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How do you spend your gaming time, in general? [roundtable]
Percentage-wise. Just curious. (I also want to analyze my own habits.)

Let's break it down between:

1) Linear single-player
2) Open-world single-player
3) Local multiplayer
4) Online competitive multiplayer
5) Online cooperative multiplayer

Feel free to get more or less granular. You could also provide average weekly or daily hours in each category, as well as a percentage breakdown of Home/Handheld/Mobile.

Bonus Questions: How long are your typical gaming sessions, in general, and how long are your typical online gaming sessions?

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Posted: 05/20/17, 20:53:39  - Edited by 
 on: 05/20/17, 21:07:02
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1) Linear single-player - 10% See next point
2) Open-world single-player - 20% I'm not sure the exact breakdown here but I feel like I play more open-world games than I do linear so I just went with that.
3) Local multiplayer - 0% Sadly. When I do have friends over we typically toss the controller back and forth and do a running commentary on games. Or it will be something like Civ where it's single player.
4) Online competitive multiplayer - 20% I'd guess or thereabouts. Used to be way more when Halo was good but nothing has really replaced that.
5) Online cooperative multiplayer - Big games here are Destiny/GTA. Probably a solid 50% or so.
Posted: 05/20/17, 21:52:01
Stephen said:
Local multiplayer - 0% Sadly. When I do have friends over we typically toss the controller back and forth and do a running commentary on games. Or it will be something like Civ where it's single player.
This blows my mind! Is that because not everyone is competitive? Controller shortage?
Posted: 05/20/17, 23:02:27  - Edited by 
 on: 05/20/17, 23:09:04
Normally I'd say it's something like this:

1) Linear single-player: 85%
2) Open-world single-player: 9%
3) Local multiplayer: 5%
4) Online competitive multiplayer: 1%
5) Online cooperative multiplayer: 0%

But these numbers will change quite drastically depending on what's new. Like, right now it's pretty much:

1) Linear single-player: 5% (Super Bomberman R and something on the NES or SNES)
2) Open-world single player 95% (Breath of the Wild)
Posted: 05/20/17, 23:05:04

Well it's more about camaraderie and less about playing to determine the winners. Different skill levels also play a part certainly. Some stuff is like Jackbox where it's local MP but not really a traditional videogame per se.

But yeah stuff like Smash Bros. would get played a bit but hasn't been a mainstay for years.
Posted: 05/21/17, 00:59:45
Definitely the vast majority is single-player. Would have to think harder than I feel like right now to determine whether it is linear or "open world". (Actually I rarely ever play open world, but Metroidvania-esque? Then again the 150+ hours of Zelda skews the open world a bit...)
Posted: 05/21/17, 01:35:33  - Edited by 
 on: 05/25/17, 19:54:29
25% = linear single player
0% = open-world single player
25% = local multiplayer
50% = online competitive
0& = online co-op

Don't have much time to game these days, so they either have to be "straight-forward" affairs (Shovel Knight, Fire Emblem, Puyo Puyo Tetris) or something that can be fun to play together in multiple short-bursts. (Street Fighter, Mark of the Wolves, Super Smash Bros.)

I don't really do online co-op...mostly just local co-op. And I think I might like an open-world game, but I just don't have time to play games like those. Probably why I still have Xenoblade Chronicles, Xenoblade Chronicles X, and yes...Breath of the Wild collecting dust on my shelves. (I don't WANT them to collect dust, mind. I DO WANT to play them! I just don't have time anymore!)
Posted: 05/21/17, 02:34:21
I also have a few multiplayer mainstays for groups with wildly varying skill levels, like Buzz Quiz, You Don't Know Jack, Game & Wario, karaoke games, Nintendoland, and Wii Sports. Also some co-op stuff, although that usually isn't as exclusive.

Oh, and Active Life Explorer, of course!
Posted: 05/21/17, 03:07:26
I've never tried to add it up, but I could take a guess at it. Also, I have no idea how to classify something like Super Mario Maker.

1) Linear single-player 39%
2) Open-world single-player 1%
3) Local multiplayer 10%
4) Online competitive multiplayer 10%
5) Online cooperative multiplayer 40%
Posted: 05/23/17, 20:59:50
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