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Best/Worst Remakes in Videogames (and movies) [roundtable]
Inspired by @Xbob42, I have decided to create a roundtable about the best/worst remakes in videogames and movies. I'll start with one of each.

Good Videogame Remake:
Resident Evil (Gamecube): This game is vastly superior to the original. The graphics, atmosphere, acting, sound effects, everything is better.

Bad Videogame Remake:
Final Fantasy IV DS: The remake itself isn't bad. It's just that I prefer the old graphics to the new polygonal ones and I also prefer the original music to the rearranged DS music. I feel that something was lost in translation in both terms.

Good Movie Remake:
The Ring: Acting, atmosphere, music, story, etc. was better in this version than in the original version.

Bad Movie Remake:
The Eye: This movie was really bland compared to the original Cantonese version which is one of the creepiest movies I've ever seen.

Please block spoilers.

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Posted: 04/07/13, 11:09:35  - Edited by 
 on: 04/07/13, 11:12:04
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Interesting topic. Here we go:

Good Videogame remake:
Metroid: Zero Mission: Everything you hated about the original Metroid- Gone. Better controls, better navigation, more weapons, more abilities, the best level design I have seen in any Metroid game ever.

Bad Videogame Remake:
GoldenEye (Wii): Surprising considering how much time I sunk into the multiplayer on this, it probably in and of itself it isn't a bad game. But the efforts at 'modernising' the game basically lost everything that made the single player of the original N64 title so great. More of a re-imagining than a remake.

Good Movie Remake
Ocean's Eleven (2001): I never actually saw the original for this one but I haven't heard anything about the Rat Pack version being bad. That being said, the modern update was a clever and fun heist movie with a great cast.

Bad Movie Remake:
Planet of the Apes (2001): Terrible. Terrible terrible terrible. Hammered home by this version's "twist" ending, which makes no bloody sense whatsoever, and is basically an insult to the classic Statue of Liberty scene of the original.
Posted: 04/07/13, 11:43:13  - Edited by 
 on: 04/07/13, 11:43:47
Good Videogame Remake:
Ocarina of Time 3DS. Very well done and still the best game on the 3DS IMO.

Bad Videogame Remake:
Turtles in Time for the XBLA. Probably My favorite beat-em-up of all time and it was just absolutely butchered.

Good Movie Remake:
The Mummy. This is just a fun movie. The original was alright but I prefer the adventure of the 99 remake.
Scarface. The original has basically evaporated from public knowledge at this point. Gotta be one of Al Pacino's most notable roles.

Bad Movie Remake:
This space reserved for Jumanji remake until further notice.
Posted: 04/07/13, 12:44:25  - Edited by 
 on: 04/07/13, 12:45:06
Black Mesa Source
The Departed (sort of remake I guess?)
Night Of The Living Dead (90)
Invasion of the Body Snatchers (78 version)
Dawn Of The Dead

Though not as good as the originals but good in their own way
Total Recall
Friday The 13th

Dogshit remakes I wouldn't piss on fire if the director were burning alive
The Hitcher
Nightmare On Elm Street
Return Of The Living Dead
Double Dragon on XBL

Bonus: Great prequels
The Thing
Prometheus (pseudo prequel?)

Bonus 2: Shit prequels
Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning
Perfect Dark Zero
Posted: 04/07/13, 13:03:16  - Edited by 
 on: 04/07/13, 13:08:54
Good Videogame Remake:
Klonoa: While I haven't played the original, this is a very good game with nice cheerful graphics and solid gameplay.

Bad Videogame Remake:
TMNT: Turtles in Time Reshelled: Just playing the demo made me know it was going to be a disaster.

Good Movie Remake:
Batman Begins: While maybe not the very definition of remake it did reboot the franchise and led up to one of the best comic book based movies of all time.

Bad Movie Remake:
Total Recall: So much rage for this movie. That Robocop remake looks to be absolute shit as well.
Posted: 04/07/13, 13:03:21
Good Videogame Remake:
Shining Force: Resurrection of the Dark Dragon: Improved graphics, added characters, scenarios and mechanics.

Bad Videogame Remake:
Final Fantasy Chronicles: The terrible loadtimes just to pull up a menu made this game unplayable for me.

Good Movie Remake:
King Kong: This movie got mixed reviews, but I love Peter Jackson's King Kong. Once you get to the island the movie is amazing.

Bad Movie Remake:
Psycho: Wow, what a waste of time and money. What was the point?

