or making WoW console exclusive or something, but... imagine how many indie and AA games you could fund for $70 billion dollars!

70,000 million dollar projects! 7000 ten million dollar projects! 700 hundred million dollar projects! Microsoft really thinks that buying one publisher is a better use of their money than this!?

Seriously, imagine a world where Microsoft released 700 exclusives over the next 10 years. You don't think everyone would buy an Xbox for that!?

This is insane.

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 on: 01/20/22, 19:16

70 billion is a staggering amount of money, that's true. I mean by comparison, Disney bought Pixar for $7.5 billion, and friggin' Star Wars for 4 billion!

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 on: 01/20/22, 19:45
@carlosrox, @Hinph, @TriforceBun

Haha yeah I dunno. Artists styles and techniques change over time. Consider how modern Garfield looks compared to his original look. Or perhaps more relevant to this specific group; how different Mario looks now compared to how he looked back in the 1980s.

Keep in mind, art (perhaps more than anything) is a matter of personal taste. The characters are far more expressive now, IMO.

Not a huge fan of their outrageous hair though.

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 on: 01/20/22, 19:55
It's always interesting seeing how some artists will stick to a very particular style for years (or decades) and others will really stretch their legs and experiment a lot.

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 on: 01/20/22, 19:57

This is actually the 3rd biggest acquisition in media history... and there is a huge gap from the 3rd to the 4th.

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 on: 01/20/22, 21:53  - Edit:  01/20/22, 21:54

While I agree I think you guys are looking at this wrong. If you want to compare it to something, compare it to Netflix. Netflix is currently spending about 14 billion dollars per year on programming and that number is climbing rapidly. Microsoft just spent about what Netflix would spend in 5 years. To acquire arguably the most popular catalog of games this side of Nintendo. Itís an asinine amount of money however in that context it makes a lot more sense.

Game Pass or whatever their streaming cloud based subscription service ends up looking like is clearly their long term plan. If thatís the game you are playing then itís all about content and regardless of what anyone here, myself included, thinks about Activision, they produce some of the most popular content available for gamers. This is going to have a huge impact on their subscription base which is the point.

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 on: 01/20/22, 22:58  - Edit:  01/20/22, 22:59
So there's a new interview where Phil Spencer said he trusts Sony, Nintendo, and Valve to not do stuff that damages gaming in a big way but he doesn't trust the giant tech companies the same way.

I think he's right. Makes sense. It's so much better having A/B under MS than fucking Facebook or Google. Lookit the garbage fire that is Stadia. Look at that delusional Metaverse presentation.

They're probably not doing this from the kindness of their hearts but I think A/B is much safer with MS than the other guys. It helps that MS has improved lots since last gen. Gamepass is legit and their backwards compatibility is basically second only to PC. Sony and Nintendo could learn some lessons from MS with their BC moves. MS definitely has it the easiest when it comes to that stuff but that doesn't mean the others shouldn't strive for the same. Imagine if Switch 2 got automatic free upgrades for tons of games, it'd be awesome. SX also seems to have the best versions of multiplats old and new for the most part and that's also swell.

Definitely liking MS again like I did back in the 360 days.

Til they fuck up something badly, I'm rooting for them. I like what they're doing.

I think there could be some truth to them scooping up A/B so that a company knee deep in gaming and knows how to play nice has them over something like FB or Google.

I think a bullet was dodged there.

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 on: 01/20/22, 23:27
This this this.

I think the characters look butchered now. The 2008 til whenever style was the best. Now it's just way overboard. The hair looks way over the top and I dunno what's going on with their faces.

I really dislike the style they've went with for the last few years. Huge turnoff.

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 on: 01/20/22, 23:31

Hmm... so if there are 100 million Call of Duty Warzone players, and some fraction of them pay a $100-300 a year for Game Pass, that is a few billion dollars in annual revenue. And there's no reason to flood the market with 700 exclusives to compete with Nintendo and Sony on that front, because Nintendo and Sony only put out maybe 3 or 4 huge console-selling games each year anyway, so Microsoft just has to match that...

I guess it makes sense.

I'm really curious if Game Pass will come to PS5 or Switch. Or smart TVs, or web browsers, or everything.


Yeah, while I really dislike Microsoft's aesthetic, ranging from their console UI to their game library to their button layout that persecutes Nintendo fans, you can't deny that their current strategy of playing the humble good guy is admirable.

I wonder if Halo Infinite has made everyone more sympathetic to them lately?

