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Indie World: Superhot, Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition, and more coming to Switch!
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August 20, 2019, 04:01
Not sure how many people caught the Indie World thing, there are a lot of games but these are the two big announcements. Ori is particularly big because Microsoft is the publisher so... it looks like another Microsoft / Nintendo collaboration?

Also Hotline Miami Collection (containing both games) is out TODAY.

Some of the other standouts to me were Shin'en's The Touryst, Chucklefish's Eastward, and Roki.

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Posted: 08/20/19, 04:01  - Edit:  08/20/19, 14:52
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You already named Eastward and The Touryst. But the third of the favorite trio of mine was Earthnight. That caught my eye. Seems almost Sonic the hedgehog in spirit, or some kind of Runner. But it looked really neat.

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 on: 08/20/19, 04:47
@DrFinkelstein Yeah I think Earthnight is a runner. It looks kinda neat, but I'm not that into runners these days.

But I'm not that into a lot of things anymore, which is why I probably won't pick up anything from this presentation. The Touryst has an outside chance of landing on my Switch, though. Maybe Ori, as well.

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 on: 08/20/19, 05:11
Earthnight looked pretty solid but I feel too jealous of cool looking runners that actually got accepted on the Switch, lol.

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 on: 08/20/19, 08:17

What a way to start the vid!

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 on: 08/20/19, 19:45
Oh awesome, I've heard nothing but good things about Ori and the Blind Forest. And Hotline Miami. Guess I'll look into these, finally! But wow, so many great games are coming out on Switch I can't keep up with them all. #firstworldproblems

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 on: 08/20/19, 19:51
Ori and the Blind Forest and What The Golf are a lock. I'll double-dip on Hotline Miami and grab Superhot on sale. I'll grab Risk of Rain 2, depending on performance. That Finger shmup won me over with its rocking soundtrack. Shin'en's game is promising...

Y'know what? I'll just get everything!


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 on: 08/21/19, 01:44
Does anyone have (or can link to) a list of everything which was shown?

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 on: 08/21/19, 02:29
There's always GoNintendo!

Speaking of which, Torchlight II might be a nice fit. And Skellboy, Dungeon Defenders, Trine 4, Blasphemous, One Finger Death Punch, Sparklite, Hypercharge, and Creature in the Well are promising, too.

And I'm curious to see how they adapt Munchkin to real-time. Don't have much faith in the Switch version, though.

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 on: 08/21/19, 02:54  - Edit:  08/21/19, 02:59
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