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The games of 2010 you are sick of hearing about (let's talk about them!) [roundtable]

Maybe it's just because I listen to way too many gaming podcasts, but I cannot stand hearing about Game Dev Story anymore. The first time I heard it mentioned, it was intriguing enough: you play this sim where you're this developer trying to make it. The big draw of the game, beyond the sim aspect, seems to be the ability to give your games weird titles and one-up your friends.

So yeah, I've never played the game but I feel I did it justive in two sentences.

Well, every single podcast I listen to has had at least one person going on and on for at least 15 minutes about this game, over-explaining it and just giggling at the titles he or others came up with. After the 3rd time or so, unless my hands were busy doing something else, I would reach for the fast forward button as quickly as I could when I heard the game being mentioned.

Good lord. I think all these games journalists follow each other on Twitter (or maybe Neogaf, makes me glad I don't have the habit of lurking there) and then when one of them starts praising a certain game, everyone else will latch on to this "discovery" and want to share it with everyone else. It's pretty damn annoying, actually. Find your own obscure games to talk about, god damn it.

So... anyone else? There's a chance I may be the only one with this "problem", since it's my own fault if I subject myself to over half a dozen gaming podcasts...

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Posted: 01/05/11, 18:18:39  - Edited by 
 on: 01/08/11, 03:59:21
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Game Dev Story is on the Android Market as a featured title, but I can't justify the asking price (~$2.52 today, changes as the exchange rate does) since Google changed the brilliant 24 hour refund period to fifteen minutes (which stinks, because some titles take longer than that to download). I need a little more time than that to make up my mind. Yeah, $2.50 isn't a big deal, and I'm not really big into sims...but I'm still curious about the allure of that one.
Posted: 01/05/11, 18:31:46
Never heard of the game you are talking about..

However I am a bit annoyed at Last Story - Just shut up and release it in N.A already- Make the teasing stop! ahh!
Posted: 01/05/11, 18:35:58
Minecraft. No, I still haven't played it, not really planning to either.
Posted: 01/05/11, 18:53:39
Call. Of. Fucking. Duty.

I'm sick of hearing 'COD this' and 'COD that'.
Posted: 01/05/11, 18:55:52
Huh. I don't think I've heard of this "Game Dev Story" before. I suppose I don't listen to enough podcasts. Or I'm behind on the ones I *do* listen to.

I am getting a little sick of hearing about Red Dead Redemption on every other forum besides Negative World.

EDIT: Oh, and "AssBro" as well. (Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood)
Posted: 01/05/11, 18:58:46  - Edited by 
 on: 01/05/11, 18:59:29
Monster Hunter Tri.
Posted: 01/05/11, 19:01:45
Super Meat Boy. When I first read an article on it awhile ago, I just didn't really like the concept or the characters, style, etc. Now everyone and their mother is talking about it and I'm just tired of hearing about it these days.
Posted: 01/05/11, 19:15:36
GelatinousEncore said:
Monster Hunter Tri.

Posted: 01/05/11, 19:28:49
Yeah, I could go without hearing about Game Dev Story ever again. I guess not everybody listens to as many podcasts as we do, so it's somewhat forgivable that the podcasters think they're turning us on to the hot new undiscovered thing. But, yeah. It's horrible.

Also, Red Dead Redemption, Call of Duty, Battlefield (pretty much any shooter, really), Mass Effect, StarCraft, Assassin's Creed anything...

Some stuff just doesn't work well in podcasts. Game Dev Story certainly falls in that category. I think impressions should be limited to 4-5 minutes, generally. Only mechanics that stand out or are interesting should be discussed.

There was an interesting bit on Weekend Confirmed recently. Something about how games like Singularity get so much free publicity and coverage, just because they are the ONLY thing to discuss when they come out, and people podcast every single week. You know, this Holiday Season actually didn't feel too crowded, though. Maybe that's just my perception.

I think I'll just listen to a Heavy Rain spoiler-cast. I have no real desire to play that game. I'm curious about the ending that pisses everybody off. I have a guess.
Posted: 01/05/11, 19:31:40  - Edited by 
 on: 01/05/11, 19:31:58
@anon_mastermind SAME. I'm sure Minecraft is awesome for what it is, and the developer deserves all kinds of respect. But I'm just not interested in it and everyone and their brother won't stop talking about it.

I'm always sick of Call of Duty but when I'm in the classrooms it is doubly so because it seems like that is the only game that kids play nowadays. Ever.
Posted: 01/05/11, 20:55:17
-Mostly anything for another system
-Epic Mickey (even though my wife owns it)
-Black Ops (ruined my Madden AND NHL2K11 leagues..we've recovered though)
-Deadly Creatures
-No More Heroes
-Scott Pilgrim vs. The World


Kinda sorry.. Kinda.
Posted: 01/05/11, 21:02:03
Just Call of Duty Black Ops. Not trying to hate or anything, but the amount of attention it gets is almost unreal.


But it's so good! Through countless hours of blood, sweat, and tears from the developers (and players!) it became a breakout success that's also a damn good game in it's genre. It's release fiasco on the Wii is a drag though....
Posted: 01/05/11, 21:05:05

How did Deadly Creatures get in there?

Also, wtf, Titanic?
Posted: 01/05/11, 21:34:36

You just hate Goldeneye cause we use the chat for it, lol.
Posted: 01/05/11, 21:46:54

Why don't you guys use Skype anyway?
Posted: 01/05/11, 22:27:21

The better question is, why doesn't Goldeneye itself support in-game voice chat?!? It's not like developers don't know about Wii Speak (as good/terrible as it is). Or heck, Activision obviously knows how to incorporate voice chat in their games, since Black Ops supports it. *grumble grumble*

not that I'm playing either of these games online anyway, lol.
Posted: 01/05/11, 22:33:30
I've never heard of Game Dev Story before, probably since I almost never listen to podcasts.

I'm kind of tired of hearing about Monster Hunter Tri, even though I haven't played the full game. I didn't think the demo was that much fun, so that's part of why I have yet to check it out. I also find it somewhat annoying to hear about No More Heroes 2; mainly because I think the first game is better in virtually every way, yet the second game has gotten a reputation of being better than the first.
Posted: 01/05/11, 22:47:37  - Edited by 
 on: 01/05/11, 22:47:48

I keep talking about Deadly Creatures (I bring it up every time someone mentions a game and they're trying to get people on board for it..Deadly Creatures hype disappeared with its release..), and I'm sick of talking about it.

I'm still haunted by Titanic cockblocking Spice World at the box office. Had that freakin' boat movie not been out, the Spice Girls would've been #1, baby! NUMBER ONE!!


Yeah, stop talking about it! No, really, not a shooter guy. If you used Chat for Monster Hunter coordination or Ogre Battle Class Change discussions, I'd be a-ok with it.
Posted: 01/05/11, 23:42:26
Because Nintendo surely imposed that Wii Speak not be supported. No new games will support the peripheral. Activision went out of their way to support a USB headset for Black Ops.
Posted: 01/05/11, 23:52:38
I'm glad games don't support Wii Speak. What a waste of money that thing is. Maybe it's because I'm going deaf but I can never understand the person I'm playing and it's not because of a language barrier.

The only thing it's useful for is to create the illusion of having someone in the room playing video games with you even though you can understand the people in the room next to you.
Posted: 01/06/11, 00:01:09
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