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Crazy-ass Kenji Eno working on the next Nintendo-published WiiWare smash!!
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September 14, 2009, 02:01:11
You, Me, and the Cubes.

Have you guys heard of it? It was revealed around E3. Looks pretty cool. I didn't know that Kenji Eno was working on it until now, though.

I'm interested in seeing what someone OTHER than Skip can do with the puzzle genre.

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Posted: 09/14/09, 02:01:11    
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I remember it being mentioned... nothing more.

The only game of his I've played is Jumping Flash! It was cool, but not enough for the guy to be idolized or anything. Were the D games that good?

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 on: 09/14/09, 04:24:53
I remember seeing the trailer at E3 and thinking it was pretty creepy...the guy's voice I think was what made it creepy...

Who's Kenji Eno though?

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 on: 09/14/09, 04:36:16
I was looking for this the other night cause I remembered the E3 trailer. Thought it was out or at least about to be. E3 wants to seem so long ago now and it was just a few months ago. YM&TC is definately a Wiiware title I'll be checking out for sure.

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 on: 09/14/09, 08:02:15
Kenji Eno? I haven't really played many of his games, but he's still awesome. Here's a tasty Wikipedia excerpt:

In 1994, after having his interest in games revitalized by trips to Macworld 1994 and Be-In, a local video game expo[2], Eno formed WARP, Inc. with a small team of programmers and designers including animators Fumito Ueda[8] (Ico and Shadow of the Colossus) and Ichiro Itano (Macross), both of who later became famous under different employment. While EIM had been modeled after Interlink, Eno modeled WARP after Panasonic's 3DO department[2]. WARP produced a number of titles for various platforms, however its main output consisted of games designed for the 3DO Interactive Multiplayer. Under Eno's management, WARP's games were noted for their outlandishness and unconventional production. The game Short Warp, for example, notably came shipped with condom feelies, and the game Real Sound shipped with a bag of "herb seeds"[2]. Eno took up radio broadcasting during this period[2]. He developed a maverick reputation during his work with WARP, and shocked the Japanese video game press in a dramatic 1996 press conference where he burned bridges permanently with Sony by jumping on a plush doll of Muumuu, the mascot of their hit game, Jumping Flash!. Eno also displayed a video depicting the Playstation logo morphing into the logo for Sega Saturn[9]. WARP's last 4 titles were designed exclusively for Sega. Due in part to the failure of the 3DO Interactive Multiplayer as a video game console, in part to Eno's growing episodes of mental instability[9][10], and dogged by mediocre sales figures for their non-3DO games, WARP, Inc. officially disbanded shortly after the release of D2 in 2000.[11]

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 on: 09/14/09, 18:07:03

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 on: 09/16/09, 21:14:33
Nice! That looks pretty fun. There's a bunch of WiiWare I need to get caught up on too, particularly the Art Style games and now this will liekyl be added to my backlog of stuff to buy.

Preciate the heads up. No one seems to be talking about this on the WiiGB (surprise surprise).

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 on: 09/17/09, 04:04:25
Cool, I didn't know it was so soon.

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 on: 09/17/09, 19:38:32

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 on: 09/22/09, 05:59:26
Sooo... hey everyone. I just got "recruited" but I've known of this place for a couple years. Good to see some familiar faces! I'll probably hang around longer than I did way back when :)

Anyways, just picked this one up today and played for a few minutes (went through the tutorial and first cube). One of those games that feels like you can play for a short time or just go at it. Liking it so far! Wish there was a demo so more people could experience what the game is about.

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 on: 09/22/09, 23:06:29
None of the stuff in the game is as bad as you make it out to be... at all. You just aren't good at it and don't get how to do well. Shaking and flinging the fallos onto the cubes have become second nature to me. I guess it's something you have to get used to? I really don't get why you're going ballistic on the game, there's really nothing that wrong with it once you figure out how to not tip the playboard, learn how to strategically place your fallos' and learn how to keep them from falling down so they don't fall of the board.

I'm not saying the game is perfect but dang, you just sound like you're not good at it and you're blaming the "bad design on bad design on bad design"

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 on: 09/26/09, 08:51:09
What up pablo! More peeps is always good (^__^ )

I'm just no good at choosing who to invite.

From both sets of impressions, I get the feeling that there are some weird design choices that kinda' effect the game, but can be gotten around. I like the premise and watched a few vids of it... I might still bite the bullet and get this a lil' later on down the line.

Ninty should really do some sort of "VC Sale!!" day or something, lol.

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 on: 09/29/09, 06:41:37
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