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How do you use your Nintendo coins? [roundtable]
With regards to gold coins, I've developed the habit of waiting till I have a certain amount of coins, like 500 and then buying something with that. Right now, I'm aiming for 1,000 coins. Once I get that, I'll buy something that's $10 or get a $10 discount one something more expensive. I'm going to make an exception this month, however. Since, it's my birthday month, Nintendo sent me a 30% voucher I can use on a couple of games, I'm eyeing Metroid Samus Returns and Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga. But then, there's an offer where if I use up 90 gold coins, I can get a 30% discount on Metroid Samus Returns. So, I'm going to wait till next Thursday to see if by any chance either of these games goes on sale for 30%. It has already happened once before with Samus Returns but I was not wise enough to jump on the offer. So, in the off chance that happens, I'll nab both games for 30% and keep the 90 coins. If not, I'll spend the 90 coins and get $13 off.

What about you? How do you use your coins?

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Posted: 09/24/18, 04:34:26
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I use my coins on any games which can be bought outright from the MyNintendo site, seems like the best value for them. I've also redeemed for a couple of game discounts on stuff I was curious about, like Tank Troopers.
Posted: 09/24/18, 04:42:48  - Edited by 
 on: 09/24/18, 19:58:35
When I was checking out for my Switch Online subscription, it notified me that I had like 1200 coins, so I used them as a discount for that.
Posted: 09/24/18, 04:56:01

I saved about $2 on that myself by accident.
Posted: 09/24/18, 05:20:28
My instinct is to hold out for MyNintendo stuff, but I've just been spending them on the eShop these days. It's cool to grab discounted games using only space bucks.

God(s) know(s) I've been accruing enough of them...

But I still regret missing out on that Luigi's Mansion statue. Because of those stupid Game & Watch mini-collections.
Posted: 09/24/18, 06:38:02  - Edited by 
 on: 09/24/18, 06:41:14
@Anand Yeah, that statue was cool! I have the original Club Nintendo statue that features a lot of Mario characters. It seems that the new Switch Online Service will also provide a way to get exclusive swag like that, the first example being the wireless NES Switch controllers.
Posted: 09/24/18, 06:52:52
Except now we can pay for the privilege!

I have the original statue, too. But, man, that Luigi's Mansion statue is worth a lot of money...
Posted: 09/24/18, 08:05:33
Just money off of digital purchases. Everything else is trash.
Posted: 09/24/18, 09:33:48
I use them on every eShop purchase. I usually only get like 30 cents off or something but I get to feel like I'm paying below full price so...
Posted: 09/24/18, 15:46:06
I forget they are there and let them go to waste, mostly.
Posted: 09/24/18, 16:22:54
@Anand I don't think I had enough coins for that Luigi statue either, if I remember rightly it was the highest coin value of any prize ever offered. I didn't get the Kirby medal either, might have been for the same reason.
Posted: 09/24/18, 20:02:28
I finally got my first free purchase on the eShop with my coins.

I got Hammerwatch (excellent game, 1-4 players, top down dungeon crawler) using my coins up, don't have too many left.
Posted: 09/24/18, 22:41:21
I was planning to save them up for some pointless merch or possibly spend a few here and there on various digital Switch games, but I ended up spending all of them to get a hefty discount on Cities Skylines.

As for the platinum points they are mostly just sitting around until they expire. I sometimes use them to download wallpapers for my laptop and phone, and I've used some to get 3DS themes, but right now there's just nothing there for me.
Posted: 09/24/18, 22:57:01  - Edited by 
 on: 09/24/18, 23:02:02
I've got about $5.00 in gold coins. I'll be using them to pay for a portion of either BotW DLC, Snipper Clips DLC. or Splatoon 2 DLC.
Posted: 09/24/18, 23:00:15
@Mop it up
1200 coins!

I don't remember the Kirby medal.

I do remember my nephews ripping open my carefully concealed Animal Crossing card deck to play freaking Speed, or something. Instead of utilizing the well-stocked card/chips/dice bag already in the living room. GAAHHH!

My younger nephew was always trying to get into my giant Club Nintendo Question Block box, too. I was all "Why are you so obsessed with my forbidden box of mystery?!"
Posted: 09/25/18, 01:24:29  - Edited by 
 on: 09/25/18, 11:49:42
I use 'em on everything.

Free games. Discounts on games. 3DS themes. Free DLC. As alternate currency for Switch games. Anything.

I'm down for whatever they have to offer. It's basically free money, so why not?
Posted: 09/25/18, 04:40:50
I usually use mynintendo coins on Pinball FX tables nowadays.
Posted: 11/04/18, 09:24:14
I used them to cut my Nintendo Online subscription price in half. Seemed a worthy use.
Posted: 11/04/18, 16:05:33
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