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Nintendo streaming 15 minute Indie World tomorrow morning with some new announcements
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December 14, 2020, 20:56

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Posted: 12/14/20, 20:56  - Edit:  12/14/20, 20:56
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Right at my lunch hour. I'll be tuning in.

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 on: 12/15/20, 15:10
Among Us out on Switch today.

Spelunky 1 and 2 coming next summer.

Some other stuff. The one where you're a bunch of cats fighting each other looks potentially fun.

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 on: 12/15/20, 19:18  - Edit:  12/15/20, 19:20
Alba caught my eye. Looks super cute, made by the Monument Valley folks.

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 on: 12/15/20, 20:42
Happy Game looks cool! It's maybe a little too, uh...

...for my taste, but at least it's got an original style! Watching its trailer, I had questions! I didn't feel like I've already played the entire thing a dozen times! That's something!

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 on: 12/15/20, 22:22
I love, love, love Amanita Games. This one looks freaky but if the Chuchel team is behind it that's a good fit. I just beat Creaks this past week and it was more purely puzzle oriented than their point and clicks (like Machinarium and the Samorost trilogy) but so satisfying and unique.

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 on: 12/16/20, 01:06  - Edit:  12/16/20, 01:08
I thought this presentation was damn, damn good. Something for everybody, and a whole lot of somethings for me!

They had me at the ouroboros. Fucking FINALLY. Spelunky 1 and 2! I can finally ditch my jet engine PS4 Pro... in Summer 2021. At least shadowdrop the first one early! Can't wait to play these portably. I hope that they're definitive versions, with multisystem LAN co-op.

Already grabbed Grindstone. I've heard nothing but great things, and the presentation is awesome. Although it looks like... an Ironcast clone?

Cyber Shadow looks immaculate and stylish. Pure Ninja Gaiden-y goodness.

Super Meat Boy Forever has potential. Let's see if they nail the landing.

That Brazilian game was really pretty and had a novel setting (I hope that it allows the player to pummel poison tree dart frogs), Alba looked cool, and Hoa was also super-beautiful.

Happy Game seemed nice and creepy, and so did Gnosia. Looks kind of like a roguelike 1p Among Us?

And then Among Us! It's a huge get for Nintendo. It's already topped the best seller list (which is ranked by the cumulative sales for the last week or two, I think). My one experience with the game was kind of maddening, but I'm down to try again some day. Especially if I don't have to play on my goddamn phone!

Great show, overall. Indies are seriously on fire these days (and third-parties have left the door wide-open for 'em on the ol' Switch). These games were honestly so much more fresh and interesting to me than the AAA TGA reveals.

ALSO, the Saga Collection AND the Space Invaders Collection AND the acclaimed and intriguing Dicey Dungeons from the VVVVV guy AND Boot Hill Heroes from DapperDave came out today! My SD card runneth over.

I've bought an obscene amount of eShop credit this year. And none of it has gone to waste

Dudes. We've got Shiren, Driller, Smash, and Kart, along with tons of classic console/arcade games and all manner of roguelikes. Monster Hunter and Spelunky are on the docket. All I need is some Culdcept, Wario Ware, Earth Defense Force, and maybe Ridge Racer, and I am GOOD.

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 on: 12/16/20, 04:54  - Edit:  12/16/20, 05:21

PixelJunk Eden 2 also just came out, don't forget!

It seems like it's "more PixelJunk Eden", but that's fine with me. I needed a co-op game, and I guess I forget that the first game is twelve years old.

This one has some of the things that were in the mobile game, like the "spice" that boosts abilities. Otherwise, it's like playing the first game pretty much.

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 on: 12/16/20, 17:15
Oh, don't worry, I also bought that yesterday.

I mean, I had to. The early purchase discount was ending soon! Speaking of, Just Shapes And Beats just got its biggest discount ever!

Eh, whatever. I like supporting things that I like. I really don't want to do the math on how I got all of those Gold Points, though.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the SaGa Collection on NWR. You're the only SaGa fan that I know!

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 on: 12/16/20, 18:54
Pretty solid 15 minutes. I'll probably grab Cyber Shadow, maybe Spelunky 2, and possibly Dicey Dungeons as well.

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 on: 12/16/20, 19:35
I'm so excited for you guys who haven't played it to get into Spelunky. You have to play the first one first! And master it. Don't use a guide, really milk it for all its secrets. Spend years on it. Only then should you move onto Spelunky 2.

Man, just being able to easily record videos with the Switch (the PS4's interface sucks) is gonna be awesome.


Oh, it's the Machinarium team? That game was pretty! Point-and-click adventures aren't really my genre. But they kind of remind me of I Spy books, so that's cool.

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 on: 12/18/20, 19:37
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