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Stealth Firmware Update: 6.1.0-12U, new StreetPass Mii Plaza games now available in NA
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July 12, 2013, 07:02
This firmware update gives North American users the new StreetPass Mii Plaza, and the opportunity to download the new StreetPass games.

Go to System Setttings, and select System Update to get the latest goodies!

From Nintendo:

Version 6.1.0-12U available via wireless Internet connection includes the following improvements:
Changes to StreetPass Mii Plaza:

The option to update StreetPass Mii Plaza is now available from the Streetpass Mii Plaza menu
Updating StreetPass Mii Plaza will provide new features, such as the ability to change your Mii character's expression and the ability to purchase new StreetPass Mii Plaza games*
*The ability to update within StreetPass Mii Plaza and purchase paid content is only available to users in regions where the full version of the Nintendo eShop is available.

Improved system stability and usability:

Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience

The four new games are as follows:

- StreetPass Squad (Find Mii-like but in space)
- StreetPass Garden (Own a house, grow a garden)
- StreetPass Battle (Build a StreetPass army to conquer the world)
- StreetPass Mansion (Solve a mystery in a haunted house)

The 3DS StreetPass games cost $4.99 each, or $14.99 if you buy the four of them together.

SOURCE: Nintendo.Com

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07/12/13, 07:02   Edited:  07/12/13, 19:30
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The StreetPass games have kind of lost me. Or maybe I've finally managed to break my unexplainable addiction.

Hmm, glancing up, I guess that I've already said that. I should probably stop pissing on the parade.

I'd be interested if they could find a new twist on the concept. Most of the current games seem to fall into the category of either 1) Completionist time-killer or 2) Arcade game. I would think that the second category would appeal to me more, but, strangely, I've probably gotten more hooked by the first. Perhaps because it's more addictive.

Anyway, to contribute something positive to the thread, Rank the StreetPass games!!

Posted by 
 on: 08/24/15, 17:40   Edited:  08/24/15, 18:07
1. Mii Force - I just love these types of games, and Mii Force is a good addition to its genre. Cool Mii-influenced powerups, colorful backgrounds, and some pretty awesome music make this my favorite game of the bunch.

2. Ultimate Angler - I was really surprised by this one. It's a simple fishing game, but it has some nuances that make it feel special and fun. For starters, each fishing hole has its own unique song that enriches the scenery and compliments the relaxing tone of the game. There's also a fun goal of trying to catch allusive, mysterious sea creatures that adds an appealing fantastical element to the game. Each Streetpass tag is really helpful, too, which makes it stand out as a Mii Plaza experience.

3. Find Mii 1 and 2 - These RPGs have some good qualities and clever ideas despite their simplicity. I like the contrast between the goofy and serious elements in the game.

4. Battleground Z - Integrating our Mii's hobbies into the gameplay is a great idea, but the combat itself is pretty standard. Also, the music seems hardly noticeable so far, which is a shame. I guess the soundtrack's subtlety suits the atmosphere, but I feel like it's too absent at times. There are a lot of challenges and objectives throughout Battleground Z to keep things entertaining, though.

5. Monster Manor - I'm not a big fan of this one. It can drag on a bit by Streetpass standards because of the transitions that happen throughout battles and exploration. On the plus side, the Tetris-like mapping is creative and the gloomy visuals have some appeal.

6. Puzzle Swap - It's not much of a game, but it feels satisfying to complete a puzzle.

Posted by 
 on: 08/24/15, 22:27   Edited:  08/24/15, 22:34
I feel like this should have been its own thread instead of putting even more quality discussion in this random firmware update thread, but oh well.

1. Ultimate Angler - This is a great package. Presentation wise, the fishing areas are really pretty and have nice music, the story is pretty cute and funny, and it's actually cool to just check out your fishing tanks. There's a ton to do (still need 2 more plaza tickets and I might try for all the achievements), and I think collecting works really well in these games. The gameplay, simple as it is, is pretty satisfying as well and it feels good to upgrade your rod in a visceral way.

