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What The Smerd? OT: Advertisements - The False Story... [roundtable]
Nothing is as it seems - and nothing drives me up the wall more than a commercial that is full of total Bull Spit.

When you are a child, a person of innocence who believes everything you see on TV, advertisers take advantage of this fact and hope the children beg their parents to buy whatever it is they are trying to sell. A classic Video Game example should come to mind. Wait..What? You still want me to spell it out for you? Very Well :)

Blast Processing

Yeah..... Itís what made me hate SEGA fans more. Why? Cause as a kid you saw this commercial and felt like the SEGA fans made this themselves, and then shoved this in your face. Of course, this couldnít have been farther from the truth, and SEGA fans are generally good people and love games just as much as everyone else, but when the great console war was on, ....well..it was on!

No....it had to be TERROR SWEAT!

Now sure, of course advertisers of toys and gadgets for kids etc are going to pull out everything they can do to get a product sold - but when you are selling a product made for adults, there are better ways to convince someone then flat out lying. This is what made me write this article because this example is both hilarious, and stupid:

Stress Sweat??? Really?? Thatís it - Another example of why the Simpsons rule the world. Dr. Hibbert was right - there must be a difference... Iím now positive that I need something different then what I put on now if Iím out for a job interview or playing Monster Hunter.... Stress Sweat. It must be true. Better go get some!! Hyuck! I'm sure there are scientific evidence that certain sweats do smell a tad different, but nobody with the average nose would be able to tell the difference and people who don't have this new product, and haven't had this product for decades have not been suffering...Sheesh.

Alright NW folk, what are your examples? Sure there are bad commercials out there, but what ones actually have a phrase or technology term that is just flat out made up to help it sell?


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Posted: 03/22/13, 17:44:28  - Edited by 
 on: 03/22/13, 17:49:11
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Stress sweat is no joke! I need a shower after a long Spelunky session.

Seriously, that game literally makes me break into a mild sweat.
Posted: 03/22/13, 17:58:30

haha.. no - this isn't to say that you don't sweat during stressful/tense situations, it's the fact that you should get a new product to control this 'type' of sweat - that's the funny part.
Posted: 03/22/13, 18:50:56
Do they make a deoderant for swamp ass/sack sweat? I wish they did.
Posted: 03/22/13, 19:06:03
Posted: 03/22/13, 19:09:54
Posted: 03/22/13, 20:57:16
I'm pretty sure it was fear sweat that got the glue off of Bart's face.
Posted: 03/22/13, 23:05:18

look it up... .I was about to say fear sweat..but i kept getting terror sweat refrences for simpsons..
Posted: 03/22/13, 23:35:40
I always hate the really ambiguous commercials where you can't even tell what product they are advertising until the end. This has been cropping up more and more with car commercials but it's at its best with the drug commercials. You will get the name of the drug, be told to ask your doctor, and see people having fun or being happy, then the ridiculous list of side effects that make you question what could possibly be worse than those. At that point, it's over! So what the hell is it supposed to do for me other than potentially make me lose all my hair and cause seizures?
Posted: 03/22/13, 23:38:34
I saw an ad for a toothbrush with "FTP Technology" once. As a computer dude, this confused me. I think it meant something else. It would be kind of cool if I could upload files to Negative World using my toothbrush though. I guess.

Smerd said:
Of course, this couldnít have been farther from the truth, and SEGA fans are generally good people

Are they though?

Are they?
Posted: 03/23/13, 00:05:12  - Edited by 
 on: 03/23/13, 00:12:39




Really? Wow. No it's definitely Terror sweat. I'd post a video if I could find one. Everything links to stupid Hulu.
Posted: 03/23/13, 00:30:15

Yeah...I tried to post a video as well.... but yeah - Terror Sweat. I did my research
Posted: 03/23/13, 00:37:35

Ah man I corrected someone incorrectly.
Posted: 03/23/13, 18:20:12
Did you guys know the word "Halitosis" was basically made up by Listerine to sell mouthwash? At least according to the great QI. The idea was to make bad breath sound like a legit medical condition that should, therefore, be treated. With Listerine.
Posted: 04/05/13, 05:47:36

I didn't know that..

Listerine burns my mouth... so does Crest Actually.
Posted: 04/05/13, 05:48:57
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