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Tomodachi Collection being localized!!
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April 10, 2014, 16:14
Holy shit, they actually did it! And it looks crazy! I thought that they would switch to subtitles, but the voice synthesis is still in. And it's even creepier. Awesome!

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04/10/14, 16:14   Edited:  04/10/14, 16:16
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I know next to nothing about this but I know its very popular in Japan so I'm interested.

PS: Typo in headline.

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 on: 04/10/14, 16:17
Was it the "t" in Tomodachi? (Nintendo misspelled it!)

Or was it that I called it "Collection"? (This is hardcore news.)

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 on: 04/10/14, 16:27
I had heard this was coming, but...ha. Yeah, they actually did it.

Okay, c'mon Nintendo. If you're gonna localize stuff like this, be sure to also localize stuff we in the West *know* we want. Like those DragonQuest games you have on your systems.

Let us play theeeeeeeeeem....!

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 on: 04/10/14, 16:55
Cool that this is being localized--I'll check out the vid soon.

I do think it's a mistake calling it "Tomodachi" anything, though. Kind of a weird and uninviting title, and sounds a whole lot like "Tamagotchi" to me (and probably plenty of the people they're targeting with this game).

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 on: 04/10/14, 16:58

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 on: 04/10/14, 17:07
Haha, you beat me to it! The game does look crazy, and it immediately got my interest for its wackiness.

Posted by 
 on: 04/10/14, 17:25

Wow, not what I was expecting. Nintendo is flat-out nuts sometimes, hahah. Looks like a fun place to work for sure.

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 on: 04/10/14, 17:45
I'm a sucker for Nintendo's weird shit, so this makes me very happy! I mean seriously, just look at the footage! Looook at the footage! Too bad I don't have many friends around me IRL anymore.

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 on: 04/10/14, 18:23   Edited:  04/10/14, 18:25
It pleases me to see them goof around like this. Bill Trinen makes for a great host - wish we had someone similar in Europe.

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 on: 04/10/14, 18:50

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 on: 04/10/14, 18:51
No love for Shibata san?

Didn't see this particular presentation by him, only Trinen's, but I think he's done pretty well in the past.

I love this. So much.

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 on: 04/10/14, 19:00   Edited:  04/10/14, 19:01
I must have this!

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 on: 04/10/14, 19:01
I think it's supposed to sound kind of like Tamagotchi.

Who needs friends when you have Tomodachi?!

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 on: 04/10/14, 19:03
Just watched the Direct and laughed quite a bit. I'm looking forward to this game.

Then I watched the other Tomodachi clip they put up on youtube and it seems this game is going to be marketed to tween girls. Makes me feel weird.

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 on: 04/10/14, 19:06
Plenty of love for Shibata San, he is capable of a very wry smile which I like a lot. My only grumble is that he lacks the flow, but I suppose he needs to appeal to so many different languages and cultures over here that maybe slow and steady is the right approach.

Didn't realise it had been announced for Europe too - joy!

Posted by 
 on: 04/10/14, 19:26
*sniff* I guess...
Although I suppose I could add Miis of my friends even though they live in other parts of the country these days, but it would be cool if the people in game were the same I hung out with IRL every day.

Ah, yeah, he doesn't have the same flow, that's true.

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 on: 04/10/14, 19:58
If NoA did videos like this for more games, people would be totally in love with them. That video was funny, charming and informative, love it.

Posted by 
 on: 04/10/14, 21:14
This is honestly the funniest thing I've seen it a least a month. I love Nintendo's sense of humor. Something about the thought that the people interacting like that are businessmen. Like, these people got degrees. They're responsible for the company's wellbeing. They handle million dollar decisions. And there they are, fighting over a date with Samus and dancing around a Virtual Boy. What? This reminds me of something Sega would make on the Dreamcast. And it's beautiful.

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 on: 04/10/14, 22:08   Edited:  04/10/14, 22:09
Do the low-quality voice samples bother anyone? I think they add to the demented charm, but I wonder how Joe Public will receive them.

Something like this, perhaps?

This one isn't really a Nintendo simulator, though.

Posted by 
 on: 04/10/14, 22:22   Edited:  04/10/14, 22:22
I must buy this! Looks insane and fun as hell.

Posted by 
 on: 04/10/14, 23:05
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