2. Puzzle Swap - The simplest game, but I don't think that's a bad thing. This is the best game for a convention where you're getting tons of streetpasses and you can just quickly go in and grab pieces. I like the feeling of community accomplishment, no one could do it on their own (particularly with the pink pieces, although I never use coins for any of them.) I hope we get some more puzzles soon! The delay has almost gotten worrisome at this point.

3. Flower Town - This one surprised me. The little quests for people was the highlight at first, but even after finishing all those, getting all the plaza tickets and breeds, I'm still having fun going through and getting all the colors. It's fun to match the flower that you're trying to grow with a pot that goes well with the color and shape. Streetpassing with a rare color is exciting because you can use them to help grow colors that you might not have gotten otherwise.

4. Monster Manor - This one was a lot of fun while it lasted. I enjoyed all the aspects from maximizing the Tetris blocks to fighting the battles to the little puzzle box mini games. My only complaint was a turn could take quite a bit of time and required a good amount of focus for a non-arcadey title, so it was more of a game I would play once I got home and had some time than one I would play on the go. I wouldn't have minded having more to do either since I finished it up pretty quickly it seems.

5. Battleground Z - The better of the arcadey games, I enjoyed beating up zombies with different silly moves. And I loved the credits sequence. A good amount of stuff to do, although some of the medals are annoying (*cough* escort missions). I still have two more to get and it's going to be almost impossible to do them without having a great Streetpass team which is basically just luck, so it's going to be hard to get into a good groove of practicing and finally doing it. I may end up just vaulting this one before too long.

6. Find Mii 1 & 2 - It's hard to judge this one fairly because I had to play it way more than I wanted to to get all the hats. The first few times through though it really was a blast, particularly FM2 which didn't have as many road blocks that stopped my progress for a considerable time. But the concept definitely doesn't have the staying power that some of the other offerings do and once I figured things out and had seen the same monsters several times, it became pretty rote. Still for a free game to help introduce the Streetpass concept, you could do much worse.

7. Mii Force - Full disclosure, I am not a shmup guy. That said, this was a pretty fun one and with enough Streetpasses the game was pretty easy which is more my speed. Getting that last plaza ticket for beating Arcade mode really had me frustrated, even though I eventually did do it. I imagine most people don't have the persistence I do, so I think that wasn't a great choice to make that a requirement to getting all the tickets (of course VIP I suppose allows for a backdoor now). And this one really required focus when attempting anything difficult so I don't think it was the best fit for Streetpass. But still got some definite fun out of it (wish you could have skipped the cutscenes).

8. Warrior's Way - Just not much to it, not much fun in the actual concept and it took longer than it should for a pretty simple game. Putting this one in the vault after getting the last plaza ticket was probably the most pleasure it brought me.

Posted by 
 on: 08/25/15, 14:30

1.) Warrior's Way - this is probably my favorite of the previous updates. It's pretty simple and quick to get in and out of, which is something I value in the StreetPass games. It's satisfying taking over the world, and there are plenty of challenges to conquer. Some of it is "busy work" but I still enjoyed this one the most.

2.) Ultimate Angler - like the game above, this one is pretty easy to get in and out of. The actual game is fairly quick and simple, but also rewarding. Graphics are great, the atmosphere is relaxing, and building your fishing rod and various aquariums gives you a good sense of progress and accomplishment.

3.) Monster Manor - another one that's fairly easy to jump in and out of. This one takes a bit more time since there is the puzzle-placing part, the battles, and the weapon building. Plus there are also those Challenges Boxes that can slow things down. Still, it was fun overall. And hey, there is a surprising amount of content in here for such a simple game.

