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SteamWorld Dig is coming to Wii U; August 28th, 2014
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August 02, 2014, 23:40
Image & Form announced the release date through their Instagram page today...

I just beat it on 3DS myself after having beaten it twice in early January when I discovered the game. I might be interested in triple dipping... Rumor has it they are working on allowing a discount for existing owners of the game on 3DS when they buy on Wii U.

Has anyone been holding out for a Wii U version? Little is known about it but I wonder if graphics will be at all rezzed up,... but then again the PC/MAC version looks nice and I'm sure is the graphical quality they needed for a Wii U version. I wonder what, if anything, the gamepad can bring to the game.

Still, with hopes of a SteamWorld Dig 2 and future titles from Image & Form on Nintendo platforms, I'm happy to see this coming into fruition.

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08/02/14, 23:40
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That's fantastic! I was completely surprised at how fun and engrossing the 3DS version is. I've yet to finish it, but will eventually, and will download the Wii U version day one - whether it's discounted or not.

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 on: 08/02/14, 23:51   Edited:  08/02/14, 23:52
We tweeted back and forth a few times and they seemed to be hinting at Nintendo exclusive features... perhaps even related to their main franchises? They wouldn't say more than that though so I'm curious what this'll be.

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 on: 08/03/14, 00:09
The 3DS game was fun, albeit short. I look forward to more from this franchise.

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 on: 08/03/14, 01:03
Great game! I don't know if I'll double-dip, but I might consider if it there's a serious discount and/or cool new features. For those that haven't played this one at all, I'd recommend it.

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 on: 08/03/14, 02:27
Triple-dipper here! Love this game! Gotta support my peeps!

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 on: 08/03/14, 02:48   Edited:  08/03/14, 02:49
Can't wait to try this game finally!

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 on: 08/03/14, 02:53

I wouldn't expect cool new features. Those would likely come with the sequel. Image and Form has stated there wont be much different in the Wii U version but I guess a few things will be.

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 on: 08/03/14, 03:01
Fun game, everyone should check it out!

PS. Weren't we getting someone from that team on the podcast or something? Or did I just make that up? We should totally shoot for it!

Posted by 
 on: 08/03/14, 09:16

I'd love that but no discussions were ever made. You made that up, but based off the desires of others perhaps. The next podcast kind of references this desire as I've been communicating with them on Twitter and Instagram a bit lately. Who knows...

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 on: 08/03/14, 16:26
If they simply put the map and the inventory management on the touchscreen that would be awesome and a big improvement over the PC/PS4/vita version.

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 on: 08/03/14, 18:43
I might be interested, I don't know much about it but I've heard it shares some similarities to Metroid.

Posted by 
 on: 08/03/14, 20:42
@Mop it up

I wouldn't really relate it to that because gameplay is vastly different, BUT the weapon/status upgrade system is similar and I do appreciate that link. I've never heard of anyone who didn't like it after playing it. I was pleasantly surprised and it's one of my favorite gaming experiences of all time. Just one of those games the surprised me like it did.

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 on: 08/03/14, 20:45
@carlosrox, @Mop it up

You can download it on your 3DS right now and play it. It's pretty fun.

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 on: 08/03/14, 21:05
Maybe they don't want to play it on 3DS.

Posted by 
 on: 08/04/14, 16:23
Already beat it on my 3DS, but I thoroughly enjoyed it...might buy it again. Probably will if only for improved visuals.

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 on: 08/04/14, 16:41   Edited:  08/04/14, 16:41

You're not wrong. It's just funny to me when stuff like this happens. This happens more often than not, and this is usually how it plays out:





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 on: 08/04/14, 17:23   Edited:  08/04/14, 17:25
Why is it a big deal if some people just don't enjoy the 3DS as much? Maybe they want to play the game in HD or with a better controller?

Edited for brevity.

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 on: 08/04/14, 17:30   Edited:  08/04/14, 17:36

It's not a big deal, it's just funny. To me. Hence my " "

It's like, "There's a fun game I want to try, and it's on a system I own, but I'm choosing NOT to play it!" Just funny. It'd be like if I was; "Oh man, I wish there was a Mario Kart game that had something cool like anti-gravity sections where you could drive on the walls and through loops and stuff! ....what? Mario Kart 8? Sweet! ...oh wait, Wii U? NUTS TO THAT."

It's like... lol?

I know it comes back on me too, since I prefer playing on 3DS more than anything. I know people might think it's odd or funny to know that I prefer playing something like Shovel Knight on the handheld than the console.

But whatever. Different strokes, different folks. Boom.

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 on: 08/04/14, 17:42
Well what if the shoe was on the other foot? What if Steamworld Dig was on Wii U and you just weren't interested enough. Then it winds up coming out on 3DS and you get into it.

Sometimes a game just isn't enticing enough to someone until it comes out on a platform they prefer.

Posted by 
 on: 08/04/14, 17:50

No one said they didn't want to play it on the 3DS though. Maybe they were busy playing other stuff at the time. Then the Wii U version was announced and they decided to wait for that instead. Your point is that the game would be exclusive to a system while SteamWorld Dig is no longer just available on the 3DS and they instead have the option to buy it on the system they prefer. Shocking, I know.

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 on: 08/04/14, 17:53
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