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ROUND ONE: Negative World March Madness (Zebes Region) RESULTS
March 14, 2014, 23:30

Closest matchup: Donkey Kong '94 ended in a tie with Metroid: Zero Mission, thanks to Pokefreak's failure to vote on the matchup (Please vote on ALL matchups if you are voting). I had to refer to overall site rating, where DK '94 slightly edged out the Metroid remake.

Biggest Blowout: Super Mario 3D World blew The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass out of the building, with the DS title capturing only one vote.

Biggest Upset Already in the first round we have an 8 seed toppling a 1 seed, with Mega Man 3 easily defeating Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.

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03/14/14, 23:30   Edited:  03/14/14, 23:30
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I think you're supposed to pick your choices based on whatever experience you have, even if you've just heard things. To win, perception and reality count I think.

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 on: 03/14/14, 04:55
Pokefreak911 said:
Jargon, what should we do then if we haven't played certain games then? Just not vote at all?

That's when you turn to your pal Shadowlink to recieve the Wisdom of the Ages.

At which point I would say 'Vote for Zero Mission'. And then you do. And then all is well.

*Tents fingers*

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 on: 03/14/14, 04:59
@Mop it up
Yeah, NES Tetris has The Nutcracker as its main music.
It's funny. My first memory of Tetris was this NES commercial:

Because of that, when I was a kid I thought the main version was the NES version.

My first time playing Tetris, however, was on the Game Boy. We used to take turns playing linked up two-player games during recess. Oh man, the memories of making that sucker Mario cry! That is why the Game Boy game holds a special place in my heart.

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 on: 03/14/14, 07:45   Edited:  03/14/14, 07:46

No, just vote on some other criteria for that matchup, like which one you think you'd like more, which series you like more, which one has better box art, etc. It's not so serious that you have to feel bad about voting for a game you haven't played.

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 on: 03/14/14, 13:26
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