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Dai Gyakuten Saiban (new Ace Attorney game by series director, new setting) announced
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April 22, 2014, 18:19

A couple details and a single scan have popped up regarding Shu Takumi's new Ace Attorney game. All we know so far is what's revealed in Famitsu:

These details come from Famitsu...

- Titled Dai Gyakuten Saiban - Naruhodou Ryuunosuke no Bouken (Grand Turnabout Trial - The Adventures of Naruhodou Ryuunosuke)
- Shu Takumi is leading the project
- Takes place during Japan’s Meiji period (late 19th-century Japan, when the country first transitioned from a feudal society to its more modern form)

Click the above to check out some character artwork!

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04/22/14, 18:19
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So it is an Ace Attorney game but set in the past?!

Posted by 
 on: 04/22/14, 20:43
More details:

- roughly translates into Big Ace Attorney: Ryuunosuke Wright’s Adventure
- set in Meiji era Japan
- stars new protagonist Ryuunosuke Naruhodou
- he is an ancestor of Phoenix Wright
- Shintaro Kojima is producing
- series creator Shu Takumi is serving as director
- no release date announced

Posted by 
 on: 04/22/14, 23:31
It's gonna be a lot tougher for the localization team to change the setting into America this time around...

Posted by 
 on: 04/23/14, 00:52
Cool. Very cool. Sherlock-Holmes era but set in Japan? Me likey.

Posted by 
 on: 04/23/14, 03:57
@nate38 Nah, they can just do what they did for the old games. Change nothing in the content, switch the city names to American names, and call it a day.

Posted by 
 on: 04/23/14, 04:08

Posted by 
 on: 04/24/14, 17:17
Japan gets this game in July. Hopefully we get it soon afterwards! Or, you know, at all.

In the mean time, enjoy some animations. They were so good in Dual Destinies, these might be even better.

More at Siliconera.

Posted by 
 on: 04/07/15, 03:51
Looks so insanely good. Man I need to take like a month off and do nothing but catch up on Ace Attorney games... and I never finished Ghost Trick much to my shame.

Posted by 
 on: 04/07/15, 03:55
I totally forgot this existed.

Posted by 
 on: 04/07/15, 04:16

Me too. This is assuming I ever knew. I forgot, so I can't know for sure.

I like the whole Back to the Future thing. All of their ancestors look exactly like their descendents, and they still all travel in the same circles even hundreds of years in the past .

Posted by 
 on: 04/07/15, 06:15
Japanese trailer with subtitles at Kotaku.

It launches in Japan in July. Still no word of a western release. Maybe at E3? Fingers crossed.

Posted by 
 on: 05/14/15, 16:08
The next Ace Attorney game has been announced in Japan. And with no announcement of Dai Gyakuten Saiban for the west, that means we have been lapped by Japan. This sucks.

Posted by 
 on: 09/01/15, 16:59   Edited:  09/01/15, 16:59
Uggggggg. At least do another digital only release Capcom!

Posted by 
 on: 09/01/15, 17:27

So yeah, that's obviously fantastic. But still no word on Dai Gyakuten Saiban. Which would be a shame, it looked really good and I think got good JPN and import reviews.

Posted by 
 on: 09/01/15, 18:33
So depressed.

Posted by 
 on: 09/01/15, 19:10

It would be such a bummer if we don't get that unique prequel. I love the character designs and concept based on the bits of media I've allowed myself to take a peek at. Not only that, but it was directed by Shu Takumi! An Ace Attorney entry directed by the creator of the series shouldn't be denied a localization. Hopefully that's not the case and Capcom is just waiting to announce it at a later date.

Posted by 
 on: 09/01/15, 19:13
It wouldn't be that hard to localize, actually. Just say from the outset that Phoenix's ancestor is Japanese. Done.

Oh well.

Posted by 
 on: 09/02/15, 01:14
Whoa! Really, AA6?? I'm VERY excited about this, I love the series and I loved Dual Destinies. And I have to admit, I was having a hard time getting excited for Dai Gyakuten Saiban.

Posted by 
 on: 09/02/15, 01:42
Capcom says "circumstances" are preventing them from bringing this game to the west. Man I HATE circumstances!

Posted by 
 on: 06/17/16, 01:05

I want to make a pithy joke about this but I'm too bummed.

The only circumstances I'll accept is if the localisation team is tied up with bringing AAI2 over.

Posted by 
 on: 06/17/16, 01:09
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