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Do you think there will be another new handheld in addition to the Switch? Why or why not? [roundtable]
So, rumours existed that the NX (now Switch) would be both a home console and a portable, essentially letting Nintendo focus development on a single platform instead of two. While the home console + portability factor has certainly been confirmed, it isn't quite as clear whether this is going to be Nintendo's sole platform moving forward, or if we will see another new handheld as well. The 3DS is certainly on its last legs, so if a handheld is coming, I imagine it wouldn't be too far off... a year or two at most. But maybe the Switch is it?

Personally, I kind of think another new handheld is also on the way. The Switch is a neat idea, but it's not particularly easily portable... it's almost more like an iPad than a handheld. Especially in Japan, where commuting with Nintendo handhelds is a pretty big thing, it'd be kind of unfeasible to expect everyone to carry around the Switch every day. Also, this will probably be a fair bit more expensive than Nintendo handhelds tend to be, and there really isn't much evidence that people want expensive handhelds... Sony's have struggled, and the 3DS struggled with a $250 price tag at launch. Nintendo handhelds are Nintendo's bread and butter, and I'm not sure they would be willing to risk that on the Switch as a replacement.

HOWEVER, I also think they're probably going to give Switch a small bit of time and see if it could potentially take the place of both. Sort of like how the DS was introduced as something else, so that if it bombed they could always do a new Game Boy. If it's not quite living up to Nintendo's standards for its handheld, they can go ahead with a new handheld.

Still, it brings up the question of... if I'm right, how will they present and market and develop for this thing moving forward? Will they openly claim it is a replacement for both a console and a handheld, and go all in on that idea for a bit? Or leave it a bit more vague so they can fall back on a new handheld if needed?

What do YOU think?

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Posted: 10/24/16, 19:14:30
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"Like brothers" is what Iwata said. I believe him. If Nintendo wants to mimic Apple then I say go for it.
iPhone, iPad, Switch, Switch Mini, Switch Pro, etc.
Remember 3DS, 3DSXL, 2DS, and New 3DS? Apply that to Switch.

There should be Switch revisions. They're gonna have to go for 4k eventually.
Posted: 10/24/16, 19:20:11  - Edited by 
 on: 10/24/16, 19:21:27
Posted: 10/24/16, 19:23:24
Hey for all you know 3D might make a return! Maybe even 2 screens? Unlikely if they want feature parity with Switch though...

I'd bet on 3DS successor being a Switch Mini though.
Posted: 10/24/16, 19:38:46

On Twitter they were having a discussion about having two versions of Switch. I won't take credit for the system names they thought up of, but what if the successsor to 3DS was a simpler version of the home console? The handheld would be called Light Switch and the home console would be called Power Switch. lol
Posted: 10/24/16, 20:41:06
I suppose a Switch Mini of a sort could make sense, but wouldn't that be kind of weird? Here is a handheld that is just an inferior version of our console?
Posted: 10/24/16, 21:16:14
It's a bad idea, so yes, I assume it will happen. :p
Posted: 10/24/16, 21:17:42
Would they really want to wait and see how the Switch performs at this point? The 3DS is definitely on its way out and if there is a successor, then work has most likely already started on it. So they can't just be like "Oh well the Switch is doing well so I guess we'll scratch this entire platform." if it's already in the planning phases or whatever, can they? It'll be interesting to see what it is anyway since the Switch is doing both the console and portable.
Posted: 10/24/16, 21:25:39  - Edited by 
 on: 10/24/16, 21:26:09
@VofEscaflowne I was thinking more along the lines of how they would introduce a 3DS successor I guess. I don't have very clear thoughts on this. Just that IF they're going to try to get some of that handheld development moving to the Switch, they need to be very careful how they present any type of 3Ds successor.

And if they don't try to get some of that handheld development moving to the Switch well... I'd be worried about the future of the Switch. The whole benefit of the "combo" system was Nintendo could just focus on one thing, third parties who supported their handhelds would be there, etc. But if they just do a totally different handheld what will 3rd party Switch support look like?

This is why I kind of suspect something not as straightforward as a completely separate handheld. But it is tough to say what. I'd think a less powerful platform but with the same general architecture so developers could easily make games for both but if they make a new handheld just an inferior Switch that would be, as I said above, a bit weird.
Posted: 10/24/16, 21:49:36  - Edited by 
 on: 10/24/16, 21:51:59
My guess is that it will depend on how well the Switch does, in the same way that the DS was considered a "third pillar" until it outperformed the existing two pillars.

If the Switch does well, then this becomes Nintendo's business model going forward. Probably with multiple SKUs, but with everything under the "Switch" banner. There may be options for a handheld-only SKU and/or a home-only SKU.

I think the only way we see another "Game Boy" or "DS" in the next 10 years is if the Switch doesn't take off. I think if that happens, Nintendo might forgo the home console idea altogether and go strictly with handhelds, perhaps with a video out that they'll downplay as a major selling point.
Posted: 10/24/16, 22:22:54
Nintendo's talked a lot about a unified system, and they've undergone major restructuring to combine their console and handheld development teams into one, so the signs are there that the Switch is taking the place of both Wii U and 3DS. If they do indeed make a separate portable system of some kind, I would guess that it will be similar architecture as the Switch, and probably play the same games.