4.) Flower Town - this one was kind of a sleeper hit for me. I didn't think I'd enjoy planting flowers and keeping gardens to be all that enticing, but I'll admit I got a bit hooked into this one. The only things that kind of dragged this one down a bit for me is the relative randomness of what kind of flowers will bloom (even when you have a better chance of blooming a plant you're trying to grow for a challenge or for your journal) and how long it takes to sift through the game's nearly infinite (lulz) menus. Still, good stuff.

5.) Mii Force - the two Good Feel games are probably the most "game" games of the entire StreetPass gallery. Which for some, is great. Because there is a lot of content in both, and they play like actual, full games in their respective genres. But MAN. These are a time sink. At least for a StreetPass game. I like my Mii StreetPass Plaza games to be short and sweet. I almost ranked this one lower than Battleground Z, because Mii Force's "Arcade Mode" took the longest to complete. But the SHMUP action was so good, (as well as the visuals and music) that I ranked it higher, despite that.

6.) Battleground Z - arguably my least favorite of the bunch...but still good. Much like Flower Town, I get a bit frustrated at the randomness of what weapons/abilities you can get in the game, which is totally dependent on who you StreetPass. The combat isn't all that great, and the music is...forgettable. And finding those "Rare Zombies" is more frustrating that fun. I ended up just using a FAQ to get those. Still, it's not terrible, but this one wasn't all that great IMO.

7.) Find Mii - this and its sequel are simple by design, but I find them to be fun. There are a lot of things to unlock in these, and having your friends and other passers-by be your in-game heroes is pretty cool. I get frustrated in Find Mii II when you need two Miis of the same color to get over an obstacle in certain rooms (fire room, poison room, etc) but the latest update helps alleviate that.

8.) Puzzle Swap - as mentioned by @Octorockin, this isn't much of a game. But it is a cool distraction and the completed puzzle panels are (sometimes) pretty great. Seriously, some of those finished pictures feature some of the best graphics on 3DS.

Posted by 
 on: 08/25/15, 14:39
Okay, my turn...

1) Monster Manor - Very fun little mashup. I looked forward to starting this one up for quite a while. Some of the Ticket challenges are tedious, though, and make you play in unfun ways. Also, you can cheese the whole game with certain weapons. The Puzzle boxes are also incredibly difficult. Still a shining example of a Streetpass game, though.

2) Mii Force - It eventually got old, but in terms of gameplay mechanics and good old-fashioned arcade fun, this is the cream of the Streetpass crop.

3) Puzzle Swap - It may not be a 'game', per se, but it goes by fast and the rewards are super-cool.

4) Find Mii - The original! Very novel when I first played it. Not much strategy, but the concept is great and it has the best usage of Mii characters among all of the Streetpass games.

5) Flower Town - Why did I play this so long? I'm not sure. But I guess I'll place it at this spot, since I played it so long.

6) Warrior's Way - Once you learn all of the strategies (and amass an army big enough to not need any strategy), it's the ultimate in busywork. Some of the tickets are just ridonk.

7) Ultimate Angler - Lots of stuff to do, but the bait system is kind of finicky, and the core fishing mechanic is balls-easy. I don't think I've ever gotten anything less than Perfect on the intial hook.

8) Battleground Z - In concept, I should love this (cliched zombie motif notwithstanding)! It's another solid Good Feel arcade game, and a welcome relief from the more busywork-oriented Streetpass diversions. But, I dunno, it just didn't grab me. It takes a long time and it's tough, but not in a particularly fun way.

I feel like I judged everything from the perspective of a jaded Streetpass veteran, but that's what I am, so...

Posted by 
 on: 08/28/15, 08:09
Finally got that tricky last medal in Battleground Z (Be a perfect guard in the Graveyard). All I got for my efforts was the satisfaction of a job well done. Laaaame. Ah well, to the vault with it!

Flower Town is not far behind, just a few more colors to grow.

Posted by 
 on: 10/20/15, 01:27
At long last, I have collected all the colors in Flower Town. Rewarded with a shiny new gold watering can. All who invite me into their Flower Town shall see my glory! As for my Flower Town... to the vault with it!