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 on: 01/20/22, 23:45
I do wonder if Game Pass would help to bring a surge of short but sweet games (like say 4 - 5 hours or possibly even less) and playground style games that just let gamers fool around.

Campaign style videogames seem to generally try to aim for 20+ hours on average for the perception of value. But once you separate the games from a typical price tag it makes those games quite viable (and perhaps even sought after). Plus games that you just pop on to fool around in are far easier to sell as part of a subscription you are paying already anyway.

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 on: 01/21/22, 17:45
@CPA Wei

There are tons of titles like this currently on game pass. I fairly recently played through The Artful Escape on there, which was a very cool 5 hour experience or so that I never would have played if it wasnít for the service.

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 on: 01/21/22, 22:11
@CPA Wei
That's the nice thing about curated subscription services. It isn't pure free market competion. Companies don't need to continually appeal to the lowest common denominator and race towards the same gaming singularity.

You could even say that Nintendo platforms exist in a similar space. At least for first-party stuff, it's kind of a captive audience. Not really even a part of the typical 'mainstream' gaming scene (CoD, Battlefield, sports, etc...)

Man, that thread really went places!

"Why are none of the gay guys sassy?"

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 on: 01/21/22, 23:55  - Edit:  01/22/22, 00:05
When I first heard the news I had to double check I wasn't reading a headline from a satire site. This is one of the biggest gaming news events ever probably. As a PC player mostly for any of A/B games it won't affect me since all MS games come to PC as well, but this will definitely hurt Sony, and they have to be looking at acquiring more developers, if not a whole publisher themselves, like maybe they'll try to buy Square Enix.

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 on: 01/24/22, 05:21
Skill Up just did a really great breakdown of this.

Iím sure most everyone here is familiar, however over the past 3 or 4 years this man has become my go to for reviews and general input on gaming. I think the above is spot on.

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 on: 01/25/22, 17:41  - Edit:  01/25/22, 17:43
Well apparently we've got a Warzone 2 announcement (well, a leak?) out of this.

I love Warzone to pieces so I'm very down for what seems to be a full blown revamp of the thing. Not really crazy about the possibility of losing all the guns (all free) and the skins (not free, I spent money on these, but not like a crazy amount and it doesn't bother me THAT much).

PC gaming still bothers me that I spent such and such around Feb or March 2020 and now I'll have to do it again next year. And yes I'm aware I don't "have" to but come on. If I'm gonna PC game I wanna do it at 1440 to 4k with 60fps, otherwise why bother?

My PC already has a bit of trouble running WZ how I want so that pretty much forces me to upgrade next year - if that's even possible with that tech shortage shit that's going on.

Feel like every PC I get feels way dated only a year or so after getting it.

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 on: 01/27/22, 01:56
carlosrox said:
otherwise why bother?

That would be the solution. Don't bother, lol.

I like my PC's to just work, without tons of tinkering. I'm not comfortable pulling parts and things like some people are. My philosophy is buy something top of the line at the time, then ride that shit into the ground until it dies . Then get a whole new one.

...Which is kind of how the consoles work, so I do the bulk of my gaming there where it's much simpler. No constantly fiddling with hardware, drivers, checking compatibility, upgrading every other year to stay 'cutting edge'....

My PC is used for work, pottering about on the internet, Retro PC gaming, and if necessary the odd PC exclusive RTS.

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 on: 01/27/22, 03:24

That is what I do! But what I mean is it feels like shit spending about 1200-1400 that will only be really enjoyable for a year or two before it starts feels outdated.

I mean I could upgrade certain parts but like you said I can't stand doing that shit. Plus for the most part it would just be CPU or Video card. Back in the day I used to buy more RAM but that doesn't seem to be a big thing anymore.

I have to bother. Warzone is one of my favorite games of all time. It's dream come true material for me. It's currently pretty awesome most of the time but in certain conditions it can dip to 50ish and even 40ish frames for a little bit. And WZ2 will be a new engine so I def wanna enjoy that sucker as best I can.

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 on: 01/27/22, 08:12
Somewhat related, maybe? But Sony just bought Bungie.

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 on: 01/31/22, 21:56
This guy always has such interesting articles. And Phil Spencer has an interesting viewpoint on how, if Microsoft owns everything and everything goes straight to Game Pass, that gives developers a lot of freedom to innovate.

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 on: 02/02/22, 01:21

How are you spending $1400 and having your PC outdated in a year or two? A year ago I bought a laptop with a 3070 in it for $1700. It will last me at least 5 years. And itís a laptop.

Posted by 
 on: 02/02/22, 22:24
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