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Top Ten Rhythm Heaven Fever Games [top ten]
Rhythm Heaven Fever! It's out, and it's pretty dang fun. I might love it even more than the DS game. I've already laid out my top ten favorite games from the DS version- now it's Rhythm Heaven Fever's turn.

Just like last time, I'm only counting the main 28 games- no remixes or sequels.
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 on: 02/24/12, 00:22:25
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Exhibition Match

This one's dramatic. It's a rhythm game about baseball! What could be better? Everyone loves baseball!
Love Rap

Love Rap is probably the hardest of the main games in RHF. Its weird beat is a pain in the butt to figure out, but the game is totally hilarious.
Samurai Slice

Samuria Slice is pretty standard fare as far as the gameplay goes. Where it excels is in its presentation. Just look at those huge monsters!
Shrimp Shuffle

This game has the most difficult rhythm to figure out, though it's pretty easy once you get it down. Shrimp Shuffle made the list because of how often the song gets stuck in my head.
Board Meeting

I'm pretty sure Board Meeting is the shortest game in RHF. Honestly, the image of those pigs alone is enough to put this one in the top ten, not to mention the catchy music.

Could this game be any more adorable? There's something about army commanders leading cute little animals that pleases me in ways I never thought imaginable. I think it triggers flashbacks to my childhood and Yukon Cornelius.
Air Rally

Tap Troupe

I'm surprised that I love this game so much. The music is fantastic! I don't even know what kind of music it's considered to be! But I love it!
Flock Step

I might be biased because this is just Lock Step with an F added on to the front, but come on! Look at the way those birds walk! Have you ever seen anything more badass in your entire life!? And that part where the whole world zooms out and then it's in the eye and you're still marching with all your brethren!?!?

So simple, and so amazing. I love how it's such a minimalistic setting with just two... things dueling to awesome music. The first time I played this game, I couldn't stop smiling.
What are your favorite Rhythm Heaven Fever games? What do you think of the game in general? Come to think of it, in addition to all the remixes and sequels that I ignored for this list, there are also all of the unlockable endless games and rhythm toys, not to mention the multiplayer.

Special thanks to Youtube user ameba2 for uploading all these gameplay videos.

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Posted: 02/24/12, 00:17:50  - Edited by 
 on: 02/24/12, 00:22:25
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Nice list! I quite like all of these too (although I prefer Love Rap's idea more than its execution/gameplay). The two See-Saw guys wailing on guitars before exploding is awesome.

My personal favorite is Ringside though! SO hilarious seeing other people do it--I laughed myself to tears watching my brother and his wife try the 2P mode and accidentally hit the wrong thing. "Wubadubadub is that true?" "RAWWGH"
Posted: 02/24/12, 00:49:15
In addition to Exhibition Match, Samurai Slice, and Air Rally...

I love that Hole in One gives you feedback on your shot, e.g. if the ball hits past the hole and then backspins in, you were slightly earlier than the beat (but not enough to fail). Plus it's just catchy, especially in the remix. Packing Pests is really simple but that just helps you sink right into the cool BGM. Kind of like Hole in One, actually.

Double Date is just too cute to not love. And on the opposite end of the love spectrum, Bossa Nova sounds like two very bossy but relaxed people having sex.
Posted: 02/24/12, 01:13:44
Not a bad list!

Some of my personal favorites:

Air Rally
Monkey Watch (really cute and extremely catchy music)
Cheer Readers (EPIC)
Karate Man (I love the song for this one, and the way the snow speeds up as the song kicks into full force. I laugh so hard when the Karate Man screws up his combo and is left spinning on the ground!)
Posted: 02/27/12, 06:16:57  - Edited by 
 on: 02/27/12, 06:34:25
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