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The Top 10 Frogs in a Nintendo Game [top ten]
Aw yeah, it’s the sequel that nobody wanted or asked for! You may have already read about my top 10 turtles in a Nintendo game, so why not waste more of your precious and ever-dwindling life on another pointless top 10 list before the dark void takes us all?

I don’t have quite the same connection to frogs as I do to turtles so there will be no long story this time around. Though I did catch a few toads at my uncle’s farm once, that was fun. Oh, yeah, this should probably go without saying but my list will have toads on it too. They’re basically frogs, right?

My “only one entry per franchise” rule applies for this list as well. Now let’s ro.. uh, hop to it! Welcome to the top 10 frogs in a Nintendo game!

PS. Toad is awesome, but Toad is not actually a toad, so Toad will not be appearing on this list.
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 on: 04/11/16, 21:46:26
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The Frog Hop Frogs – Rhythm Heaven series
The Rhythm Heaven games are awesome and everyone should play them. With that said why do these random frogs make my list? Well, they’re musical frogs, so that is neat. Also one of them is playing a saxophone which is cool. Plus just look at those clothes. Although now that I am looking at the clothes, why are some of them wearing pants and some are not?! That’s a strange design decision.

Gotta love a woman who rocks the suspenders.
Croaker – Shovel Knight
Croaker is a pretty swell looking frog from Shovel Knight, who makes a bunch of HILARIOUS puns. Because puns are always hilarious no matter what. Example:

“I traveled with some horse adventurers, but they were all so neigh-gative!"


There is also a toad named Toader in Shovel Knight but he isn’t as punny so he didn’t make the list.

Hmm, what a pun-gent odor I’m smelling.
Smoky Progg – Pikmin
Even if you have played the original Pikmin you may be looking at this picture thinking “I don’t remember this one?” That’s because the Smoky Progg is an obscure hidden boss you will only face under certain precise conditions. Not exactly the type of character I would usually choose for a list, but just look at it! It’s a frog-like creature whose backside dissipates into an irrational mess of smoke. The Pikmin games have some pretty bad-ass design sometimes.

Confession: I’ve never actually met this one in game.
The Frog Choir – The Legend of Zelda series
The frog choir (not always under that name) is a recurring theme in the Zelda series, so if you don’t like the Majora’s Mask example that I picked, you can find another one on your own time. Their role changes from game to game, but they’re often involved in one sidequest or another. Really, not much else to say about these frogs. They’re neat.

I don’t care what you think Majora’s Mask > Ocarina of Time.
Prince Froggy – Yoshi’s Island
Prince Froggy is a boss in Yoshi’s Island, and what an unexpected boss he was. He hops onto the screen looking all small and harmless, but the next thing you know he is growing in size (fine that part wasn’t really unexpected since it was a theme of the bosses in that game but whatever) and you are swallowed up, and end up battling inside of him against his… uvula. It’s a real word, look it up! The character itself wasn’t necessarily very special, but it was a memorable boss fight, so for that it makes my list.

Sure he looks non-threatening now…
Wart – Super Mario Bros. 2
A regular on many “most wanted” Smash Bros. character lists, Wart was a one and done end boss in the Mario series, appearing in Super Mario Bros. 2 (US) and then never again returning to face Mario and friends. Sure he has made a cameo appearance in The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, and uh… maybe had a kid or something that appears in the Animal Crossing series? but for the most part Wart has all but vanished. And don’t give me the whole “well of course he can’t return it was only a dream!” nonsense. Shy Guys have been in several games since Super Mario Bros. 2, why not Wart?!

Honestly I think Wart is cooler than Bowser.
Slippy Toad – Star Fox series
I might rank Slippy higher if I were only considering his original Star Fox appearance where he appeared to be a gruff old space veteran, but Star Fox 64 turned him into young boy with an annoying nasally voice. And now I don’t know what I think about Slippy! Ah well, Slippy is still cool, even if he is usually the first one to need rescuing, and his submarine is pretty helpful the whole one time that you need it in Star Fox 64.

Retcon this series and bring back old man Slippy!
Toad Man – Mega Man 4
After Snake Man appeared in Mega Man 3, I was really hoping for a Turtle Man. Alas, that was not to be, at least not in the classic Mega Man series. However, Mega Man 4’s Toad Man was a decent alternative. If you can’t get another reptile, an amphibian must suffice. Though I have to say, his rain attack was super cheap. Enemies shouldn’t have unavoidable attacks.

