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Do you play less 3DS at home due to the Wii U gamepad? [roundtable]
I've noticed that I haven't been spending as much time playing 3DS at home, especially now that I moved into a smaller apartment, and the Wii U location easily allows me to take the gamepad anywhere for off-TV Wii U play. I still take the 3DS everywhere I go, but at home when I'm just feeling like a quick gaming session, I'm more often tempted to grab the gamepad than my 3DS. Obviously, it's all about what game you want to play, but at times when I'm not feeling anything in particular and just grab a device, it seems I have been neglecting my 3DS.

How has the Wii U gamepad affected your 3DS gaming at home?

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Posted: 07/02/13, 21:08:58
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I play whatever has the games and right now, the 3DS is killing it.
Posted: 07/02/13, 21:15:00
Depends on what I'm in the mood for. Right now, it's Animal Crossing. That's 3DS. Before that was Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (and I'll get back to that semi-regularly soon). Before that was Fire Emblem Awakening, and before that was Runner2...so yeah, I'm with @VofEscaflowne. Give me the games I want and I'm there.
Posted: 07/02/13, 21:16:25
@VofEscaflowne I'd have to agree.

Also, I can't take the Gamepad out of my room anyway. If I want to play a game, I'd rather just use the TV. When I want to play a portable, there is plenty to play on the 3DS. Unless I really had to, like if Amanda was watching something on TV, I don't really need to use the Gamepad. And if she's watching something, I'm probably on the computer anyway.
Posted: 07/02/13, 21:25:58
It was before AC hit. now me and my wife basically play our 3DS and AC
Posted: 07/02/13, 21:30:56
VofEscaflowne said:
I play whatever has the games and right now, the 3DS is killing it.


It's an interesting question, though. If all other things were equal? Yes, I think it would pull some of my late-night-in-bed gaming time away from my 3DS. If all else was equal.

All else is not equal right now.

Posted: 07/02/13, 21:39:59
Not really. I reserve my portable gaming for the train ride. And playing the Wii U from another floor KIND of works, but it's also kind of a pain in the ass.
Posted: 07/02/13, 21:50:43
My Gamepad doesn't get far in my apartment. Must be all the lead in the years of paint. I mainly play my handheld when in default mode, playing the console instead when I have a reason to. When Pikmin 3 comes out? Pancakes (along with my real life friends and partner) will be all but abandoned.

I cannot turn on the Wii U for a quick 10 minutes of play. I tried it a couple times with Lego City. I always end up playing for hours. I'm not sure that's a bad thing, except I leave my clothes in the washer for way longer than the neighbors appreciate.
Posted: 07/02/13, 21:51:04
animal crossing is out. I haven't played a wii u game since animal crossing came out.
Posted: 07/02/13, 22:29:27
Truthfully, my Wii U hasn't been played much at all lately.
I got a bit into Super Luigi but Animal Crossing is eating my spare time away.

I am definitely playing 3DS more than Wii U, but that's per the norm nowadays.
Posted: 07/02/13, 22:48:33
3DS during the day, WiiU at night. It really doesn't help that my Wablet isn't working very well. In reality, I haven't used the Wablet in over a month since it started acting funny.
Posted: 07/02/13, 23:16:34

Why don't you talk to Nintendo? They'd almost certainly fix it, probably for free considering it's less than a year old. Their customer service is amazing.

Posted: 07/02/13, 23:52:53  - Edited by 
 on: 07/02/13, 23:53:28
Don't have one, but I won't be using the off-TV play nonsense.
Posted: 07/03/13, 01:56:20

I'm scared!!!!!!!

But really, I should while I'm only playing Monster Hunter. I should experament with it, move some routers around, etc. It might just be interference. That was never there before. Sigh.
Posted: 07/03/13, 02:57:18
@Mop it up

You never know until you get it. I didn't think I'd use it either, now it's used pretty much daily.
Posted: 07/03/13, 04:03:58
I never use the Wii U for off-TV play. If I'm going to play Wii U games, then I want to see them in all their glory - on a punchy plasma screen, not on the GamePad's dinky grainy screen. It's fine for what it should be used for, but often isn't, but I'll never use it for my main screen. When I want to enjoy off-TV play, my 3DS fits the bill very nicely. In fact, it's been my go to system daily since 6/9.
Posted: 07/03/13, 04:07:54  - Edited by 
 on: 07/03/13, 04:29:39
Today I played NSLU with off tv play and animal crossing. Tomorrow I may not. It's just whatever games I'm playing at the time.

Each system has no effect on each other honestly. Not in that regard anyway.
Posted: 07/03/13, 04:12:30
Probably? In general I have a sense of what game I want to play and play it. But sometimes I'm too lazy to play console games sitting up and just end up playing a handheld game in bed instead. But now I also have the option of playing Wii U in bed, so I do that too sometimes.

But it doesn't feel like it is taking away from the 3DS, it feels more like the balance has been restored and I can now play whatever I want whenever I want, no matter how lazy I feel! It's more like giving the power back to consoles to effectively handle my laziness.
Posted: 07/03/13, 04:39:03
At the moment, my Wii U. Mainly because of Xenoblade.

But before I got Xenoblade, it was my Wii U. I play it daily and am always on it. I barely touch my 3DS now, even though it has plenty of games I want to play, I cannot due to my stupid L and R buttons. I'll get them fixed some day but at the moment, I have no need to.
Posted: 07/03/13, 05:22:37
Reverse for me.... ever since I got the 3DS I barely touch the WiiU . 3DS just seems so much more convenient and portable, esp since Gamepad won't reach to the bedroom. :( I think it's the wall...
Posted: 07/03/13, 06:56:42
Wii U has been my media center with the exception of Hulu's stupid "PC only viewing" shows... really? You charge me AND tell me what device I can watch it on while profiting from ads to boot.

I predominantly play 3DS XL because it has more fully realized 1st AND 3rd party games on it and a better selection of VC & eShop titles.
Posted: 07/03/13, 07:03:10
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