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Runner3 getting a physical release on Switch!
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December 13, 2017, 21:47
For awhile I was the kind of person who would just go digital all other things being equal but now that I have the 20% off all games at Best Buy thing I like physical releases!

I think this trend of indie games getting physical releases is very telling. The line between mainstream and indie has blurred a lot, so many indie games have been huge successes and they're not being seen as worthy of getting some retail space.

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Posted: 12/13/17, 21:47  - Edit:  12/13/17, 21:58
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As a compulsive hoarder of physical media this pleases me and worries my bookcases. This game won't have very high priority due to the ridiculous amounts of good games I have to buy, though. But I enjoyed the first two games quite a lot.

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 on: 12/13/17, 22:05
I like this very much, and I'll be buying a physical version. I kind of wish they'd re-release the Bit.Trip series on Switch.

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 on: 12/14/17, 00:34
I almost dread hearing that a game I want is getting a retail release because it means you'll get stuff like cave story costing $30 because switch cartridges apparently cost an arm and a leg to produce and the digital and physical versions have to have parity.

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 on: 12/14/17, 04:17  - Edit:  12/14/17, 06:15
But on the upside, if you do need to sell a game at some point (as I often have), you can at least flip the physical game. I'd love to keep every game I own but to be honest, there are so many games that I'll never touch again, so I don't mind using them to fund new game releases.

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 on: 12/14/17, 04:38
Companies have been getting around the parity thing by naming the physical release a "collector's edition" or something of the such, so that's probably what'll happen here.

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 on: 12/14/17, 20:32
Release date announced. May 22nd.

Looks pretty awesome. Although I think that some of us will be sad about the return of the stage end targets. Hopefully the score isn't as affected by them as last time around.

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 on: 03/14/18, 22:05

Looks like you get 20,000 points from hitting a bullseye.


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 on: 03/14/18, 22:33
@Secret_Tunnel At least in the places I run around in, it was easily one of the most universally hated things in an otherwise beloved game. Either they weren't paying attention to the feedback or just straight up ignored it.

Still very excited for the game, but it will definitely dampen my leaderboard enthusiasm a bit if the bullseye is back in full force.

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 on: 03/14/18, 23:02
Well, that's bull-something alright.

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 on: 03/14/18, 23:35
That's my birthday! Too bad I'm not really a Runner fan. And the return of the bullseye?? Reminds me of NSMB2's goalpost doubling your coins.

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 on: 03/15/18, 02:56
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