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Thomas Was Alone coming to the Wii U eShop this November
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November 01, 2014, 20:05
As well as some of those other platforms. Did we know this game was coming to the Wii U? I forget. Either way, it will be here soon.

I just started the PS3 version... to be honest a part of me is tempted to hold off and wait for the Wii U version. Seems like a nice relaxing game to play in bed with the GamePad.

Anyway, my limited experience with the game is pretty positive. It's a neat little low key puzzle platformer with an interesting (though sometimes a bit overdone) narrative that is voiced in the background while you play.

SOURCE: Mike Bithell's Twitter

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Posted: 11/01/14, 20:05  - Edit:  11/01/14, 20:05
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We knew this was coming to Wii U but only recently I think. I forgot where I wrote about it on the site. It'll be a nice and awesome game with the gamepad. Comes out closer to Smash Bros. I believe.

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 on: 11/01/14, 20:02
May as well news it anyway.

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 on: 11/01/14, 20:06
I've heard good things about this game, and the concept is intriguing.

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 on: 11/02/14, 05:16

I definitely recommend it. One of my favorite games ever I think. I just love how the game hit me.

Right place, right time, right storytelling, right gameplay.

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 on: 11/02/14, 05:27
I've totally gotta play this. Looks cool.

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 on: 11/02/14, 23:53
I enjoyed it. Definitely worth a playthrough.

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 on: 11/03/14, 02:08
November 25th for anyone interested.

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 on: 11/06/14, 00:46

I wouldn't mind picking this up again to A.) support the developer and B.) to enjoy this over another holiday season.

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 on: 11/06/14, 01:41
Even though I picked this for Newgameber and started playing it on PS3 I think I may hold off for the Wii U version. Maybe. Everything is better on Wii U.

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 on: 11/06/14, 02:04

Well it releases in NewGameBer. You'll just need to play the latter part of the month! (or pick a new game for NewGameBer)

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 on: 11/06/14, 02:20
It releases the last week! No way would I finish it in a week! And I'm not sure that I have any other games really.

Posted by 
 on: 11/06/14, 02:45

You might be able to. I think it's normally a 3-3.5 hour game.

Posted by 
 on: 11/06/14, 05:40
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