I don't understand why people say Turtles in Time Reshelled is so bad. My main problem with the game is that it's based off the arcade version and not the SNES one. It also looks kinda bland. But in the end it still plays like a TMNT brawler. I don't really know what people were expecting.
Posted: 04/07/13, 17:22:29
Good Videogame Remake:
Mega Man 7 (2008), Mega Man 8 (2010) These fan made "demakes" of Mega Man 7 and 8 take SNES and PSX games and turn them into NES games. As Capcom realized when they made Mega Man 9 and 10, NES Mega Man is the best Mega Man. You need to use something like Joy2Key in order to use a gamepad, which is obviously integral, but once you've got that set up, the games really play great and are every bit as fun as the early Mega Mans that they are emulating.

Bad Videogame Remake:
King's Quest (1990), Space Quest (1991), Quest for Glory (1991): This was really when Sierra started to lose it for me. Sure, they made some really great point and click games later on (Gabriel Knight, King's Quest 6), but the death of the text parser sucked and the king of text parser adventure games taking three of the best ever made and turning them into point and click games was just a slap in the face.

Good Movie Remake:
The Thing (1982): This is one of those rare movies that I saw first as an adult, but could watch every day for a week and not get bored. It can go toe to toe with Alien for best in the sci-fi horror genre. It doesn't have all that much in common with the original else than the setting and general premise, but man is it good.

Bad Movie Remake:
King Kong (1976), King Kong (2005): The original King Kong is an all time classic that influenced action and adventure movies for decades to come. John Guillerman and Peter Jackson both managed to take the non-stop action ride that is the original and turn it into overly long, boring movies. I honestly can't decide which one is worse, but both are dreadful.
Posted: 04/07/13, 18:38:43  - Edited by 
 on: 04/07/13, 18:43:58
I'm no fan of remakes since I typically don't like buying the same game again, so I haven't played very many of them. I'd call Metroid Zero Mission the best, because it makes the game actually playable, and is a good example of when a remake is truly necessary. I hope they eventually do the same thing with Metroid II.

I can't really think of a bad remake that I've played, but I can think of one that looked like it to me: New Little King's Story. The new style removes a lot of the charm from the original.
Posted: 04/07/13, 19:45:29
I'm kind of in the same boat as Mop it up, I usually won't buy the same game again so I haven't played a ton of remakes. Metroid Zero Mission and Resident Evil (GC) are two good ones though. Punch-Out!! on Wii is good too, if that counts as a remake.

Can't think of any bad ones I have played, although the music quality in Yoshi's Island on GBA bugs me... it takes some amazing songs and ruins them a bit.

For movies, I dunno, also haven't seen many remakes. I did like the Peter Jackson King Kong and I also liked the new 3:10 to Yuma, though I haven't seen the originals, so I can't compare them.

On the negative side, I thought the new Solaris was kind of weak, but again, haven't seen the original (which is supposedly a sci fi classic.) Hmm, oh and the updates of the Star Wars movies. Yes, seeing Hayden Christiansen's ghost at the end of ROTJ was enough to ruin the entire trilogy.
Posted: 04/07/13, 20:20:40
Where do we stand on reboots? I know they're not technically remakes, but...

Good Videogame Remake:
Resident Evil (Gamecube) Come on! It's the seminal remake. It's got everything a great remake needs: Far better visuals, more and better combat options, vastly improved dialogue, tons more content (and Lisa was scary as shit, holy CRAP.) and it was just a delight to play. The only issue was the slight load every time you switched scenes. That was... annoying, to say the least. All in all, though, a fantastic game that really just blew the original out of the water while keeping its spirit intact.

Bad Videogame Remake:
The entire Final Fantasy 1-4 PSP series of remakes: These games offend me. Weirdly high-res sprites and text, almost no real changes of note, just reselling the same game to me with graphics that I think look vastly inferior to the original because they look cheap. The reason I enjoyed the DS remakes (Though I listed Resident Evil here.) is because even though the DS does some fugly ass 3D, the characters had a new layer of charm to them, and I thought the voice acting, for a DS game, was damned good! If I wanted to play the same exact game, I would play the same exact game! Remakes are for doing something new and really improving an old title!

I didn't list any movies because I'm not a big movie guy. Staring at a screen for hours without really doing anything isn't something I do too often. Gotta have my hands moving!
Posted: 04/07/13, 20:31:55  - Edited by 
 on: 04/07/13, 20:32:06
Good topic! I'll try to choose some ones no one else has mentioned.

Good Videogame Remake:
Resident Evil Deadly Silence on the Nintendo DS. Pure genius! Better than Remake!*

Bad Videogame Remake:
Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater 3-D on the Nintendo 3DS. Muddy textures and a crappy frame-rate make this a disgraceful shovelware version of one of the greatest games of all time.

Good Movie Remake:
Peter Jackson's King Kong (2005). It wasn't perfect but as a huge fan of the 1933 version I really enjoyed it.