Still wish there was a Turtle Man though.
Rash, Pimple, Zitz – Battletoads series
If you’re a young pup you might be wondering what the heck a Battletoad is. Well, they were designed back in the 8-bit NES era as a competitor to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Unlike most copycats though, their games were actually pretty sweet (though notoriously hard), due in no small part to the fact that their developer was the very talented Rareware. The Battletoads were pretty huge for some time, but faded fast, and we haven’t seen much from them since the 90s outside of a few cameos in some Xbox games. Rareware is supposedly bringing them back for their own game soon, but I dunno how much I trust modern Rareware to do it right.

Anyway the Battletoads are awesome and so much fun.

Mmm, you can just smell the 90s!
Frog – Chrono Trigger
Was there really any other choice? Chrono Trigger is considering one of the best RPGs ever for a reason, and even among a cast of excellent characters Frog stands out as the stately swordsman seeking vengeance for the death of a friend. Once a human named Glenn, Frog watched the dark mage Magus kill his friend Cyrus before being cursed by Magus to live out life in frog form. Frankly, I think that is a step up from human form, but whatever. Wielder of the legendary sword Masamune, Frog is not one to scoff at.

Also his theme song is awesome too, so there is that.

I wish I had a sword that shot light into the sky.
And that’s my list. What do you think? Anyone I’m missing? Tell me below!

A few nice frogs that didn’t quite make the list: Winky – Donkey Kong Country, Frogger – Frogger series, Ribbot – Animal Crossing, Frog King – Ironsword: Wizards & Warriors II, Burble Hekelot – Mega Man Zero 2, The Save Frogs – Mother 3, Various characters (Toad status) – Final Fantasy series, Frogfucius – Super Mario RPG, Toadly Raw - Mischief Makers, Hornoad – Metroid series, Makna Brog – Xenoblade Chronicles, Lurker – Resident Evil 0, Frogs / Toads – Castlevania series, Frogface – Dragon Quest series, Keron – Kid Icarus series, Heqet – Shin Megami Tensei series

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Posted: 04/11/16, 20:57:53  - Edited by 
 on: 04/11/16, 21:46:26
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Honestly surprised the Super Mario RPG frogs weren't on the list.

Few nit-picky things:

1.) Battletoads are from the '90s, not the '80s.
2.) Frog from Chrono Trigger's friend's name was Cyrus, not Cyril.
3.) Frog's Masamune has light coming FROM it. Not TO it.

Cool list, though. Fun read! RIBBIT!
Posted: 04/11/16, 21:44:12
What are you talking about my list says exactly those three things!
Posted: 04/11/16, 21:46:40
Hmm, it does say all that! Must've been all that drinking I did this morning that messed up my eyesight.

Posted: 04/11/16, 21:47:54
Uncle Grippy is upset that he has been upstaged and ignored.

Uncle Grippy is heading to your house as we speak.
Posted: 04/11/16, 23:07:54
Look no one is as big of a fan of Uncle Grippy as me, I kept him on the site long after the joke was over and people kept complaining about him.

...but he isn't on a Nintendo system. YET.
Posted: 04/11/16, 23:14:57
Toad Man isn't a frog. He's a robot.
Posted: 04/12/16, 00:02:08

Tell your excuses to Grippy when you see him.
Posted: 04/12/16, 00:31:30
What about Mallow?
Posted: 04/12/16, 00:49:42
@PogueSquadron Can you PROVE that Wily didn't use Frog DNA to build him? Didn't think so.

@Secret_Tunnel I thought the whole point of that was he thought he was a tadpole since he was raised by a frog, but... he wasn't.
Posted: 04/12/16, 01:28:36
There's also the fact that Mallow is, you know... a crap character.
Posted: 04/12/16, 01:34:35

Pfa, Everyone knows that if you use Frog DNA for anything you get dinosaurs.
Posted: 04/12/16, 01:47:35
Mallow was a GREAT character. Was he the most original thing in the world? Not really, but he's certainly one of the most well developed characters in a Mario game ever.
Posted: 04/12/16, 02:42:52
You do know that frogs and toads are not the same thing right?
Posted: 04/12/16, 05:19:35
@chrisbg99 Or Men for that matter.
Posted: 04/12/16, 05:30:21
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