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Shovel Knight Dig announced
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August 28, 2019, 22:33
Looks like Shovel Knight meets SteamWorld Dig? But with procedural generation? It's in collaboration with Nitrome, who I've honestly never heard of, but people seem excited about?

Platforms seem unclear but they mentioned it will be playable on Switch at PAX so I'm assuming it is coming to Switch.

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Posted: 08/28/19, 22:33  - Edit:  08/28/19, 22:33
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Looks like it could be good, but I'm definitely more excited for King of Cards and Showdown coming in December.

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 on: 08/29/19, 02:10
Damn, was momentarily excited that it was from the Steamworld Dig guys. Looks interesting though. I'll keep my eyes on it.

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 on: 08/29/19, 02:20
I'm excited for this
But a quick note... The original SteamWorld Dig was procedurally generated. Except for certain caves.

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 on: 08/29/19, 05:35
Yeah I more meant that is new for Shovel Knight.

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 on: 08/29/19, 06:32
No 3DS version, no buy.

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 on: 08/29/19, 22:31

Sweety, can you come over here and sit down? We have something very difficult that we need to talk about. We all loved 3DS very much, but dat bitch dead tho.

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 on: 08/29/19, 23:18

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 on: 08/30/19, 02:31


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 on: 08/31/19, 20:07
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