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3DS 2.0 vs. Xbox 360... 4.0? [roundtable]
I don't remember what version it's on. Anyway, let us discuss the new apps/UIs for these two consoles! (We don't really have to do a shootout. I just wanted to discuss both.)

So the new 360 UI is horseshit. It's confusing, littered with ads, horrible, and horrorful (if you don't have Kinect). Way to optimize your entire interface for big hand swipes! Bing might be nice, if I gave a fuck about multimedia Harry Potter content. And the Game List still takes forever to populate (but might be a smidge quicker?) But it's still functional, so whatever. Some of the Apps are worthless, too (like 'What was on TV Yesterday!'), but some are pretty cool. I'm kind of embarrassed at how much time I've sunk into Youtube on the 360. I feel kind of like a caveman for needing my 360 to view web videos on my TV, but watching rare, low-quality concert footage on the telly is totally addictive. My brother likes the ESPN stuff, and Netflix is Netflix, but I'm not too interested in the other apps, as yet. The additional functionality is kind of neat, I admit, but IS THIS WHAT MY XBLA SUBSCRIPTION IS PAYING FOR? AAAARRRGGHH! FUND SOME NEW GAMES, YOU BASTARDS! IF I WANTED A SET-TOP BOX, I WOULD'VE BOUGHT ONE FOR $40!!

So, yeah, mixed. I quite like the new 3DS stuff, though (surprise, surprise). Nintendo has kind of been bombarding us with goodness. 3D video is pretty sweet (and surprisingly easy on the SD Card), though I haven't really figured out how to get a nice, clean image yet. The stop-motion ability is a nice bonus feature that nobody would have ever requested. SwapNote is limited, but AWESOME, with a great use of Play Coins. I like the new SpotPass Mii Plaza stuff. The 'Join Game' functionality is a bit janky, but still nice to have. New puzzles and functionality in Puzzle Swap is welcome, and Find Mii II is a nice improvement over the original, with more clever Play Coin usage. Nintendo Zone seems fucking bizarre, and I keep forgetting to try it out when I'm at Best Buy. And I haven't even had time for the GBA Ambassador games yet. Phew!

In conclusion, 3DS wins! (Seriously, I think hating on the system at this point would be pretty dumb. Vita will have a hard road to hoe next year.) And I am seriously concerned about MS's future direction. I genuinely don't want to support them next gen.

Speaking of which, did any of you read the EULA that you had to sign to get The New Xbox Experience (without which you couldn't fully use your 360)? Man, that thing was fucking brutal. We had to agree NOT to participate in any class-action lawsuits, which is pretty convenient, given the recent string of account hacking and credit card theft. Oh, Microsoft.... Nay, Micro$oft!

You guys might think I'm being a bit harsh on ol' Billy Boy, but I had some seriously awful Customer Service experiences with MS that totally soured me on the company.

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Posted: 12/27/11, 22:03:41  - Edited by 
 on: 12/27/11, 22:17:44
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How is the Play Coin use awesome in SwapNote? Why should I have to pay to save a photo or sound clip that someone sent me?
Posted: 12/27/11, 22:09:29
3DS > 360
Posted: 12/27/11, 22:11:31
Honestly, I'm not comparing them. I just wanted to discuss both, but was too lazy to make two threads.

Actually, I don't like that part, either. But I thought the coins-for-stationary made for a nice little economy. I can see the argument that everything should have been unlocked immediately, but I enjoyed that implementation.

Plus, I only said the Play Coin usage was Great.
Posted: 12/27/11, 22:15:38  - Edited by 
 on: 12/27/11, 22:41:34
Ah, yeah, some of us are unable to compare them.

I dunno. Cool functionality. Still a ways to go.
Posted: 12/27/11, 22:24:05
Yep, the 3DS is in beast mode... so much stuff to do with it. I took some nice video over the holidays, though the fps seems a little low for my liking. I also have a tough time getting the right lighting conditions for good photo/video, and the resolution is crappy for this day and age. But whatever, it's still fun to use, and 3D photos > 2D photos. There will definitely be a better quality camera in the 3DS revision, and I'll buy it for that.

Swapnote is a nice e-mail app, it's simple and fun to use. There are a few quibbles like not be able to reply more than once and no colour pencils.
I have fun reading you guys' random doodles and such.

The eShop got a nice upgrade recently, now you can download via spotpass, and add exact amounts to your wallet. And the eShop games are finally here. Pushmo is great, and then there's FreakyForms, Mighty Switch Force, ZEN Pinball on the way, and then the two January games from Nintendo. Also you can redeem games for club nintendo coins, which is brilliant.

Now all we need are game demos, which are up in Japan. Resident Evil Revelations demo looks hot.

I can see how it would not be awesome for someone who doesn't collect play coins.
Posted: 12/27/11, 22:32:38
Oh, yeah. I forgot that Jargsy doesn't carry his 3DS around. That would definitely make the feature less welcome.

You can actually take reasonably nice 3D photos... in the PERFECT environment. I assume that the same would be true of 3D video? The lighting is really a bitch, though. It's not just resolution, since old digital cameras took perfectly acceptable low-res pictures.

And I forgot about the Download Later option. That's great. Much better, especially for the Ambassador stuff/videos/etc. Using Club Nintendo points for (great) games IS brilliant, and the downloadable stuff has been taking off (with more to come, judging by Japanese releases). I think the Game Boy VC support has always been pretty strong, but maybe it's time for some new systems.

Definitely. But isn't it kind of stunning that Nintendo released these updates at all? We used to have to wait for a new system for that kind of stuff.
Posted: 12/27/11, 22:46:46  - Edited by 
 on: 12/27/11, 22:47:35
This is about the UI overhauls right? The 3DS's is pretty good but needs a way to group or sort games. The new 360 interface is becoming easier to navigate now but there's still room for improvement.
Posted: 12/27/11, 23:30:29
Yeah, that's definitely a necessary addition for 3DS. Even just folders for VC consoles, WiiWare, etc. would help.

Do you really think the 360 is easier to navigate? I think it's way harder to find the actual games (although I eventually did).
Posted: 01/01/12, 01:55:25

Easier as in easier then when the update first came out. It's probably about the same as it was before now to me.
Posted: 01/01/12, 02:02:32
Oh. Sometimes the Game List seems to populate more quickly, but other times, it still lags. I have to perform some tests on that.

Poor Indie Games. They've been totally ghettoized. Totally more ghettoized.
Posted: 01/01/12, 02:05:45  - Edited by 
 on: 01/01/12, 02:06:14
Love the 3DS.

Don't have an Xbox.

Can't answer that.
Posted: 01/01/12, 03:05:54
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