I certainly hope that they aren't planning another handheld, especially if it will have its own library of games since the idea of a shared library is what is most appealing about the Switch to me. But it would not surprise me at all.
Posted: 10/24/16, 22:44:28  - Edited by 
 on: 10/24/16, 22:45:17
Making a system that doesn't play the exact same library of game cards would defeat the entire purpose of the Switch. And Nintendo said that it wasn't coming for a while.

Which leads me to believe that Nintendo will wait until Nvidia can shrink the exact same Switch SOC down to actual handheld portable levels and release a pocket-sized version with exactly the same capabilities, but with a smaller screen, longer battery life, and perhaps permanently affixed controls. And maybe even the ability to still connect to the dock.

It would be a nice option to have for local multiplayer. I'd buy one!
Posted: 10/24/16, 22:49:08  - Edited by 
 on: 10/24/16, 22:50:08
@Zero Wouldn't the Switch Mini just be the same as the Switch, but maybe just doesn't connect to the TV?

Keep the main gamepad part, shrink it, and you can sell it for like $200 at some point.

I think Nintendo's goal with this machine is to be able to sell as many as possible. At some point, maybe you get a few for the fam. Maybe one of them is the Switch that connects to the TV, while the others are just portable. A huge reason their handhelds just sell better is because Nintendo can improve on the design and reiterate over time. Having multiple SKUs is an obvious way to kickstart the system when it needs some more life.

I try to think of what a 3DS successor looks like and I just don't know where it fits next to the Switch. Why not just have a less expensive Switch, aside from the fact that Nintendo would be completely abandoning dual screen gaming?
Posted: 10/24/16, 23:09:41
I hope not, personally. I like the idea of Nintendo focusing all their efforts on a single hybrid system. There should be much less drought periods that way, and it will be even better if third parties stick around this time too... which they hopefully should so long as the Switch actually sells.
Posted: 10/24/16, 23:11:02
If the NSwitch sells well, no. If it sells poorly, yep.

Reasons: Monies.
Posted: 10/25/16, 00:36:51
Hinph said:
I hope not, personally. I like the idea of Nintendo focusing all their efforts on a single hybrid system. There should be much less drought periods that way, and it will be even better if third parties stick around this time too... which they hopefully should so long as the Switch actually sells.
Pretty much my thoughts verbatim. I see this doing very well. Taking Skyrim on the go at console quality (or pretty close to it)? Seller for gamers. If they can secure the games and the sales, it'll sell.
Posted: 10/25/16, 00:58:54
I really have no idea but I know that I'm covered for several years playing my Gameboy, GBA, DS, and 3DS... many many games yet to play on those systems, and when I really want something portable I reach for my SP+ or GB Micro.
Posted: 10/25/16, 01:56:37
Not in the short term. I'd be surprised if a significant amount of R&D hasn't already been done on a 3DS successor, though. But I wouldn't expect even an announcement on that until the Switch goes through at least one Christmas season.

But I'll agree with Hinph who points out that one of the big selling points of a hybrid system is that Nintendo can focus their software efforts on a single platform, rather than having to produce hit software for two different ones. So... I guess my gut says that Nintendo's commitment to the hybrid concept pretty much implies that they're banking on a single platform. Any 3DS successor is a Plan B at this point.

I still think they should produce a Gameboy Phone, though. I'm still not sure why nobody has put a D-Pad on a smartphone, yet.
Posted: 10/25/16, 03:17:50  - Edited by 
 on: 10/25/16, 03:19:35
Why's it a bad idea? 3 hours or so on the go really isn't up to snuff for a portable, power be damned. The Grants of the world (and hell, even me) would like improved battery life.

Plus, is this big thing a good match for kids? Size and durability will be important.
Posted: 10/25/16, 03:23:17  - Edited by 
 on: 10/25/16, 03:25:02
kriswright said:

I still think they should produce a Gameboy Phone, though. I'm still not sure why nobody has put a D-Pad on a smartphone, yet.

I'd buy a thinner DS that was also a phone, hands down. Also as far as why no D-pad on phones, I think if they could get away with zero buttons they would. People don't want buttons on phones anymore, it seems...
Posted: 10/25/16, 04:51:52
A smaller, portable version of the Switch that plays Switch games? Sure, I'd be fine with that.

But if they make a fully separate, has-its-own-games follow-up to the 3DS, I would be highly disappointed. By far the most enticing thing about the Switch is a consolidated Nintendo library. The portability is nice, but if they do the "two systems" thing again with the handheld having power close to the home console, it's going to really undermine the entire appeal of the Switch.

In fact, I think if they keep flirting with this "a 3DS successor is coming" talk, they're risking confusion on a Wii U scale again. They need to go all-in with the Switch. "It's the ultimate home console AND the ultimate portable." Don't half-A it, Nintendo!

Like I said, though, a smaller, ideally-clamshell version of the system that's portable only (and could be used as a second controller?) would be fine and dandy. Helps grow the brand and make it more ubiquitous, rather than competing with it. And then we won't have to worry about TWO Mario Karts and TWO Smash Bros and TWO New Super Mario Bros games...
Posted: 10/25/16, 05:57:21
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