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"Lady Layton: The Conspiracy of King Millionaire Ariadne" announced for 3DS, Android, iOS
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July 27, 2016, 19:21
Sounds like it is the next mainline Layton game?

You can tell I don't keep track of what is happening in the series because my first thought I was... he has a daughter? Since when?! Also there is a talking dog, apparently.

I'm hoping with it being a sort of new fresh start they update the way you progress in the game a bit, since that is the one thing I think really needs to evolve, but we'll see.


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Posted: 07/27/16, 19:21  - Edit:  07/27/16, 19:28
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Oh snap. Layton returns!

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 on: 07/27/16, 19:34


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 on: 07/27/16, 19:56
I kinda had a falling out with this series after the Ace Attorney crossover. Layton's a jerk!

Maybe his daughter will be better.

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 on: 07/27/16, 20:10
After the series went 3D I wasn't interested anymore. They destroyed some of the best art I've ever seen in a game!! So sad. But hey, I'm always interested in seeing more amazing Layton-style animation, regardless. :)

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 on: 07/27/16, 21:07

Maybe I should have said "a" Layton returns!

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 on: 07/27/16, 22:20
Oh snap. Layton reproduces!

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 on: 07/27/16, 22:27

Well done.

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 on: 07/27/16, 22:34
To be honest I kind of burnt out on the franchise around the 4th one, managed to finish and enjoy the 5th but it didn't leave much of an impression on me overall, and never even got around to the 6th.

I probably should play the 6th before this one though right? Just to finish off that trilogy?

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 on: 07/27/16, 22:44
Didn't Layton have a son in some side-game too?

I played the first one and enjoyed it, then played a little bit of the second one and got sick of it, haha.

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 on: 07/28/16, 00:13
I'm betting Lady Layton is actually Luke and Flora's daughter. She bears a resemblance to the one, and Luke's thing was communicating with animals.

I'm probably overthinking this.

The side game was called "Layton Brothers" or something. It was a totally new game that got the Layton name slapped onto it at the last second. Not really canon stuff.

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 on: 07/28/16, 03:42  - Edit:  07/28/16, 03:42
I wonder who buys and plays all these games? I mean, obviously they sell well, since they keep coming out. But it seems people get pretty burnt out on them, fairly quickly.

I've only played a bit of the first game (never finished it) and didn't bother with any of the others.

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 on: 07/28/16, 16:51
Yeah, I enjoyed the first game but was feeling pretty burnt out by the end of it. Never played any of the others.

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 on: 07/28/16, 17:50
I guess I'm in the minority here.
I own and have beaten them all, including the Phoenix Wright crossover.
I've even seen the movie which loosely connects to the prequel trilogy of games.

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 on: 07/28/16, 19:47
I own, played, and love* all the games except the last one. Amy and I played through them all together but on the last one I just got tired of huddling around the 3DS trying to play a handheld game co-op. I've been holding out for the ability to play 3DS games on the TV. I would FLIP OUT (in a good way) if the NX could play 3DS games on the the big screen.

So, yes, despite that snag, I'm still super psyched to get this game!!!!! And, given the fact that Hershel's story has already had plenty of meat to it, I think it's fine introducing a new main character into that universe. I hope there are cameos from all the favorite characters in the past games!

* "Own, Play, Love" starring Julia Roberts... only on 3DS.

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 on: 07/29/16, 07:31
They'd have to be performing okay if they have his many sequels. I've played and love all of them except I haven't played Azran Legacy yet.


I was thinking she had some relation to Luke because of the animal thing.

Posted by 
 on: 07/31/16, 08:15  - Edit:  08/01/16, 03:50
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