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Awful Levels/Segments in Otherwise Great Games [roundtable]
Wet-Dry World in Mario 64

I always hated this level, whenever I play this game now this is always one of the last ones I finish. I don't know, I guess it just feels really boring and unpleasant.

The Riverboat in Half-Life 2

True story, I played through the first part of Half-Life 2, loved it, made it to the riverboat, hated every minute of that, and stopped playing the game before I picked up about 8 months later. Very glad I did, but that section I have no desire to ever play again.

Flood Levels in Halo Games

The flood have always been a chore to fight and these missions consistently are the low points of each of the main trilogy titles.

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11/19/10, 08:49    Edited: 11/23/10, 09:55
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I can think of one good example right away... the detective/pixel hunt parts in Metroid Other M.
11/19/10, 08:55   
I did! Are they still too big?
11/19/10, 08:57   
Nah fine now.

Oh... New Pork City in Brawl. Ew.
11/19/10, 09:04   
The Water Temple in Ocarina of Time should be mentioned immediately.
11/19/10, 09:05   
Water Temple was soooo bad. Can't believe I left that out.
11/19/10, 09:10   
(using capitals, go me)

I detest pretty much any game's water level(s) if there is not a form of locomotion faster than swimming, and sinking.

Exception: swimming in Ocarina of Time still sucked, but i did love the Water Temple.

Other than that, off the top of my head: I HATE Metroid Prime 2's Dark Aether. All of it. Right up until you get the Light Suit. The music was too subdued, the environments all too similar and dark (imagine that), and the constant taking of damage (followed by constantly having to sit and recoup) could have been used more sparingly and/or have been negated sooner. It was an amazing game, but Dark Aether was just uninteresting and unnecessarily hellish for too long.
11/19/10, 09:11   
The Water Temple in OOT was freaking awesome. You guys just suck at video games and life.
11/19/10, 09:14   
Great thread idea. I can think of many many areas like this in great games.

For HL2 though I have to disagree and say the opposite!! I think the game is best at the beginning and later on gets tedious. I especially dislike Anti-Citizen One when you're leading the rebels. I actually really enjoy Water Hazard but I kinda agree that the boat parts themselves are a bit tedious. I like the atmosphere in Water Hazard, I think it's the high point of the game!!
11/19/10, 09:28   
OH GOD... I just thought of another one. The endoscopy missions in Trauma Team.

Honestly, I know a lot of people prefer this game to the other Wii Trauma games, but the endoscopy missions kind of bring down the overall experience a lot for me.
11/19/10, 09:55   
In Okami, there are these big wall obstacles that are somehow characters and to proceed you have to basically play a visual game of Simon on the rock surface. Those were all fine... until the final one. It was a period when I still smoked pretty heavily on occasion, and I had just shared two blunts with my roommates. I COULD NOT FUCKING GET IT. It was way too fast for the level of my stupor and it was driving me insane. 20 minutes had to have gone by when it dawned on me to record a video of it and play it back slow.

And, I don't know who here has played Myst, but there's a segment where you enter what looks like a submarine on tracks, and then proceed into a hellish maze. Mazes SUCK. Started making a map pretty much immediately, but it still took me 3-4 hours to do everything in there if I recall correctly.
11/19/10, 10:09   
Well I don't think this is a great game, but the Lost in Nightmares downloadable episode for Resident Evil 5 is pretty good... until you get to the boring-ass tedious Wesker boss fight, and you have to run around for minutes on end waiting for the end cutscene. That one fight is the reason I haven't replayed Lost in Nightmares as much as I would otherwise, because every fight with Wesker sucks ass.

I haven't beaten Mega Man Legends 2 yet, but the underwater Nino Ruins were pretty tedious. The pace of gameplay is literally slowed down (seriously; text scrolls slower during those sections), and it takes forever to move from one fucking door to another.
11/19/10, 10:23   
I'm gonna have to agree to an extent with the Wet/Dry World in Super Mario 64 and I also agree fully with New Pork City in Brawl. Another I think would be a couple (though I can't recall specifically) levels from Zack and Wiki. That's my opinion (on Z&W) so any disagreers just gotta agree to disagree. I played through that whole game and did not feel anywhere close to the magic others tout.
11/19/10, 10:25   
I like the Wet Dry World in Super Mario 64. I remember as a kid, hating having to climb up the structure when the water was drained by having those roller scooper things flip me up, but nowadays I don't have an issue with it. I do also remember being really excited when I discovered the town section of the level. I just stumbled upon it on my own, long after I had unlocked that specific level, and it felt like an entirely new area had opened up to me.
11/19/10, 10:27   

This is exactly why Prime 2 is not as good as 1 or 3, suck it Prime 2 lovers.
11/19/10, 10:55   

The fuck. This part is so bad.

edit: in b4 wankers post random pics of the ocean or triforce quest
11/19/10, 11:09   
Edited: 11/19/10, 11:18

I agree.

And I'd say mine would be Naked, Cartwheeling Raiden in MGS2.
11/19/10, 13:28   
I really agree about the Forsaken Fortress in wind waker. Ugh. I actually didn't mind the Triforce Quest--especially the second time around. It really isn't bad, especially since it's all marked on the map for you.

That stupid slide-block puzzle in Resident Evil 4. Or any game.
11/19/10, 14:05   
Zero said:
The Water Temple in OOT was freaking awesome. You guys just suck at video games and life.


My contribution- Lokomo songs in Spirit Tracks. They almost ruined what would otherwise be an awesome game.
11/19/10, 15:07   
All of you who are going to say the Dark World in Echoes need to quit sucking at games so much. Same with the Water Temple in OOT. It wasn't that bad except for having to constantly go into the menu to switch your iron boots on and off.

Oh yeah, same with the Triforce quest in Wind Waker. If you were exploring the ocean and looking for treasure like you were supposed to in the first place, you wouldn't have to go on a hunt. Or not much of one.
11/19/10, 15:15   
Edited: 11/19/10, 15:19

(except the cutscenes)
11/19/10, 15:54   
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