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Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair announced for Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC
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June 07, 2019, 18:53
Looks like they are doing a 3D overworld / 2D levels type thing for the sequel? Hopefully they worked out whatever kinks caused issues in the original game.

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Posted: 06/07/19, 18:53  - Edit:  06/07/19, 18:53
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Looks pretty good. The music and detailed backgrounds give me a Tropical Freeze vibe, although the animations are pretty stiff and the general speed seem to be a bit on the slow side. I'll keep my eye on this one.

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 on: 06/07/19, 19:29  - Edit:  06/07/19, 19:29
Cool. Like their own Donkey Kong Country. If the controls feel good, it should be worthwhile.

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 on: 06/07/19, 21:19
Hmm, I'd rather they hit that underserved 3D platformer niche, instead. But it's cool, I guess.

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 on: 06/07/19, 22:38
Maybe a smart choice but we're already getting plenty of 2d platformers. I hope it makes lots of money and Playtonic can get back to 3d games, and hire Chris Seavor to develop his dark-horror Conker-esque title.

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 on: 06/07/19, 23:25
If this was a bit faster looking, I'd be really excited for it.

Playtonic said they wanted to do more games in the Y-L universe in other genres outside the collectathon, but I didn't expect their first venture into new territory to be into such familiar territory...

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 on: 06/08/19, 01:13
It would've been nice to see them apply the lessons learned from Yooka Laylee. But all things considered, I can't complain. Looks pretty solid, enemies have a nice DKC bounce to them. Should be fun. I didn't pay close attention, but I thiiiink all of the platforms I saw were diagetic, which is something I appreciate in a platformer. That approach, combined with gorgeously detailed backgrounds, helped to make Tropical Freeze special.

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 on: 06/08/19, 03:58

Not sure Yooka-Laylee will reach SteamWorld levels but I am okay with that drive.

I'm skeptically hopeful on this one.


Agreed. I would have preferred a true 3D sequel but I guess we shall see where this goes. I'll not sure they'll learn from their mistakes by changing the gameplay so much.

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 on: 06/08/19, 05:19
They're trying to recapture the magic of Banjo-Kazooie by putting out a generic sequel to their generic game!?

Posted by 
 on: 06/09/19, 21:14

This isn't the sequel to Yooka-Laylee. This is supposed to be a stopgap/spin-off title, NOT Yooka-Laylee 2.

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 on: 06/09/19, 22:03  - Edit:  06/09/19, 22:04

A smart business move most likely, though this doesn't appeal to me at all. As @Infinitywave said we're already loaded down with 2D platformers, I'm not looking for another unless it is very special, and this seems the opposite of very special so far.

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 on: 06/10/19, 14:28
I wasn't sure if the first game got received well enough to continue the property... or is that why they're making a 2D game next? It's cheaper? Either way, I never got around to trying the first game due to all the mixed reception, so I could still get on that.

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 on: 06/10/19, 18:58
@Mop it up I've thought about this before and the weird thing about Kickstarter is you get so much of your sales upfront, long before anyone knows the quality of the final product, that it is probably very difficult to determine how well received your game was. Yooka-Laylee made 2 million pounds on KS which I guess is like 2.6 million US dollars? I don't know what their dev budget was but I imagine it was probably financially successful. But does that mean a lot of those sales are actual fans or just that they supported it when it looked like the next great thing? How many ended up disappointed by the final product?

Hmm, and I guess it hit 1 million players, although I get confused when games say players and not sales... does that mean 1 million sales, or were there free downloads at some point? I dunno.

And I mean yeah it didn't review so hot but a lot of games don't review so hot and are still very popular.

So... I don't know how they determine whether the IP is successful enough to keep moving forward with it. On paper it was probably financially successful, but tough to say how many backers were actually happy with the product. And then it seemed to sell a lot more at release, but how much of that was hype that led to disappointment versus actual satisfaction with the final product?

Whatever the case, if they can make a better game this time around, I think the IP will not be a hindrance. It's a neat IP and it evokes that Banjo-Kazooie thing nicely, it just had a game with some issues attached to it.

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 on: 06/10/19, 19:23  - Edit:  06/10/19, 19:26
Definitely looks like the Retro DKC games, which is very nice.

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 on: 06/11/19, 01:33

Seems pretty good in the Treehouse footage. It looks like the not-quite-DKC-Returns we all would have assumed a 2D Yooka-Laylee would be. Aside form a bug where the demoing developer was unable to pick up a key needed to progress through the demo, it looks decently polished for what it is. And I kinda like the top-down overworld gimmick.

One neat twist is the Breath of the Wild-esque ability to go straight to the final level: the titular "Impossible Lair" is just a long, difficult stage available from the start, and the purpose of the game's other stages is to gain what are essentially extra lives for it.

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 on: 06/16/19, 02:36  - Edit:  06/16/19, 02:37

Wow, watching the full Treehouse gameplay stuff that basically looks like they carbon-copied Donkey Kong, lol.

I mean, Y-L is a carbon copy B-K, so I suppose that should be expected, but wow it isn't even like "in the same vein as" but rather directly copied.

Posted by 
 on: 06/16/19, 04:49
Impressions seem crazy positive so far. And the Playtonic guys seem cool. I'm in.

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 on: 06/16/19, 05:39
@J.K. Riki Yeah watching Yooka go into a roll with Laylee balancing atop, and then them rolling off a ledge and then jumping mid-air...that's like directly out of DKCR lol. Of course, I didn't play Yooka-Laylee, so maybe that's one of their moves, but it's so similar...

Posted by 
 on: 06/16/19, 05:46
It's going to be like playing a not-as-good Tropical Freeze, I'm predicting, but that doesn't mean not worthwhile.

I respect them for not going to Kickstarter with this. They have a friggin' publisher now.

Posted by 
 on: 06/16/19, 11:15
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