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Have Nintendo's tiny fridges stopped you from spending more money on WiiW, DSiW? [roundtable]
VC, etc.?

Pretty self-explanatory. Has the limited amount of space on the Wii and DSi actually caused you to spend less money on downloadable games?

For me, it TOTALLY has. I pretty much stopped buying stuff on the Wii until the SD solution was put in place. And I haven't bought a DSiWare game in quite some time, even though there are plenty that appeal to me, due to space limitations. I could clean out my fridge, but I kind of don't want to, and it's a pain in the ass. Even that small inconvenience is enough to stop me from buying a new game.

How about you guys? Has Nintendo's cheapness actually cost them money, in this case? Or are we just a fiscally insignificant minority?

(I don't expect you guys to have an answer for the last one, but we could try to figure it out, somehow.)

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Posted: 01/01/11, 19:23:10
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It did for awhile, but I view the SD solution as adequate.

I really don't buy anything now because they stopped releasing good games on the Virtual Console and I kind of don't like spending money on digital downloads without assurance that I will have access to the games in the future... should be like a Steam account.
Posted: 01/01/11, 19:27:08
Yeah, the legacy thing is another wrinkle. I think the legacy support for 3DS shows promise for that of Wii 2.
Posted: 01/01/11, 19:34:25
No. I find it annoying but I still clear the DSi fridge when something grabs my attention and I've finished one of the games I had.

The SD card solution on the Wii is adequate enough for it not to be a real problem anymore.
Posted: 01/01/11, 19:34:29
Pandareus said:
No. I find it annoying but I still clear the DSi fridge when something grabs my attention and I've finished one of the games I had.
You see my problem.

The issue is exacerbated on handhelds, I think, because I love the idea of having a ton of games residing on the device, even with no cart. That makes it even more painful to remove games, especially pick-up-and-play, arcade-style games.
Posted: 01/01/11, 19:36:27  - Edited by 
 on: 01/01/11, 19:36:41
No. I didn't really start downloading games until WiiWare launched, and once that got rolling the SD card solution fixed everything.
Posted: 01/01/11, 19:40:26
Pandareus said:
The SD card solution on the Wii is adequate enough for it not to be a real problem anymore.

Although they did lose some sales from me early on.

I don't have a DSi so I don't know what the deal is there. They don't have any kind of SD solution or anything? 3DS will fix that... RIGHT?

I hope Nintendo gets smart and removes their tiny limitations on game sizes next gen as well. It kind of stings that we're not getting Super Meat Boy when Team Meat totally wanted to do a WiiWare version.
Posted: 01/01/11, 19:52:20
Where Wii is concerned... Yes, yes, yes, and yes. Sure the SD card "solution" helps, but it definitely doesn't provide for me a suitable remedy. I find the SD "fix" slow, clunky, and discouraging to use. Not only has the service prevented me from downloading new content considerably, it has prevented me from playing previously downloaded games. When the system has four pages of channels, but I can't even fill up two without receiving a storage space warning... There's a problem. And yes, I know the SD card "feature" works and yes perhaps I am simply too impatient to wait for the SD card menu to load, then all the games to load, then the individual game to start, but as things stand, I find the method limiting. I have only recently had storage problems with the DSi, so my feelings regarding this aren't quite as heated.
Posted: 01/01/11, 20:41:07
I probably buy less than what many might expect. Storage was never an issue and with the SD card update it's no longer any problem at all. Most of my problem is spreading my budget across a bunch of platforms that Wiiware/XBLA and the like get neglected. For DSi my DSi is Japanese so certain titles I'm waiting for a US 3DS to get them. My biggest problem right now is the transference issue. Once Nintendo gives it the public green light I'm going on a VC buying spree and will pick up just about everything I like for the sake of having it all in one place. However, as it stands I'm mostly getting games I haven't played or games I really like but don't have access to otherwise.
Posted: 01/01/11, 20:53:28
Nope. The 8GB SDHC I got for like $15 a few years ago has plenty of storage on it. I've got like three dozen WiiWare/VC games and I've got tons of space left.
Posted: 01/01/11, 21:05:58  - Edited by 
 on: 01/01/11, 21:06:21
Yea it has. Though I'm pretty picky on what games I end up purchasing via dl. I don't like to clutter things up, when I haven't finished previously purchased games.

