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IF an incremental Switch upgrade comes out next year... [roundtable]
...and assuming that it has same functionality as the hybrid Switch... what should it be called, in order to appeal, yet not step on the toes of Switch 2?

Super Switch? Switch NEXT? Switch+? Switch Advance? Mega Switch?

(Switch One?)

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Posted: 11/27/20, 19:34:58
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Nintendo Switcheroo
Posted: 11/27/20, 19:56:12
Just steal Sony's terminology and call it the Switch Pro, people will figure it out.

My hottest gaming take these days is that Xbox One X, Xbox One S, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S actually aren't that much more complicated than what people put up with with iPhones every single year.

People are smart!
Posted: 11/27/20, 22:07:17  - Edited by 
 on: 11/30/20, 02:28:08

Iíve thought this very thing for a long time! Names can be silly, but they have little to no impact on sales. If a product is compelling, people will figure it out and buy it. The Wii U name may have caused a bit of confusion, but it was rectified with a single sentence explanation. Not a big deal at all. And I like my Series X! (and loved the Wii U, of course!)

As for an upgraded Switch hopefully coming next year? Hmmm, not sure I have any preferences at all. Switch Max?
Posted: 11/29/20, 15:14:16
At this point, Iím just hoping that the next Switch is the Switch 2... because Iíll absolutely buy an incremental New Switch and then the Switch 2 a year after that like the sucker I am if itís an option.
Posted: 11/30/20, 00:11:53
I like "Switch Pro" or "Switch Plus", with the actual Switch successor being called the "Switch 2".
Posted: 12/01/20, 15:42:03
My vote goes to Switch Advance.
Posted: 12/01/20, 18:59:49
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