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9/17/2020 Nintendo Direct Partner Mini!! [roundtable]
Yeah! Pretty sweet presentation, overall.

Capcom finally showed up! FINALLY, a dedicated MH on Switch!! It looks pretty fun, man. A bit fast, but let's see how they balance it all. All the platforming BotW stuff and the canine mounts seem really cool, if a bit out of place. We'll see how the seamless environments. At least there's no stupid scoutflies! Hoping that they iron out the framerate a bit. Excited!

Stories 2 is promising, too. Much prettier than rise. But it's probably going to have mindless turn-based combat. Bleahhh...

Super-pumped for Hades. It's supposed to AWESOME. I'll grab that today, if it runs well.

And Ori 2 came out of nowhere! It's so soon after the Xbox release! Pumped for that, as well, but I'll grab it on sale, since I haven't started the first. Microsoft is seriously one of the Switch's best third-parties, haha.

Rune Factory 5 looks sweet, and exclusive Disgaea 6 is a good sign of the shifting Japanese third-party tides heading into next generation.

Balan Wonderland looks kind of fun, in the jankiest of ways. And I might actually get Sniper Elite 4. That series cracks me up, because it rewards you for sniping a testicle. With, like, a bullet cam and an X-ray of the impact.

Oh, and Fitness Boxing 2, baby!! Haha, the first one was actually decent, but is there room for a sequel in a post-Ring Fit world...?

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Posted: 09/17/20, 21:38:37  - Edited by 
 on: 09/17/20, 21:38:29
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Some really good stuff in there today. Monster Hunter looked great! I had completely forgotten about The Long Dark. I've always wanted to check it out. I think 3 or so years ago it got a PS4 port, but I guess it was really buggy, and I never got around to playing it. Will definitely get it on Switch. And PGA 2K21! I haven't played a golf sim since Tiger...2009, maybe? Looking forward to giving it a spin, as I've heard pretty solid things about it.
Posted: 09/17/20, 22:51:03
Haha, I didn't even remember those. I also thought the golf game was already out...

Tiger Woods was amazing on the Gamecube. 2003, maybe? It was like a party golf game. Speaking of which, Party Golf is awesome. Speaking of which, Camelot is probably working on Mario Golf World Tour DX.
Posted: 09/17/20, 23:14:14
Might grab that golf game when it’s on sale. Or just finally buy Golf Story.

If there is a Negative World Monster Hunter Guild, I may dive back into the series.
Posted: 09/17/20, 23:26:00
Anand said:

Tiger Woods was amazing on the Gamecube. 2003, maybe?
We had that version as well, and yeah, it was a lot of fun. Tap that Z-button for spin and maximum holes in one!


Finally played Golf Story earlier in the year, and I can't recommend it enough. The humor was very on-point. Very rarely does a video game get me to genuinely laugh at its jokes, but I found myself chuckling consistently through most of the game. The actual golfing is surprisingly fun as well, despite being relatively simple.
Posted: 09/17/20, 23:33:30  - Edited by 
 on: 09/17/20, 23:33:44
Yeah! Remember that target shot mini-game, with simultaneous multiplayer (I think)?

Let's guild it up! The last MH that I played seriously was 3U on... Wii U.
Posted: 09/18/20, 00:05:23  - Edited by 
 on: 09/18/20, 00:06:24
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