I have 4 WiiWare games and 10 or 11 VC games and I've had a Wii since launch.

Also not having sales hurts too. XBL and PSN constantly have sales for their content.

It just shows how A) Nintendo truly doesn't give a shit about the dl service and/or B) They are so out of touch, they have no idea what to do with the Wii Shop channel.

I actually have confidence this will be remedied when their next console releases.
Posted: 01/01/11, 21:11:10
8 and 4 GB cards in each, so not so much. You can even play on the Wii right from the card. Noice.
Posted: 01/01/11, 21:25:13
gamewizard65 said:
Nope. I never really cared about the amount of space on the Wii. I pretty downloaded whatever I wanted, cause I knew if I ran out of space, I could always redownload whatever game I had already purchased. I never felt I was being inconvenienced by having to 'clean out the firdge". And to be honest, I don't remember really having to do that much. I have close to 50 games downloaded, but I honestly cannot remember having to delete many games when I needed a new one. Im sure I did, but I guess since it was something that never bugged me, I never really thought about it while actually doing it.

With that being said, Im glad the SD solution took place. I have all my games on my SD card, but I do need to redownload them all since I transferred everything over to my Red Wii. Thats probably something I will do this weekend.

I guess in a way you could say that it probably did cost Nintendo some money since there are people(like yourself) and Im sure others who didn't download as much. Probably compared to the big picture though, its probably like pennies to Nintendo. At the same time, being a company in business to make money, Nintendo should be looking for ways to correct this with thier next console. Hopefully they are learning from MS and Sony to have different size harddrives available for people, since some like to download tons of stuff and others may be happy with just a few gigs worth of memory. Thier next console should internally have a gew gigs and then the option to add more to the console. I guess it all depends on how much money they perceive they lost this gen. and how much they will make with thier next console by giving thier customers options on buying more memory.

This year should prove to be interesting, at least in regards to what is going on with thier next console and when we should see it's release. While I would love Wii in HD and all that, I am pretty content with my current Wii. I feel at the earliest it will be 2012 when thier next major console is released.
Wait, what? You can do this? How? I gave up a lot of DSiWare titles when I picked up my DSi XL, and I would LOVE to get them on the XL. Can you really do this?
Posted: 01/01/11, 21:27:41
No....I think the last game I bought, retail or DL was Metroid other M. In fact, the amount of Wiiware I've downloaded on the Wii's lifetime could still fit in the internal memory.

Hhhm. This reminds me, I feel like I am getting away from gaming.
Posted: 01/01/11, 21:40:51
No, hasn't stopped me from buying. I have an SD card for both systems with plenty of space.

Simbabbad said:
The Wii and DSi shop are laughable.


But at least the downloads are nice speedy. And the games are fun. *shrugs*
Posted: 01/01/11, 22:37:38  - Edited by 
 on: 01/01/11, 23:54:18
No, but I think it will soon when I get to the limit of DSiWare. And it did back when the SD card was locked on the Wii.
Posted: 01/02/11, 00:02:43
Nope, it hasn't stopped me. The SD card solution on Wii is fine and I only own a few games on DSiWare, because most don't really interest me..
Posted: 01/02/11, 00:57:51  - Edited by 
 on: 01/02/11, 00:59:08
What's wrong with the way the WiiWare/VC shops are set up? Outside of the lack of more demos?
Posted: 01/02/11, 02:58:30
Eh, kinda. I haven't really bought any WiiWare/VC stuff in a long time. Its more of a "do I have time for this? I don't play the VC stuff I already have.." type of thing. Heck, I've got disc games that don't get played..
Posted: 01/02/11, 03:37:21

Agreed again. For the most part. But to it's credit, the stuff that IS there is easily downloadable and are fun. *shrugs*
Posted: 01/02/11, 03:42:26  - Edited by 
 on: 01/02/11, 03:45:13
Well they do have recommended games and such.

I guess I'm comparing it to the PSN shop which, for the most part, is also just lists of games, albeit they break it up more like A-G, etc. and fit more games on each page.

I kind of wish some real numbers on the sales for these things would be released, but then, I guess it'd have to come from Nintendo/Microsoft/Sony themselves as there is no retail outlets, so not sure how trustworthy it would be.
Posted: 01/02/11, 20:57:59
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