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Negative World Podcast 097 - A Premise and a Promise
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December 25, 2016, 01:31

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The jolly red man is back! Here's the second episode of tonight's Christmas Eve releases! I'm jolly, wearing red, and I come bearing gifts! Here is the first of two episodes releasing tonight. We recorded this episode earlier this week and it was quite a treat. Paul (Ploot), Dave (BeardedNerd), Joe (Ninsage), and Stephen (DrFinkelstein) put their focus towards the Wii U to have a bit of a retrospective using the framework of 'Four Distinct Questions'.

Nearly twenty games get their due as the gang recants what makes the Wii U a console to remember (or occasionally forget). With the Switch releasing in just a couple of months we pondered if the Wii U will go down in infamy as a remembered gem like the Dreamcast or if it will be deemed more forgettable than that. What games were our favorites? Which games were the black sheeps? Which games did we miss out on? Which games would we urge get played before the Switch releases? This is what drove the conversation, and what a stellar conversation it was.

Super Mario Maker, Nintendo Land, Wii Sports Club, Splatoon, ZombiU, Bayonetta 2, and so much more are discussed inside. Hell, even Funky Barn makes an appearance!

Negative World's site owner and operator, Zero provides the intro and outro. No break music is featured as this was an extended portion of a previous recording where no breaks took place.

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12/25/16, 01:31
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Okay, I did listen to this a few days ago, and I loved it. All Wii U, all the time. I love, love, love the Wii U! I agree that it will eventually be remembered similarly to the Dreamcast (my actual favorite system ever). A great system that faded away before it should have with a small, but dense-with-great-games library. Unfortunately, my game-playing time has plummeted these last few years, so my time spent with many of these great games is minimal, at best. I often like to at least try all my games, but there are a few I haven't spun at all.

I loved all the stats to kick things off. My Wii U library is Lerner than most as well. While I don't have an exact number, I do know that I own more than 45 Wii U discs, with a few dozen eshop games (not counting VC). The physical number is bloated a bit because I'm a sucker for the clearance bin, usually at Target. I will buy any game that I even had a passing interest in for ten bucks, and I'll buy absolutely anything for five and under. Most are legit buys, though, or gifts. On to the questions! (Keeping in mind my relatively sparse exposure)

1. Favorite game?
- Super Mario 3D World. Nothing hits me quite like a 3D Mario game. Sure I'd love for a return to the Mario 64-style game, but what we got was still pure magic.

2. Black Sheep?
- Hmm, tough one. I tend not to really think of games in these terms, because if a game doesn't grab me, I just won't return to it. I'm rarely, if ever, actually put off by a game. That said, my answer will be Rodea the Sky Soldier, and that's mostly because even the creator said it should be played on a different system. If I ever get to it (I do in fact own it) I will abide by his wishes and play it first on Wii.

3. What did I miss out on?
- Yoshi's Wooly World. Somehow this game has managed to escape my collection. Perhaps the highest profile game that has. I'm sure it's just a matter of time, though. I listen to a podcast where one of the hosts gushes about it all the time.

4. What might others have missed out on?
- Another tough one. Most of the answers that spring to mind can be found on other systems. Things like Sonic Racing Transformed, Disney Infinity, and Jotun can all be found elsewhere. What I think I'll say here is anything put out by Shin'en. Nano Assault, Art of Balance, and Fast Racing Neo are all worthy of attention. They are an impressive little company, for sure.

So yeah, the Wii U is great. And the introduction of Amiibo is great (I nearly have them all). As I mentioned above, I'm a big fan of the Disney Infinity games, and I own them all (games and figures) on Wii U. So the Wii U will forever house my entire Infinity collection. I like that thought for some reason. Disney and Nintendo just go well together.

I'm sure there's more I can say about the Wii U, but I feel like I've rambled enough. Thank you Stephen and Joe and Paul and Dave for yet another great podcast. I recently stopped listening to all of my other game podcasts for various reasons, and all that's left is this one. I anxiously await the next episode!

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 on: 01/02/17, 02:32
Koovaps, I'm glad you enjoyed the show. We really put our hearts into the discussion on this. I'm thinking soon we'll have to do one about the 3DS too. Tons of stats there I'm sure, lol. I still wanted to do the Gamecube Retrospective with GameDadGrant. Just gotta see when the schedules align. Glad you're listening and Joe and I certainly plan to keep podcasting for the foreseeable future. Things might change a bit but the show will be the show!

In terms of your bullet points….

1.) After we recorded I was surprised that SM3DW wasn't really brought up. Not that it's not in our hearts because personally I love it too. Proudly 100%d it with all characters even. Magic indeed.

2.) Rodea is the black sheep I never bought from the farm. Joe was talking to me about it but something just never grabbed me right despite his initial hype and the relationship to beloved NiGHTS.

3.) Crazy you missed out on the best Yoshi game on a Nintendo console!!! Do not let this gen slip by without it. I'd recommend Wii U over the upcoming 3DS purely because it's so glorious in it's large HD scale.

4.) SRT is a great racing title that I should get back out. I happily bought that for the Wii U after trying it on my sister's Xbox 360 one day when the nephews were playing it. I keep almost buying Jotun but Disney Infinity never grabbed me. Didn't know what it was really. I do own Donald Duck for the Infinity figures and I bought Erika a Baloo for Christmas. Great figures. Just never understood the game. However Nintendo really missed the boat without a centralized amiibo game like it IMO. Something Ishould have mentioned on the show.

Anyway, thanks again for listening. As much as I think you enjoy the show, I enjoy reading your always detailed thoughts. Happy New Year and have a nice one.

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 on: 01/06/17, 05:11
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