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Wii U Virtual Console: What are your top three games for GBA and DS that you want to see? [roundtable]
I did Top Tens for both the GBA games and the DS games before and my wishes haven't changed one bit. I want the Castlevania Trilogies for both systems on the Virtual Console.

Since we're getting games for both systems on the Wii U, what are your Top 3 choices for each system?

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Posted: 07/14/14, 04:37:16  - Edited by 
 on: 07/14/14, 04:32:05
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Honestly, it's hard to come up with three for each I really want. I can still play DS games on my 3DS, so I don't really need them on Wii U. And there aren't that many GBA games I'm interested in that I haven't played. And I'm not getting my hopes up for third party support...

Pokemon Pinball: Ruby & Sapphire
Mother 3 (assuming there's a localization floating ROM around...)
Rhythm Tengoku (ditto)

Yoshi Touch & Go
Mario Hoops 3-on-3
Pokemon Conquest
Posted: 07/14/14, 05:58:05

3. Hmmm...probably Advance Wars 2. I really liked the original on Wii U. That or Fire Emblem.
2. Mother 1 + 2
1. Mother 3. No surprises here.


3. Super Princess Peach
2. Advance Wars: Dual Strike
1. Jam With the Band. I already own it on the DS, but I'd buy it again.
Posted: 07/14/14, 06:52:02
Ninja Five-O - Not so much for myself, but just so others have a chance to play the game.
Metroid Zero Mission - My cart for the GBA has a dead battery so I need this.
SRPGs - Tactics Ogre, Shining Force, Fire Emblem, Advance Wars - I don't know if I'd buy them since I already own them, but it'd be nice to have the option.

Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword - Never did get around to buying this game.
Retro Game Challenge - Kinda like with N50 above. More people should play this game.
Luminous Arc games - Seemed like good games when I rented them.
Posted: 07/14/14, 07:14:03
Probably just import stuff. I have most of the domestic games that I'd want.

It would be fun to have Wario Ware Twisted ported to home console, though. Ooo, Kirby's Tilt and Tumble!!
Posted: 07/14/14, 21:51:23
1. Mother 3 (in English)
2. Mother 1+2 (in English)
3. ...I'll get back to you. Zero Mission probably, but I think that's coming soon. (and I already own it)

I can't really think of any DS games I'd want that I don't already own.

EDIT: Duh, Soma Bringer!
Posted: 07/14/14, 21:56:52  - Edited by 
 on: 07/14/14, 22:39:59
They've already hit a few of my GBA wants. So of the stuff that hasn't come out...

1. Metroid Zero Mission
2. Advance Wars 2
3. Fire Emblem


1. Bowser's Inside Story
2. Advance Wars Dual Strike
3. Phantom Hourglass

If they can incorporate the Net functions of the DS Pokeman games, then I'd be interested in Diamond/Pearl/Platinum/Heart Gold/Soul Silver/Black/White/1/2.
Posted: 07/14/14, 22:06:26
1. Metroid Zero Mission - it's not my favorite Metroid but I'd like to play through it again. It's just a shame the game is so short.
2. Fire Emblem or Sacred Stones - I'm not sure I could really play through these (long games) but I may be interested. Never played Sacred Stones. The first one (Blazing Sword in Japan) is memorable and would probably benefit from save states. Wish they could retool the game for some non permadeath "Awakening" influence.
I can't really think of anything else...

1. Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon - I remember being underwhelmed by this but I could maybe be convinced to try it out again.
2. Bowser's Inside Story - never played it
3. Planet Puzzle League, though really I'd want a new version on Wii U or 3DS
Posted: 07/14/14, 22:38:26
Nothing specific, but anything that has gotten expensive, or something Japan-only, would be nice to get.
Posted: 07/14/14, 22:38:59
Mother 3 is the main thing I want to see released here.
Posted: 07/15/14, 00:26:29
I would also like to see import games such as The Last Window.
Posted: 07/15/14, 03:57:32
Radiant Historia was pretty sweet. Anything like they would be awesome (just hopefully not as LONG as Radiant Historia).
Posted: 07/15/14, 04:25:37
@PogueSquadron I thought Radiant Historia was a great length, but I can see how others might see it as a bit padded. Especially with some of the sidequests and the whole timeline hopping thing making you play through familiar sequences (though they added some nice skip options usually). And I loved the battle system, so I had no problem with the pacing in that respect.

That game goes to the top of my "I hope it makes it on Wii U so others can discover it" list.
Posted: 07/15/14, 04:32:02
Hmm. Looking at my GBA collection the standouts are:

Metroid: Zero Mission - Best 2D Metroid. Fact.
Advance Wars 2 - What an awesome game. Exceptthe last mission. Fuck that thing.
Golden Sun:The Lost Age- No point playing the first game if the second isn't there!

And Maybe Fire Emblem and The Mario & Luigi games. Although I doubt I'd ever have time to play.

DS games I'm not too worried about because I can still play easilly enough on 3DS. But for the purposes of enlightening HANDHELD RACISTS (Mustache), these should be released at some time:

Both Zeldas.
All Laytons.
All Phoenix Wrights (Although these are on WiiVC)
Advance Wars: Dual Strike. Maybe Days of Ruin too. I'm easy.
999. Because its awesome, never came out here, and Stephen should play.
Golden Sun:Dark Dawn
Posted: 07/15/14, 04:42:14
I'd like to see the Metroid games (Fusion and Zero Mission). I'm not sure what else off the top of my head.
Posted: 07/15/14, 04:54:45
I'm struggling to come up with anything, unfortunately.
Posted: 07/15/14, 05:51:24
i'd rather play HANDHELD, games on a HANDHELD system, thank you very much

1. N64 games
2. Gamecube
3. Those other VC systems nobody cares about (did anyone even buy c64 games on the wii vc)
Posted: 07/15/14, 05:59:37  - Edited by 
 on: 07/15/14, 06:00:49
Way too much to ask for them to use the Gamepad's motion controls to bring out Wario Ware:Twisted, I suppose. Probably also for translations Mother 3. So I guess just games that were released in PAL but not NA like Jam with the Band.
Posted: 07/15/14, 17:59:12
Rocket Slime.
Posted: 07/15/14, 19:02:42
I'll toss in another request for the Castlevania games. I of course already have them all, but making them available to those who do not would be a good thing.

I was going to suggest the Mega Man Zero series, but surprisingly, Capcom is already doing that.
Posted: 07/15/14, 21:38:25
I think I'd mostly want imports.

Kuru Kuru Kururin
Mother 3
Rythm Tengoku

Game Center CX 2
SaGa 2 and 3
Posted: 07/15/14, 22:14:57
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