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Nintendo Press conference: DSi! Wii storage issue fixed!
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October 02, 2008, 08:33
Damn lots of info, check here for more details...



17% bigger screens
dual touch screens
built-in camera
SD card support (downloadables coming soon)

no GBA slot

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10/02/08, 08:33   Edited:  02/03/10, 20:25
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Iwata is addressing an issue that has bothered many a Wii owner: memory storage. "We have to address the console's insufficient memory storage," said Iwata. Doing so, Nintendo is going to make it possible to download games onto SD cards starting Spring 2009 via the Shopping Channel.

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 on: 10/02/08, 08:35
New? Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles announced for Wii and DS that links the two together. Online play!?

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 on: 10/02/08, 08:36
Oh fuck...

Sin & Punishment 2 (I guess we know what Treasure's "Action team" Wii game is now?)

both announced for Wii. MEGATON!

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 on: 10/02/08, 08:46
Gamecube titles being rereleased as "play on Wii" titles? Pikmin is getting this treatment. As far as I can tell they aren't being remade for the Wii remote or anything, just rereleased as a game you can play with the Gamecube controller on the Wii.

Odd. Neat idea though.

/EDIT Actually it seems like they may be getting upgraded to use Wii controls after all. I hope this isn't the Pikmin Miyamoto said they were working on... damn, we need Pikmin 3!

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 on: 10/02/08, 08:48
Another Code (Trace Memory) and Dynasty Warriors series coming to Wii.

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 on: 10/02/08, 08:52
New Tales game announced for Wii... not a side game, part of the main series.

LOL this conference is definitely surpassing my expectations! It's like E3... in the fall?

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 on: 10/02/08, 08:55

Miyamoto comes on stage to demonstrate Wii Music.

Hmm. Hopefully there is more coming...

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 on: 10/02/08, 09:01
Video clips I can't see... blah. Cell-shaded Punch Out, apparently. Makes sense.

I guess a new Mario & Luigi on DS? Hopefully more like the first with the open overworld.

Valkyrie Profile DS?

Posted by 
 on: 10/02/08, 09:01

DS up there somewhere as well.

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 on: 10/02/08, 09:25
New Endless Ocean.

Man. This conference blows away E3, ha ha.

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 on: 10/02/08, 09:26
New Wario Ware & Professor Layton on DS. (Guess the 2nd isn't a huge suprise seeing as that series gets new games constantly now.)

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 on: 10/02/08, 09:29
I guess that is about it? Pretty sweet though, no actual MEGATONNNNNNNNN but lots of nice stuff coming.

Tomorrow is the US conference (well later today I guess as it is 1:30 AM) and they are supposed to have MadWorld playable, among other things. I doubt any new announcements are coming but you never know. I just want to see Disasterand Fatal Frame 4 get official dates, and you know... Soma Bringer and Earthbound 3 coming over wouldn't hurt either.

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 on: 10/02/08, 09:37
Official new Wii game announcement list... damn its long! Not sure what half these games are yet. Where did that Klonoa game come from?!

Let's Tap (Nintendo)
Karaoke Joysound Wii (Hudson)
Happy Dance Collection (Bandai Namco)
Family Ski: World Ski and Snowboard (Bandai Namco)
Klonoa: Door to Phantomile (Bandai Namco)
Taiko no Tatsujin Wii (Bandai Namco)
Shape Boxing: Enjoy Diet on Wii (Rocket Company)

Punch Out!! (Nintendo)
Another Code (Nintendo)
Kensacks[?] (Nintendo)
Cosmic Walker (Nintendo)
Span[?] Smash (Nintendo)
Dynamic Combat (Nintendo)
Magic Wand (Nintendo)
Sin and Punishment 2 (Nintendo)
Endless Ocean 2: Beautiful Ocean (Nintendo)
Some Quiz Game (Nintendo)
Line Attack Heroes (Nintendo)

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 on: 10/02/08, 09:50
PS "Nintendo doesn't care about the hardcore anymore" LOLZ

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 on: 10/02/08, 09:59
Seriously, they've forgotten about us...

I am so excited for Punch Out!! I've been waiting for a new one for 3 generations! I can't wait to punch that fat sack of Hippo Shit right in the blubber basket again!

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 on: 10/02/08, 23:08
Wow this is everything E3 wasnt.

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 on: 10/03/08, 00:14
Not much new in the NOA conference, but they did announce that they are bringing the points club in Japan over to the US. Win points in various ways and trade them in for... stuff.

No word of Fatal Frame 4 or Disaster Day of Crisis coming to the US yet though... WTF NOA? I'm actually starting to get a bit worried, like these two might be some of those random games NOA just decides to ignore for no apparent reason.

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 on: 10/03/08, 08:24
Hmm, here are the Gamecube games being remade with Wii controls. The first batch anyhow...

Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat
Pikmin 2
Chibi Robo
Mario Tennis
Metroid Prime
Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

Looks like that Metroid Prime 1/2 wiimake rumour was true after all. I sure hope Retro has a lot more going on than just that! Same with Pikmin 1/2, I'm started to get very worried that those are the "Pikmin" Miyamoto mentioned before.

Mario Tennis seems like an odd one, if only because a brand new Mario Tennis seems to make so much sense.

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 on: 10/03/08, 08:34
This is awesome! I just wish we could have it all now.

I think I'm most excited, as of now, about the new DS and the addressing of the memory issue on the Wii. It's all so overwhelming.

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 on: 10/03/08, 19:26
New Capcom fighter for Wii as well.

I'm not sure if that will come to America or not. But I'm convinced they could do SF4 on Wii now.

Posted by 
 on: 10/04/08, 06:10
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