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Kirby Fighters Z, DeDeDe's Drum Dash Z announced for Japanese 3DS eShop
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July 09, 2014, 08:59
Two new Kirby games! Kirby Fighters Z looks well... kind of very similar to Smash Bros., which is a bit weird. DeDeDe's Drum Dash Z looks like a rhythm game. There appears to be some tie-in to Kirby Triple Deluxe as well, if you own that game you get some special content in these games?

Both are releasing July 23rd in Japan. Will they come to the West?

Kirby Fighters Z:

DeDeDe's Drum Dash Z:

Source: NOJ Youtube

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Posted: 07/09/14, 08:59  - Edit:  07/09/14, 08:59
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Kind of want the fighting game.

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 on: 07/09/14, 14:27
These are already both in Kirby Triple Deluxe. What's new in them to justify the Z?

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 on: 07/09/14, 16:15
This is pretty interesting. For those of you that haven't played Triple Deluxe (tsk, tsk!), these are two of the side-games included in that one. They're both quite fun, although Kirby Fighters is probably the one with more content. It does feel very much like a Diet Smash Bros, and is especially good in multiplayer (although I wish there were more than 10 powers. Fortunately, it looks like this eShop game includes Beetle and Bell for a total of a dozen).

What else is different? Kirby Fighters Z looks to have Team Battles, some new stages, and new modes like fighting bosses (Dyna Blade and Kracko). They're also adding Bell and Beetle. Dedede's Drum Dash Z has several new stages (Triple Deluxe only contains 4) and numerous unlockable masks and new gameplay elements like the gongs and hoops and such.

While I really like both of these modes in Triple Deluxe, I'm not sure if they warrant double-dipping for someone who already owns that game. However, they may be worth it on their own for those that don't have it.

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 on: 07/09/14, 16:22  - Edit:  07/09/14, 16:22

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 on: 07/09/14, 16:31
I enjoyed them for what they were in Triple Deluxe, even playing the fighting mode before the adventure mode!
This doesn't interest me, however.

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 on: 07/09/14, 18:28
I'll probably grab DeDeDe thing if it comes over, looks neat.

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 on: 07/09/14, 19:37
@Guillaume I was not aware. Weird that they're doing them as their own releases. I guess they're trying to hit the people who didn't buy that game, but I mean... might as well just pick that game up. Probably could find it cheap now.

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 on: 07/09/14, 19:48

Triple Deluxe is a strong title all-around. Anyone that enjoyed Return to Dream Land would have a good time with it, and the extra modes are fun too.

I'd consider getting the Kirby Fighters Z game if they included all the abilities, but the same 10 (+2 if you have KTD) is a little underwhelming.

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 on: 07/09/14, 19:56
I would buy an expanded Ninja Dojo from RtDL

Posted by 
 on: 07/09/14, 20:32

They did that, but sadly put it on the Kirby collection disc.

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 on: 07/09/14, 20:34
I'd buy the fighting game as a stand-alone eShop game. I have no real interest in Triple Deluxe, but this little fighting game for $5 or $8? Yeah, Id bite.

Posted by 
 on: 07/10/14, 01:55
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