Posted by 
 on: 11/12/15, 16:15
Maaan, you've been busy.

Kinda didn't streetpass much all summer. You don't get nearly as many on the bike path as you do taking the subway.

Posted by 
 on: 11/12/15, 17:17

I don't get many true Streetpasses, just every so often on the metro or if I go to the National Mall where the kids and tourists are. But I usually go to McDonalds and AT&T during my lunch break and get Nintendo Zone Streetpasses. They're just enough of a carrot to get me to leave the basement where I work and take a nice walk and get some fresh air. That carrot should be there for a while longer because g all the species in Ultimate Angler seems like it's going to take some time. Those rumored fish only seem to pop up once in a blue moon.

Posted by 
 on: 11/12/15, 17:23
@Anand Honestly the only ones I've put real time into are Find Mii and Puzzle Swap. Some of the others seem good but... just too darn many of them to focus on any of them.

Posted by 
 on: 11/12/15, 17:30
Well, I'm digging all the new streetpass games. Anybody else get 'em all? Not sure I have favorites yet, but I look forward to spending more time with them.

Posted by 
 on: 09/05/16, 19:26

I've only grabbed the Slot Car thang for free. It's pretty decent. How would you rank the other ones? I kind of want to avoid the super-time-wasty games like Flower Town and Warrior's Way and focus on stuff with game mechanics. Is the Ninja Shooting game fun?

Posted by 
 on: 09/10/16, 15:53   Edited:  09/10/16, 15:53

I haven't played the 'Ninja Launcher' game, but from what I've heard, it's pretty simple and quick to get in-and-out of. Same goes from 'Market Crashers' and....one other one. If you're looking for game mechanics, you might want to avoid those two.

Posted by 
 on: 09/10/16, 19:13
It is way too easy to get puzzle pieces now, holy crap. It gave me 15 at one time due to "lucky chance". Kinda takes the fun out of it...

Posted by 
 on: 09/10/16, 19:29
I don't mind simple, quick stuff, as long as there's some type of gamey mechanic. The way I'm thinking of it, Warrior's Way and Flower Town would fail that test. Probably Find Mii, too.

Posted by 
 on: 09/10/16, 22:18
Well, it finally happened. I've collected all the birthdays in the Mii StreetPass Plaza. Got all 22 Plaza Tickets as a reward, too.

I've still got two "speech bubble" options to get from the exchange booth in the main plaza, though. And only one more ticket to unlock in Ultimate Angler. I've gotten all the other tickets unlocked in all the other StreetPass games. Which means...I guess I'll always have one thing left that I can't unlock? One speech bubble that I'll never be able to get? That's...what? So strange. Did I miss a ticket in one of the older games? Did anyone else get all the tickets (and unlock all costumes/speech bubbles)?

Also, HEY! This weekend is National StreetPass Weekend! Woo! Get out there and get your StreetPasses at your local Nintendo Wi-Fi Hotspots!

Posted by 
 on: 04/12/17, 15:42

Its weird that they dont have some type of StreetPass functionality for Switch. I hope its something they put in, in the future.

Posted by 
 on: 04/12/17, 17:25
The hell? I didn't even know this was a thing!

I'm shocked and impressed. I'm shockpressed.

Posted by 
 on: 04/12/17, 23:13   Edited:  04/12/17, 23:13
@GameDadGrant So this means you've StreetPassed people with a birthday for all 365 days? Crazy!

Posted by 
 on: 04/13/17, 23:19
@Abdooooo, @Anand

Thanks fellas! That took a while to do. But getting all the Plaza Tickets was pretty cool. I went ahead and restarted the calendar thing again to see if I can get them all once more. It'll be interesting to see how long it takes this time.

@Mop it up

Yup! Though technically, there are 366 birthdays to collect. Because of February 29th.

Posted by 
 on: 04/14/17, 03:31
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