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Best Music in Third-Party Wii Games (2012 edition) [top ten]
You might remember three years ago, on The Forum that Shall not be Named, I made a Top 10 list of songs on Wii games. I really enjoyed putting that list together but there weren't nearly as many titles on Wii as there are today - so I figured I'd make another one! But this time there's a twist - at this point having Gusty Garden or Cloudy Court, or Palm Tree Groove even in a music list is boring as all hell so I figured I'd make things more interesting by restricting myself to third party games.

There's no point to this, it's just a celebration of video game music, and I hope you'll listen to these tunes, there's some good ones in here.

There's only one rule - one song per franchise. And above all else, remember this is my personal list of favorites! No objectivity here!
Posted: 08/23/12, 02:56:32  - Edited by 
 on: 08/23/12, 06:00:56
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Kusagari Blues (Red Steel 2)

This track is short and only plays in a cutscene, but it's really nice and soothing. It gives me a feeling of reflection, a feeling of justice - I imagine a hero walking off into the sunset after saving a village with this music playing.
Opening (Trauma Center: New Blood)

Easily the best track in the entire franchise, and the only one I distinctively remember (well, I haven't played Trauma Team yet so I can't speak for that). I can't really say what makes me like this song - it's probably its distinct House M.D. feel (you all know I'm a huge fan of the show, and if you listen to its opening you can see that it most likely inspired this tune from New Blood)
Bubamara (Rabbids Go Home)

Easily the best part of this boring, repetitive game (besides the humor) was the music.
The Roll and Bounce/Intrepid (de Blob 2)

Vs. Yami (Okami)

The final battle. Good vs evil. The Yin-Yang must be restored, there can't be too much good nor too much evil in the world or within ourselves - balance is key.
Pure Valley Chase Mission (Nights: Journey of Dreams)

Again, agree or disagree, in my opinion the best part of this shitty game is the music. It really took me by surprise how good it is.
Philistine (No More Heroes 2)

The best song in the game and one of the best bosses in the game too.
Best of Times (World of Goo)

It's a very emotional song and great for a WiiWare release.
Epiphany (Bit.Trip Flux)

My favorite Bit.Trip track of all. I'm sure many will disagree.
Land of the Livid Dead - Chasing a Dream (Rayman Origins)

At number one we have one of my favorite games of all-time (no hyperbole). I love Rayman's quirky style, and no game in the series pulls it off better than Origins. This song is a prime example of that. Rayman is a franchise that I tend to think is not on the same level as the platforming kings, but then it comes around and surprises me. I loved hearing this song remixed in Legends.
Post your favorites too!

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Posted: 08/23/12, 02:56:32  - Edited by 
 on: 08/23/12, 06:00:56
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Mannn, I can't really think of anything off hand.

This is all I can come up with right now!:

I'm sure Tales of Symphonia 2 has some radical stuff in there somewhere.

Oh, DUH, this, too:

This is the first freakin' thing you see. THE FIRST THING! If that doesn't get you all pumped up, I don't know what will. This music -- the first time I heard it, and just now, too -- goosebumps every time, and just mixed with the video, I get this feeling of "I can do anything!" and it brings a tear to my eye for some reason. I don't get it. Best I can wager is that I'm just happy? for Raguna (the dude) in that he has this whole new life ahead of him, and he can craft it however he pleases. Fresh farm, fresh social life, fresh everything. Put in the work, and it will be.

--If there is any confusion or hidden-meaning-diggers in here, I married my preferred real-life lady. YEAH.
Posted: 08/23/12, 03:21:44
It gets really good around the 30 second mark...

Posted: 08/23/12, 03:37:44
Excellent list, love that Trauma Center song.
Posted: 08/23/12, 03:38:03
Oh man, forgot about Mega Man 9. It has a ton of awesome songs!
Posted: 08/23/12, 04:47:16
Sacred Haven. Forever.

Posted: 08/23/12, 06:06:38
@GameDadGrant YES!

Here's one too though..

Edit: It's on TOS 2 as well so that's why I posted it..
But I have one Wii game now to share too:

Posted: 08/23/12, 20:07:57  - Edited by 
 on: 08/23/12, 20:13:02
Haha! Some great choices, GE. I dig the cowboy music at #1. Fun stuff.

I'll have to think about this...

EDIT: My first nomination is the dogs barking the theme to 2001: A Space Odyssey from Jerry Rice and Nitus' Dog Football.
Posted: 08/23/12, 20:09:57  - Edited by 
 on: 08/23/12, 20:15:48
I really love some of the music in Xenoblade, epecially the one from the big open field near the start of the game (I forget it's name).
Posted: 08/24/12, 11:20:24
@Cube191 Ah! I didn't play that.
Posted: 08/24/12, 19:03:06
@Cube191 I think you mean the music at Gaur Plains. That's one of my favorites, too. I liked a lot of the Xenoblade soundtrack.

@Smerd I love a lot of the Muramasa music! I liked this one quite a lot, though the name makes me raise an eyebrow.

@Mr_Mustache For some reason, I never get into that Rune Factory video (or the song) until the very end, when he's running past the flowering plants. Then it really gets to me, like you said. Have you seen the openings to the next game in the series?
Aden's opening:

Sonja's opening:
Posted: 08/24/12, 19:42:02  - Edited by 
 on: 08/24/12, 19:57:37
What about Monster Hunter!?

And don't forget...

Posted: 08/25/12, 16:50:54  - Edited by 
 on: 08/25/12, 16:54:23
One of my personal favorites, Zack & Wiki:

Posted: 08/25/12, 18:10:07  - Edited by 
 on: 08/25/12, 18:11:48

I only did the Tutorial on Rune Factory: The Next Game; I hadn't really played through it, and I don't believe I've seen those videos you've put up. I gotta whip (yeah, right) through Frontier sometime soon, and I'll get on that second game right after that.

I'll note it though! Good music awaits!
Posted: 08/26/12, 01:30:27
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