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GameStop posts $673m year loss
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April 03, 2019, 18:00

"GameStop put an exclamation point on a difficult 2018 today, announcing full-year financial results featuring the biggest loss in company history."

Some analysts are saying that GameStop is on the way out due to recent difficulties. What do you guys think? Is our increasingly-digital market damaging dedicated brick-and-mortar game stores...or is this simply another company that failed to adapt against the Amazon behemoth?

I am ambivalent. If GS goes under, I think fewer game stores in general is never a good thing. But at the same time, I despise how they sell open copies of games as new.

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Posted: 04/03/19, 18:00
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Well, it’s kind of impossible to adapt to amazon. They’re the Borg of online retail. And they’ve created mindless lazy consumers that refuse to shop around even though it takes as little as typing in a new url. That said, losing GameStop would suck super hard. I’ve always enjoyed shopping there. I haven’t lately because of the Best Buy gamers club, but now that that’s done, I expect to buy more from there again.

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 on: 04/03/19, 19:57
Luckily, I have two fantastic independent game stores within 15 miles of my house that I will quite happily continue to go to.

We Play Games, Rantoul, IL

Live Action Games, Champaign, IL

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 on: 04/03/19, 21:09
@Brandon I shop around and Gamestop almost never has the best prices though. New games absolutely not, used their B2G1 free is good, otherwise you can find cheaper elsewhere.

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 on: 04/03/19, 22:55  - Edit:  04/03/19, 23:14
They have nobody to blame but themselves. They should have started diversifying their business ten years ago. Digital purchases and Amazon was obviously going to kill their model sooner or later.

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 on: 04/04/19, 00:13

To be fair, they've been selling more and more game-related merchandise over the past few years. Not sure how much good its done them though.

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 on: 04/04/19, 02:58
Bring back Babbage’s....!

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 on: 04/04/19, 15:57
Bring back FuncoLand!

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 on: 04/04/19, 18:21
I've never liked GameStop, they've always been worse than other stores in my experience, including some of their policies. The only downside to this is that it means people losing jobs, but maybe the stores will be replaced by better retailers...

@TriforceBun I actually feel like that may have made the problem worse. Their stores are generally small, and all that merchandise meant much less space for actual games. One of the reasons I stopped going there a few years ago is because they carried a lot less pre-owned games than they used to, to make room for all that junk. I wonder if doubling down focus on used games would have been a better approach, even if it meant closing a few stores as I don't feel like they need as many locations as they have.

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 on: 04/05/19, 00:20  - Edit:  04/05/19, 00:21
@Mop it up it's especially bad in some of their smaller stores. The store on the south side of town is large enough that even with all that junk they're trying to pedal they still have enough space for actual games to have a decent selection but the north one is like a third of the size and feels cramped as hell.

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 on: 04/06/19, 20:57  - Edit:  04/06/19, 20:58
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