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New Pokemon - Mewtwo-esque Pokemon (A New Form CONFIRMED)
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April 07, 2013, 04:43
Nintendo announced today, via their official Pokemon youtube channel as well as their website, a brand new Pokemon to be featured in the upcoming Pokemon X and Y games. The Pokemon has a strong resemblance to the classic Mewtwo, but with a head that is much more elongated. Perhaps this is a brand new Pokemon with a whole separate line, or perhaps it is an evolution of Mewtwo. The latter would be rather fascinating to take such a prominent Pokemon and give it an evolution.

Perhaps this also means that Team Rocket is back and these upcoming games could play into the originals story-wise. Little more is known, but the video itself is exciting enough.

October cannot come soon enough for Pokemon fans, no?

Pokemon.com's Description

Edit: Nintendojo reports that some Japanese publication indeed confirms it's another form of Mewtwo. Not an evolution. Not another Pokemon. It's the lamest possible answer. I think he looks cool, but meh...

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04/07/13, 04:43   Edited:  04/13/13, 23:13
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I just heard about this. I'd rather it just be a new Pokemon rather than an evolution or a new form for Mewtwo.

Mewthree perhaps?

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 on: 04/07/13, 04:45

A new form would be a major letdown for me too, but I'd be okay with it being an evolution of Mewtwo. It would make sense to do that, but then again, Mew wont evolve into Mewtwo, so this totally could be a whole different Pokemon not evolutionarily related. I'd be fine with that too. I like the idea of Team Rocket being back. Let us back into Kanto GameFreak! Kanto/Johto Style!

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 on: 04/07/13, 04:58
I like it! It's probably a new Pokemon (Mewthree?), and its design kind of looks like a cross between Mew and Mewtwo. Larger eyes and head (proportionally) give it a younger appearance.

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 on: 04/07/13, 05:01
I'm pretty sure it will be a new form of Mewtwo. X and Y are known to be based on genetics and Mewtwo is the Genetic Pokemon so that also means there is another form we haven't seen.

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 on: 04/07/13, 05:03

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 on: 04/07/13, 05:12

So literally the same pokemon but a different look? In the same way that Castform changes based on weather conditions?

I hope not. But your thought isn't misguided.

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 on: 04/07/13, 05:17
I was thinking more like Shaymin or even Deoxys.

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 on: 04/07/13, 05:20
Hmm, definitely looks close to Mewtwo. And it looks like it can use a wide variety of attacks, just like Mew and Mewtwo. Definitely going to be part of the "Mew" family, IMO.

I don't think it'll be an evolution, though.

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 on: 04/07/13, 05:29

Can you clarify at all? I admittedly don't quite know much about either of them and how their forms work.

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 on: 04/07/13, 05:30
It's going to be Mewthree, but it's not going to be called Mewthree. It'll be called Mewgonite or something.

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 on: 04/07/13, 05:33

Those two Pokémon take on different forms (and abilities) when you use different items on them. For example, with Shaymin, if you use a Gracidea flower on it during the day, it'll change from a simple Grass-Type to a Grass/Flying Hybrid. A similar effect happens with Deoxys, but with a different item. And Deoxys can take many different forms.

EDIT It should be noted, that when these Pokémon change forms, that's all they do. It's not triggered by a level-up, nor do their stats change (IIRC). They just end up looking (slightly) different, and have different abilities (and strengths/weaknesses). You can change them back and forth between each form, too. (at least with Deoxys you can, not entirely sure with Shaymin) Hope that helps!

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 on: 04/07/13, 05:35   Edited:  04/07/13, 05:38
I like this Newtwo. Pretty excited about X/Y... never played a Pokemon game before

Posted by 
 on: 04/07/13, 06:16   Edited:  04/07/13, 06:23

I mean, I like the design, but it doesn't look nearly as awesome as Mewtwo does, so I hope it's not a version AFTER Mewtwo. It'd have to be one in between, no? Mewtwo's stats are already jacked, aren't they?

Posted by 
 on: 04/07/13, 06:43
I like the look. I love that Pokemons are finally polygon based. The fluidity of the new Pokemon's moves looks great.

People keep saying that this is an evolution of Mewtwo. It could also be an evolution of Mew, itself.

Posted by 
 on: 04/07/13, 07:18
@sirmastersephiroth Maybe we'll actually be able to hear their voices in this one.

Posted by 
 on: 04/07/13, 07:19
@PogueSquadron I doubt it. But I would love that.

Posted by 
 on: 04/07/13, 07:24

They've got nothing on Arceus.

 photo ArceusChibiALL.jpg

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 on: 04/07/13, 07:52


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 on: 04/07/13, 08:14
@Shadowlink But if we're talking Pokemon that change form more drastically than just a color change, I think Rotom has the greatest number of forms.

As for the Pokemon in the OP, my preferences would be:

1. New Pokemon altogether (just related to Mewtwo via origin/story)
2. (Pre?)Evolution of Mewtwo
3. New form of Mewtwo

And my feelings on the design decline as it slides down my preference list. For example, I think this is a fine design for a completely new Pokemon that's merely somehow related to Mewtwo in story or origin, but I'm a little disappointed with it if it's an evolution or pre-evolution of Mewtwo. And if it's a new form of Mewtwo, then I just don't care for it altogether.

Posted by 
 on: 04/07/13, 19:47
C'mon guys!

MewU! MewUUUUUU!!!

Right, right?!

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 on: 04/07/13, 19:51
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