Bad Movie Remake:
Godzilla (1998). I grew up with Godzilla movies and this movie did not do them justice. Blech.

*jk, but it's my personal favorite version of the game.
Posted: 04/07/13, 20:56:07  - Edited by 
 on: 04/07/13, 21:00:58

Ugh, GINO is terrible. The WORST.
Posted: 04/08/13, 00:36:23
What? FFIV worst remake? No. No no no! NO! FFIV was originally one of my favorites and I consider the DS remake to be superior. Even the music!

These remixes kick ass! And not only is the music great but the difficulty is actually the hardest version. Being a big fan of the game, I know it inside out so the bump in difficulty and new tricks really made me struggle through it and I loved it! You are wrong

As for actually contributing to the topic at hand... I'm not really sure But I just had to speak out against that.
Posted: 04/08/13, 00:48:52

C'mon dude, point and click isn't that bad. I love the old-school obtuse charm of the parser too, but trying dozens of phrases in an attempt to find the one obscure way the game chose to phrase the command 'get bag' got old for a lot of people fast

On that note I should throw up the AGD remakes of King's Quest 1, 2 and 3 as another example of GOOD remakes.

Gorgeous new art, new voice acted dialogue, fixes for the myriad design flaws that could unfairly make the game unwinnable... Even treating the point and click interface as a negative, it's easilly outwieghed by the quality of the improvements.

And a special mention of their King's Quest 2 remake specifically. Not only does it contain all the improvements mentioned above, but also features a vastly expanded and far more coherent story than the original, along with a pile of new scenes, characters and puzzles. So good. And best of all, it's free!
Posted: 04/08/13, 01:28:56
Good Videogame Remake:
Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes - I love the original on PSOne, but I gotta admit, they really made the GCN version awesome. Better graphics, higher quality sound, new music, new weapons, items, secrets, extras, and of course those crazy-ass cut scenes. All great stuff, IMO. The voice acting is head-and-shoulders better than the original, too. Probably due to the voice actors really *knowing* who their characters are.

Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles - The best version of Rondo of Blood, IMO. Obviously, better graphics and sound, cool little cut scenes (that don't get in the way of the game), all the while keeping the classic gameplay entirely intact. Awesome. The unlockable Symphony of the Night was a better version of THAT game than the original, too.

Bad Videogame Remake:
New Play Control! Mario Power Tennis - This should have been a better, more involving version of Wii Sports: Tennis, but instead it was not. You're better off just playing the Gamecube original. I'll admit I'm not entirely sure if this counts as a remake, but it's the one that popped into my head first.

Good Movie Remake:
Gone In 60 Seconds - This probably isn't a popular choice, but I really enjoyed the Nick Cage version of the movie. The original is great too, but the newer version is a fun flick in its own right. I also like the movie's soundtrack, ha ha.

Bad Movie Remake:
The Amityville Horror - The original 1979 movie was a creepy, well-paced and well-executed horror ghost movie. The 2005 version that starred Ryan Reynolds was so, so terrible. The pacing, the character's personalities, their reactions to what was going on, and the "big twist" at the end caused me to face-palm myself so often I think my forehead was bruised by the time the film ended. Such a disappointment!

Xbob42 said:
I didn't list any movies because I'm not a big movie guy. Staring at a screen for hours without really doing anything isn't something I do too often. Gotta have my hands moving!

Try porn.
Posted: 04/08/13, 04:57:43
@GameDadGrant I'd have this site shut down by the FBI and CIA and possibly all the gods that ever did or did not exist if I did that.
Posted: 04/08/13, 05:00:29

Have to agree on Snake Eater 3DS... what a huge disappointment. The original tech demos made it seem like a pretty exciting project too. This is not the version of Snake Eater to play unless you have absolutely no other options.
Posted: 04/08/13, 05:33:00

Have you even seen this movie?

The one with this awesome guy is loads better.

This version was even better. Atomic breath!

Posted: 04/08/13, 07:29:24
I actually have not played too many remakes that have been terrible, haven't played many remakes at all really. OoT3D is probably my favorite remake though as it improved on the original in every way and if I could rank it higher than OoT I would but you can't get higher than 10/10.

Don't really watch too many movie remakes though, although I suspect that Buffy movie that was apparently in development would be terrible. You can't make a Buffy movie with no Whedon, you just can't.
Posted: 04/08/13, 07:48:13
OoT 3D is certainly the quintessential version of the game, in every way. I won't replay any other version.
Posted: 04/08/13, 08:53:51
Holy shit I'm with you that the FF4 remake's music is even better than the original game's, which is no small feat!!!
Posted: 04/08/13, 12:52:01
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